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[50987] : Legacy Coupons Last Modified: Sun 15-Feb-2009 14:40 PST

This document will go over the behavior and use of the older legacy "coupon". Be advised that if you choose to use this way, it is not supported. To add a coupon field to your cart, choose a layout that has the field. Legacy "coupons" are not really coupons at all. They simulate coupons by adding a "coupon" product into the shopping cart, then you setup rules/promotions that would give a desired effect if the "coupon" product was in the cart. This requires having a "coupon" field in the cart page that would add a product to the cart as well as the creation of a special "coupon" product in the Product Editor area. Here is a step by step flow of how to create a legacy style coupon: Step 1 - Product > New Product S

[51349] : Integrated Desktop Client v8 Release Notes Last Modified: Fri 13-Feb-2009 10:46 PST

The Zoovy Integrated Desktop (ZID) contains the Order Manager and Warehouse Manager desktop applications. This document tracks the changes in each new version as well as any known critical issues in a current or recent release. Version 8.0 includes substantially improved network support, and early versions will be released often as new features are added. Releases ending in an odd number e.g. 8.005 are considered BETA or "less stable", whereas releases ending in an even number e.g. 8.006 would be considered RELEASE-CANDIDATES or "more stable". Please schedule a "Geek" appointment if you are at all uncomfortable with upgrading alone.

[51368] : Doba Supplier Information Last Modified: Thu 12-Feb-2009 18:57 PST

[51367] : Grouping Last Modified: Wed 11-Feb-2009 7:58 PST

Merchandising can be difficult when dealing with several different marketplace. Grouping provides some solutions to merchandising complications. Grouping will allow individual option choices to appears in searches. For example, if a customer searches for "red bikini" they can find "red bikini" rather than a generic bikini that may have an option to select "red" but the customer will never know without first clicking on it. Grouping allows easier syndication into eBay for merchants who use options. Also, grouping allows you to display multiple options on Amazon, limiting the option choice to which color and size are available and in stock. Grouping is one of many ways of handling options. It is not the only way. zoovy:grp_type -

[50737] : Google Checkout Last Modified: Tue 10-Feb-2009 16:59 PST

Zoovy offers full level 2 integration for Google Checkout, including support for zone/geography based shipping quotes with FedEx, UPS, and custom freight shipping applications. Failure to properly configure your Google Checkout Account in-line with Google's policies can result in your account being suspended/banned by Google. This specifically means, ensure the proper placement of Google Checkout Logos which can be coordinated through Google's Checkout team via the Zoovy Design Department. NOTE: All Zoovy site themes are compatible with Google Checkout. This page outlines Google's Checkout Program Policies and Guidelines, including branding requirements for the display of the

[50858] : Transferred Domain Survival Guide Last Modified: Tue 10-Feb-2009 9:16 PST

This guide is intended to help you with the steps in transferring a domain from another host to Zoovy. Use this guide if you already own a domain and wish for Zoovy to become the registrar for it. You must be sure you are the administrative contact for the domain and have access to modifying the domain at its current registry. Reason for this, You need to UNLOCK the domain and remove any privacy settings in order for the transfer to be allowed. Many domain registrars allow you to unlock the domain directly from the config. There are some, however, that make it difficult to do so. The easiest way to get this accomplished is usually to contact the registrar via phone or email and request that they unlock the domain for you.

[51357] : Prior to Your Upgrade from 7.xx to 8.xx Appointments Last Modified: Tue 10-Feb-2009 8:31 PST

Things to do prior to your upgrade appointment Once you have setup you appointment for upgrading to 8.xx order manager, you will need to do the following: On the master machine: Download and install the following: .Net 3.5 Framework sp1 (will require rebooting the computer). Windows Installer 4.5 (may require rebooting the computer). If you are running Windows XP select WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe. If you are running Windows Vista select Windows6.0-KB942288-v2-x86.msu Download but do not install: MySQL 5.1 the 103.5MB file MySQL Connector/Net 5.2.5 the 3.3MB file Zoovy Sync Manager To download them withou

[50285] : Advanced Product Import Guide Last Modified: Mon 9-Feb-2009 7:19 PST

Please note: This is an advanced feature and requires that you first schedule training before you submit a technical support ticket. If you are a new Zoovy merchant and wish to use this feature, please schedule training. If data corruption occurs during your import due to a mis-configured file it will be $150 hour to fix, with a mandatory 1 hour minimum. If you wish to perform an "Ebay Import" of your data, please open a support ticket through our electronic support system. To open a support ticket or schedule training, login to your Zoovy account and go the Support link. The Advanced Product Import is easy to use. Just export your data to a CSV file, then put the appropriate headings in the first row (called th

[51033] : Quickbooks Error 2147220472 Last Modified: Sat 7-Feb-2009 10:51 PST

When trying to export an order to Quickbooks, I get an error: "Could not start Quickbooks,--2147220472" This is an error Intuit recently explained as an issue with recent Windows updates. This error has been seen to effect both XP and Vista Systems, and is now know to be an issue with .NET framework. This Correction process has potential for causing issues with other programs, or possibly your operating system if not performed correctly. Please read the process first, and should you not feel comfortable, contact our Tech support line and a representative can assist you. In this process, you are going to uninstall all related files. Windows XP users will click on Start, Control Panel, Add/ Remove programs. Windows Vista users Click Start, Computer, Add/R

[51359] : Website Usability Last Modified: Wed 4-Feb-2009 15:36 PST

This document provides an overview of a list of some of the best practices for your eCommerce and shopping cart usability. This can greatly effect the success and ability to generate regular sales and increase them over time. You want the shopper to have the best experience possible and reduce the abandonment. Even some of the simplest changes can increase the results of your online store. It is not always necessary to implement everything. You should decide and test the ones that produce the best results for you. Can be used as a guide for our Extended Marketing Analysis on website usablity. Providing text headings and subheadings can help customers determine what page they are viewing. Breadcrumbs help customers determine how deep they are

[50576] : eBay Showcase and eBay Carousel Last Modified: Wed 4-Feb-2009 13:41 PST

The ShowCase Feature will display a flash gallery in your auction listings. Use the basic Showcase to display your other active ebay listings. To set up the Showcase you must have the "EBAY" flag on your account and have configured the eBay Account Manager. Next go to Utilities | eBay Account Manager | Gallery. If it hasn't already been done, enable the eBay bid tracking service. Next click on the Gallery tab, then click the Showcase tab. Select "Use Basic Showcase" and set your background color, number of column and number of item preferences and save. The next time you create an eBay listing the showcase will be included. If you get an error message: You need to enable the Zoovy Gallery Feature before you may specify a trigger bid price, please resave your Gallery settings to resolve. You can only use EITHER the Showcase OR the Carousel in your listings,

[50893] : Reading your Zoovy Invoice Last Modified: Wed 4-Feb-2009 8:48 PST

This web doc is intended to help you read your Zoovy invoice. If you are looking to learn more about Zoovy Pricing please visit can provide a more detailed breakdown of your invoice by request. If you are receiving a credit on this invoice, you will see it directly under Transaction Detail. The total credited will be found under "Total Credits." The Transaction Detail will give you a breakdown of your charges by packages enabled on your account. The total charged will be found under "Total Debits."

[50392] : Amazon Orders Last Modified: Tue 3-Feb-2009 13:09 PST

Orders are automatically downloaded from Amazon on an hourly basis. Amazon orderids are included in the Order Notes. Customers are created automatically. Keep in mind Amazon customers will not have billing information in their account (we don't receive this info from Amazon). Starting May 15th 2006, Amazon orders will take additional 90 minutes (from creation) to be available from Zoovy. This additional time was added to improve Amazon customers' user experience (please see Amazon for more information about the benefits of this change). Note: If you have time-sensitive shipping processes, you may need to adjust your methods to compensate for the new 90-minute window. Example: If you offer same-day service for orders placed by 5:00 p.m. PST, you should adjust your cut-off time to 3:30 p.m., and update your Web site s

[50623] : Converting from Yahoo Store to Zoovy Last Modified: Tue 3-Feb-2009 11:35 PST

Zoovy has developed a way to convert a Yahoo search engine file into products in the Zoovy store. In most cases custom formatting will not be converted to Zoovy. The following fields can be converted from Yahoo: Product Title Product Description (with HTML formatting) Product Price Product Images A Yahoo Import can be done by sending a ticket to Zoovy support. Please provide your Yahoo storename and reference this webdoc. In general this takes between 1-2 hours of billable dev time depending on the size of the file, and takes 2-3 business days to complete.

[50917] : Marketplace Last Modified: Mon 2-Feb-2009 12:40 PST

Hi Clarissa, We've been in conversations with -- even been up there to their offices and chatted with their CEO Neil (nice guy) and several other members of their management team. They aren't nearly as mature as Amazon is -- with regard to their interface. Their sales volume is also substantially lower (best case about 1/10th of Amazon in some categories -- electronics and it falls *dramatically* after that) The amount of work which is required however is more -- substantially more. Specifically you cannot have *any* errors in your data -- as they have no way to fix/revise data once it's been uploaded (only prices can change). They have no way to do "resets" either .. it's basically impossible to fix issues. The number of clients we have who "do something first, and worry about forgiveness later" -- and expect us to pull something out of bag of tricks to rescue the

[50278] : Website / Setup / Public Files Library Last Modified: Mon 2-Feb-2009 8:41 PST

Custom files are files stored outside the image library and cannot be automatically resized. The purpose of the custom files directory is to store files such as word docs, pdf's or small audio/video files that you have available for download. You can also use this folder to store files such as Flash or animated gifs which are not compatible with the image library. Also, all images used in a custom theme should be uploaded into this directory. Login to your account at Click on the Setup. Click on 'Custom Files Library' under the Media Library (in the "Manage My Website" section) Push the browse button on the right, then locate and select the image from your computer. Press the upload file button. Once you

[50337] : Promotion Rules Last Modified: Fri 30-Jan-2009 17:33 PST

This document describes how to use promotion rules to give discounts. You can also provide discounts for products based on quantity purchased by using the Wholesale Bundle and the "Quantity Pricing" or "Wholesale to the Public" feature. Promotion Rules allow you to define "special cases" for certain products, or combinations of products that can be used to manipulate the shopping cart, and offer discounts, or apply surcharges. Although they may seem a bit complicated at first, having the flexibility to precisely determine when discounts are given, and if so how much of a discount is given can be a godsend for a well managed business. For example with simple promotions you could offer a discount for all purchases over $200, but with rules based promotions you would be able to create more advanced promotions such as: Purchase two or more of the same item and receive a 10% discount on

[50551] : Zoovy Client Services / Technical Support & Billing Policies Last Modified: Tue 27-Jan-2009 16:41 PST

% use SUPPORT; Attention Zoovy Staff - effective 7/9/08: *** You must record your time, round up to the nearest 10 minutes. *** *** this is a quick reference, see the bottom of the document for explanations *** Billing codes: call=technical support - inbound call. (will be decremented from monthly) help=technical support - electronic tickets. (no charge to client) imp=implementation - any pre-arranged appointment. (will be decremented from monthly) dev=development - programming. ($100~$150/hr. based on client/contract rate) gfx=graphic design - design. ($80~$150/hr. based on client/contract rate) ppm=project management. (usually free w/project, but we want to keep record) mkt=marketing - any work except research/analysis ($75/hr.) mra=mkt. research analysis - strategic

[50799] : Syllabus: Coupons and Promotions (Optional) Last Modified: Tue 27-Jan-2009 13:00 PST

This is an optional training session required only for Zoovy store owners with special promotions. Promotions create an exception to how your online store normally would behave. It is therefore important to thoroughly test your promotions to catch any unexpected behavior before your customer does. Before you go into training, please have a clear idea of how you would like your promotions to work. You may need to write it out on a piece of paper or even construct a chart in order to clarify how promotions needs to be calculated for you. This code will help you to group rules related to each other.

[50795] : Syllabus: Shipping Rules (Optional) Last Modified: Tue 27-Jan-2009 12:55 PST

This is an optional training session required only for Zoovy store owners with special shipping needs. Shipping rules create an exception to how your shipping normally behaves. It is therefore important to thoroughly test your shipping rules to catch any unexpected behavior before your customer does. Before going into training, have a clear idea of how you would like to structure your shipping. You may need to write it out on a piece of paper or even construct a chart in order to clarify your specific shipping scenario. The Rule Name is for you and cannot be seen by the customer. It is set up that way so that it is easy to identify which function a specific rule performs.

[50970] : SSL Certificates Last Modified: Mon 26-Jan-2009 15:11 PST

In order to have a private SSL Certificate - the following Zoovy account settings are required: Configured to use Fusemail for email You must host your domain with us Review your company info and affirm it is correct (*must match WHOIS info for domain) check WHOIS here: Once everything is in place and the certificate is order please ignore all initial GEOTrust emails as Zoovy will be managing this initial process for you In the ticket that is opened wit

[51002] : Commission Junction Affiliate Tracking Last Modified: Fri 23-Jan-2009 15:37 PST

Zoovy does not have a strategic relationship with Commission Junction at this time. To a certain extent this limits how much integration support we are able to provide. We have created this page as a way to track information related to the integration of commission junction tracking pixels. Commission Junction does not accurately track phone sales, or google checkout sales. We have informed Commission Junction of these technical issues, however they apparently charge clients additional integration fees to track these actions. According the integration technician we spoke with Commission Junction said "most clients do not want us to track this since they don't pay us, and our fees assume a certain level of non-tracked sales". Unbelievable but true! Advertisers should recognize that

[50404] : Media Library Quickstart Guide Last Modified: Thu 22-Jan-2009 15:23 PST

The Zoovy Media Library provides an intelligent repository that allows you to easily upload new and manage existing images. Images are uploaded through the media library tool. Login to your account at Click on the "Setup" tab, then the "Media Library" link under "Manage My Website". If you have not already done so, create a new folder using the 'create new folder' tool on the right. Click on the folder into which you wish to upload your image. Push the browse button on the right, then locate and select the image from your computer. Press the upload file button.

[50830] : Syllabus: Specialty Site Hosting (Optional) Last Modified: Thu 22-Jan-2009 13:54 PST

This is basic training for specialty site hosting. You want to master one Zoovy store before you start running multiple Zoovy stores. For that reason, specialty site hosting is reserved for late in your training. You must have at least one domain in order to use specialty site hosting. Domain hosting Company Profiles Hidden categories Schedule Training Appointment

[50892] : Syllabus: Google Analytics (Optional) Last Modified: Thu 22-Jan-2009 13:45 PST

Google Analytics is a free reporting tool that can be quickly and easily implemented into your Zoovy account. While anyone can use Analytics it is especially useful to merchants also running Google Adwords campaigns. You can sign up for Google Analytics at Google Analytics uses the same login information that you would use for GoogleBase and Google Sitemaps. Be certain to edit your Profile Information to turn on the E-Commerce Website option. Analytics gives you a lot of approximate information. It will give you an idea of what is happening on your site but should not be taken as the final word. There are several ways to get more accurate information

[50868] : Syllabus: Favicon (Optional) Last Modified: Thu 22-Jan-2009 11:55 PST

A favicon (short for "favorites icon") is an icon associated with a particular webstore. Browsers that support favicons may display them in the browser's URL bar and next to the site's name in lists of bookmarks. Favicons are not guaranteed to work in all browsers A favicon is a 16 pixel by 16 pixel image saved with the file name and extension: favicon.icon This file is then uploaded in Zoovy to your Custom Files Library. ("Setup">>"Custom Files Library") The favicon file must be named "favicon.ico" A favicon may not appear instantly upon upload. Schedule Training Appointment

[51327] : Razormouth and Progging Last Modified: Sat 17-Jan-2009 10:59 PST

-A Progger is a person who makes money blogging about products. Progger: a Product Blogger -A Prog is a product blog used by a Progger to make money talking about products. Prog: a Product Blog RazorMouth is an affiliate network that acts as a middle man or link between proggers (product bloggers) and merchants. Proggers will write about your products and insert text links or banners (images) in their blogs that link to your product pages. You create the links and banners that you want them to use in your RazorMouth account. When someone clicks through one of their links and then makes a purchase from your site, RazorMouth pays the progger a commission (from the account balance in your RazorMouth account). If you need assistance with creating the li

[51017] : A/B Testing Survival Guide Last Modified: Fri 16-Jan-2009 12:34 PST

Multi-variable testing also known as "A/B testing" is where two different wrappers (each with different variables) are displayed on the same website concurrently. Half of the visitors are shown website A, and the other half are shown website B. A/B testing is useful for determining if changes made to a site have a positive impact on sales. The field "multivarsite" is set to either an "A" or "B" in the order object. The online sales reports (in the reports area) display a multi-variable column and break out sales totals for each variable. The following SPECL code will output either an "A" or a "B" if multi-variable (A/B) testing is enabled. You can use this in conjunction with javascript to track performance. <% loadurp("CART::multivars

[50213] : XML API Order Format Last Modified: Fri 16-Jan-2009 9:31 PST

This is the format of an order when it is sent via an XML dispatch to a remote API. The order listed below is for a Paypal Order, however other fields such as masked credit card will be present if the order is paid by credit card. For specific detail on the formatting of the order, payment status codes, and more please contact zoovy developer support. & lt;ORDER ID="2007-03-12345" USER="username" V="3"& gt; & lt;DATA& gt; & lt;ship_middlename& gt;X& lt;/ship_middlename& gt; & lt;bill_city& gt;Some City& lt;/bill_city& gt; & lt;qbook_export& gt;0& lt;/qbook_export& gt; & lt;order_subtotal& gt;80.00& lt;/order_subtotal& gt; & lt;cc_authorization& gt;& lt;/cc_authorization& gt; & lt;meta& gt;& lt;/meta& gt; & lt;bill_zip& gt;85304& lt;/bill_zip& gt; & lt;cartid& gt;zPcJ7cEg8wfkvXpkuAb9amuNQ& lt;/cartid& gt; & lt;tax_total& gt;0.00& lt;/tax_total& gt; & lt;ship_firstname& gt;Chad& lt;/ship_firstname& gt; & lt;ship_state& gt;AZ& lt;

[50847] : Zoovy "One" & Zoovy "Basic" Pricing Plans Last Modified: Thu 15-Jan-2009 12:43 PST

Zoovy offers two different billing packages "Zoovy ONE" and "Zoovy BASIC" which tailored to suite the needs of our diverse clients. In addition we encourage our clients to enroll in our "Best Partner Practices" incentive program which offers a combination of competitive discounts, VIP service levels, and special services for clients who agree to stay within a specific "support profile".

[50596] : Google SiteMap & Webmaster Tools Last Modified: Thu 15-Jan-2009 0:58 PST

Google SiteMap is a free service provided by Google that allows them to crawl more of your pages. You can register for Google Sitemaps at Setup is easy. Once you've registered for the Google Sitemaps service then simply add a the domain which you are mapping into the google interface, verify the domain with google, then tell google where to find the sitemap file (which zoovy dynamically generates)so that google can crawl the domain and add your URLs to the site, it's that easy. Zoovy will automatically display all pages, and products to Google so they index your site. After you've added the domain that you want to index into your google d

[50326] : Category Import Last Modified: Wed 14-Jan-2009 21:01 PST

Please note: This is an advanced feature and requires that you first contact technical support via a ticket. If you corrupt your your database there will be a $150 charge per hour to fix it The safest way to put together an import file for your categories is to use the export file to make your modifications, then import that file back into the table. Note that formatting and syntax of this file is critical, so if you don't know what you are doing, contact Tech Support for assistance, or at the very least save a copy of the export file unchanged as a backup. There are 6 columns in the file: safe name - must be in a cleaned, DB friendly syntax, i.e. category "Safe Name" would be ".safe_name". All lower case, no special characters other than underscores, and a period before each category level. pretty name - this is the

[50491] : Order Manager - NETWORK Last Modified: Tue 13-Jan-2009 18:21 PST

With the NETWORK bundle, the Zoovy Order Manager can be installed on multiple computers and all stations may utilize a common database. There are two ways to get multiple user support: Multi-User Network, and Enterprise. NETWORK allows the Order Manager database to be installed on a shared network drive and then be accessed by multiple installations of the software. A single workstation is designated as the primary station, the primary station is the one which is allowed to synchronize and make changes to the company configuration. Additional stations can be used by customer service personnel, but those personnel should not synchronize. The station with sync manager is the only station which that needs to sync, the client machines do not need to sync as they will read the database from the syncing machine. At this time you cannot switch which stati

[51264] : DOBA Drop Shipping Source Last Modified: Tue 13-Jan-2009 13:07 PST

- What is it? Doba connects you to 203 wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and craftsmen in one place. When you sign up, you gain full access to all the drop ship wholesalers and their wholesale product catalogs. -Is it ready? Yes, is in place and ready to use, Patti has a test account setup. -How much does it cost? - ?? need to find out if there is special pricing for Zoovy -How long does it take to setup? On the Zoovy side, it is done via Supply Chain. On the DOBA side, there are some configurations that need to be done. All in all on the DOBA side, less than 30 minutes of setup time is required. Additional time to add all the products to DOBA will be dependent on number of products added by the merchant. -How do I sign up? Go to -Who is the contact at the compan

[51356] : Zoovy Marketing Services Last Modified: Mon 12-Jan-2009 15:39 PST

This document provides an overview of the list of tasks/job codes commonly used by marketing services, along with guidance about the scope of services and suggestions for properly estimating the hours on each type of job. Services are broken into three categories: Basic, Standard, Advanced - reflecting the difficulty, and cost involved. In general every basic task should be performed before tackling standard tasks, and all applicable standard tasks should be done before beginning on advanced tasks. The following codes are used throughout this document to reference for estimating. SMALL-SITE: Small site - less than 10 products. AVERAGE-SITE: Average Site - less than 12 top level categories, less than 1,000 sku's, less than 50 categories overall. BIG-SITE: Big Site - anything bigger than an avera

[51344] : Zoovy Integrated Desktop version 8 Last Modified: Mon 12-Jan-2009 14:25 PST

This document outlines the differences between version 7 and version 8 of the Zoovy Integrated Desktop application It also contains a FAQ at the bottom of the document for some of the most common questions. Standalone is suited for small companies with only one station processing orders and is included free with most accounts. Suited for companies needing multiple concurrent or non-concurrent users, requires one PC to be designated as the "server", and not used for normal operations. $50/mo. added to monthly minimum + additional per user fees which vary depending on account type. Currently undergoing testing. We plan to eventually release a hosted server solution titled "Internet Deplo

[50430] : Order Manager: Setup & Configuration Last Modified: Sun 11-Jan-2009 7:30 PST

There are a variety of setup tasks that you should perform with order manager. There are two primary areas of configuration: Admin Email Tools | Email | Email Preferences Zoovy Integrated Desktop includes both Zoovy Order Manager and Zoovy Warehouse Manager. Zoovy Order Manager allows you to setup preferences, special payment types, add users and much more. For now we will concentrate on setting up the basics to get started. Under the drop down tools menu you will find general information, email manager, and label setup. There are other options here, but lets focus on general information and label setup. The general information

[51355] : LTL Shipping Last Modified: Fri 9-Jan-2009 16:43 PST

At this time Zoovy does not offer an integration with any freight companies. If you are interested in having a custom integration done with a freight company, please keep the following information in mind. We are unable to integrate with any companies who use widgets to determine freight costs. Widgets will not work with our shopping carts. However, if you find a service that offers an API for us to work with, an integration may be possible. API's are able to communicate necessary information back to the cart. Please keep in mind that this would be done as an hourly project at our development rate of $150/hr. In the meantime if you need to ship items via freight, you can setup flat rate shipping for its compatibility with various marketplaces. If you need help getting this setup, please schedule some time with implementation.

[50790] : Syllabus: Newsletter (Optional) Last Modified: Thu 8-Jan-2009 16:51 PST

This is basic training on use of the Zoovy newsletter feature. This is an optional feature but recommended for anyone who wishes to generate more interest in his/her webstore. You must complete the Domain Hosting training before taking this course. If when you click on Newsletter Management, you get a message saying that you must configure your domain for newsletters you will need to: Go to Setup > Domain Hosting > Domain Config Expand the domain that you will be sending emails from Under "Newsletter Alias", setup an email alias that you want the newsletters to come from by default. This should let you go onto the next step, setting up a subscription list. With Zoovy's Newsletter Feature, you have the capability to main

[50394] : Newsletter Manager Last Modified: Thu 8-Jan-2009 16:48 PST

The Newsletter Manager is found under Utilities > Newsletter Manager. It requires the CRM bundle which can be added under Setup > Add/Remove Features. The CRM Newsletter Manager allows you to easily format and send email to subscribers of your mailing list(s). A single Zoovy store may have up to 16 different newsletter subscriber lists. Customers will only be given an option to subscribe to your list(s) if they create a new account at checkout. The option to subscribe is given on the same page as password creation. This means that your Checkout Settings must be set at "Nice", "Strict" or "Default" and the customer must choose to create a new account. If the customer already has an account created, they will not have an option to change the subscription settings at checkout. Merchants can create campa

[50998] : Shipping: LTL Freight Shipping w/OC Logistics Last Modified: Thu 8-Jan-2009 16:47 PST

Zoovy is no longer recommending OC Logistics. Zoovy offers the ability to quote most popular LTL Freight carriers via our strategic relationship with OC Logistics. OC Logistics is a third party logistics company (3PL) which offers a variety of freight and small parcel logistics services. This interface is considered experimental. The Zoovy Relationship Manager is: Brett Walker 801-808-6416

[50502] : Order Manager Installation Guide - version 6.x Last Modified: Wed 7-Jan-2009 17:34 PST

This webdoc provides a walk through on installing Order Manager version 6.012 and above on your local system. There are several factors to consider and prepare for before you begin installation. Windows 2000 Service Pack 3; Windows Server 2003; Windows XP Service Pack 2, in addition to all 64 bit and IA64 bit Windows versions. All applications require the Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework to be installed for proper operation. Please visit: Microsoft .Net Framework Download Site If you are not sure which version of the .NET framework is right for your computer use

[50424] : ZWM Features Last Modified: Wed 7-Jan-2009 12:48 PST

Warehouse Manager is a desktop client that offers improved tools for creating and maintaining a store. Quickly and easily manage products, inventory, images and auction listings without even being connected to the Internet. With the Warehouse Manager, you can easily edit product data including images, names, descriptions, and inventory. With the convenience of not requiring an Internet connection, ZWM is installed to the computer, and operates like any other software. When you are through editing all of your product data, simply save your changes. The next time you log on to the Internet, Synchronize your ZWM client so that all of your products will be updated, online. Warehouse Manager now comes free to all customers when you upgrade to ZID 8.0.

[50885] : Upgrading NETWORK Order Manager Last Modified: Wed 7-Jan-2009 10:57 PST

If you will be using the NETWORK Order Manager, this document will cover the steps you need to take. Unless otherwise informed by Zoovy Technical Support, you MUST upgrade SyncManager FIRST before upgrading the client. Step 1 - Uninstall SyncMgr on Database Server Machine, Reboot the machine Step 2 - Install new SyncMgr version on Database Server Machine Step 3 - Sync Step 4 - Uninstall ZOM Client on client machine, Reboot the machine Step 5 - Install new ZOM 8.x Client on client machine While the "reboot the machine" action above isn't strictly mandatory for the upgrade to work, it is a generally acceptable procedure and a good practice to insur

[50735] : NETWORK Suite: NETWORK Order Manager Manager Installation Last Modified: Wed 7-Jan-2009 9:29 PST

This webdoc will take you through the download and installation of the NETWORK Suite including: MySql Database, MySql GUI Administrative Tools, NETWORK Sync Manager, and NETWORK Order Manger Client. You should have a dedicated server with no other "non-server" applications installed. The server should have at least 1gb of free space, but more space is recommended. You can find out more about hardware and system requirements by reading webdoc: If you are upgrading Enterprise Order Manager rather than performing the initial installation, please read: As a "pre-installation" step, there are several items you

[50916] : Desktop Clients History & Future Last Modified: Tue 6-Jan-2009 16:07 PST

This document discusses some of the upcoming changes to the Zoovy Desktop Applications. It covers a brief history of the applications (which might be real interesting for older Zoovy customers) and then discusses the future of the clients. When Zoovy was founded back in October of 1999 we knew that a web-interface would have limitations for companies who did substantial order processing volume. We also knew that a desktop application could overcome many of the limitations of disconnect-prone modem based Internet connections. We started with the plan of having a single desktop application titled "Zoovy Desktop" built in a programming language called "Delphi". Delphi was a robust language, and clearly the right choice at the time - however it quickly became clear that it was impossible for one development team to mirror all of the rapid ev

[50793] : Syllabus: Amazon 1B (Optional) Last Modified: Mon 5-Jan-2009 21:23 PST

This is advanced training for Amazon. This training is only available after completion of Amazon 1A. Amazon orders. Amazon tracking information. Options on Amazon. Setting Amazon fields en masse. Error Logs. Everything other than just getting a basic product on Amazon. Unlike other syndication feeds, shipping and payment is determined by settings in your Seller Central account. If you are at all uncertain how you are calculating shipping or accepting payment for Amazon, log in at If you manually download your orders from SellerCentral (Orders: Advanced Features: Download Orders File), Zoovy CANNOT automatically retrieve them from Amazon.

[50694] : Supply Chain Cookbook Last Modified: Mon 5-Jan-2009 18:07 PST

The supply chain system allows your store to manage the process of ordering items from your suppliers. Before venturing into the supply chain area you should have a firm grasp on the following concepts: * Supplier Modes * Supplier Formats To set up a new supplier, either JEDI or non-JEDI: Click the Utitlities Tab Enter the Supplier Code - This code is strictly for your reference to the supplier. This field is case-sensitive and must be in all caps. Specify a Default Markup for the prices of the products to be displayed on your website. Default Markup is the calculation to create the "price" of the pr

[50959] : Integrated Desktop Client v7 Release Notes Last Modified: Mon 5-Jan-2009 9:41 PST

The Zoovy Integrated Desktop (ZID) is the new name for the combined Order Manager and Warehouse Manager products. This document tracks the changes in each new version as well as any known critical issues in a current or recent release. The 7.056 will be the last release in the ZID 7.0 series. Version 8.0 will be released in Q1 with a new database (non-Access). Releases ending in an odd number e.g. 7.005 are considered BETA or "less stable", whereas releases ending in an even number e.g. 7.006 would be considered RELEASE-CANDIDATES or "more stable". The entire series is a development branch which means it's releases will undergo less testing in an effort to get features into the application at a faster pace. Integrated Desktop Clients can be installed concurrently with Order Manager, and Warehouse Manage

[50901] : Partitions Last Modified: Sun 4-Jan-2009 10:44 PST

Partitions allow for separate customer databases, checkout, payment methods, system messages and tax settings. You do need to partition all of these settings. You may have limited access under certain Partitions. When you first log in, you will see "Partition Access" at top instead of "Master Access." In order to utilize Partitions in your Zoovy account you must be granted rights by Zoovy Tech Support. It is not a feature that can be added through the Zoovy interface. The cost per partition is $50/mo. Contact the billing department if you have further questions about the cost of partitions. Under the Sites tab, you can switch from one Partition to another. In parentheses next to each Partition you will see the customized settings that are unique for a given Partition. "0" indicates your o

[50615] : Guide to Search Engines Last Modified: Mon 29-Dec-2008 10:20 PST

There are professionals that literally have devoted years of study to getting top positions in the search engine. The bottom line is you need to accurately describe your pages and your products and include your contact information when submitting your website to search engines. Please think first before signing up to a link farm or link exchange. Being connected to one of these can potentially get your website banned from search engines. We will also ban or potentially close your account for being involved with a link farm. More information on link farms can be found here: If you're planning on doing some serious tuning - we've got some bad news for you. You'll find Zoovy sites are already designed to be very friendly for search engine spiders to crawl out of

[50912] : Client Services Last Modified: Tue 23-Dec-2008 13:28 PST

To contact the Zoovy billing department please call: 760-692-2093 x 4 or email: If you wish to cancel your account please visit

[50447] : Troubleshooting Order Manager Last Modified: Mon 22-Dec-2008 14:32 PST

This document covers many of the error messages that you may see while using the Windows Order Manager Client. The list is not all the possible errors, but most of the common issues are covered here. The following error codes are application errors generated by order manager. NEVER modify an order online after you have synchronized that order with Zoovy Order Manager. INTERNAL ERRORS #Z0999 Unreachable Error: [Message] Designates that the internal function that causes sync was called improperly by the developer. #Z1000 [Any Inet Failure -- message from WinAPI] Z1000 denotes a network failure returned to Order Manager by Windows. Typical

[50284] : Setup / Payment Methods / Paypal Last Modified: Mon 22-Dec-2008 13:51 PST

[TAG]paypal pay later] When you use Zoovy you're business is really payment agnostic. Zoovy can accept and track payments via PayPal. This document pertains to the Paypal feature and how it integrates within Zoovy Checkout. Portions of this document discuss the legacy Paypal integration developed back in the year 2000. These days using Paypal Express checkout is a good idea since Paypal will transmit the shipping address (on file in their Paypal account) to Zoovy as part of the checkout process, so the buyer can't have one shipping address at Zoovy and another at Paypal, this will also proactively solve a variety of potential shipping issues. Zoovy supports Paypal which is the largest person to person payment system. Services like paypal offer an inexpensive and secure alternative to Merchant Acco

[50493] : Order Manager: UPS Shipping Last Modified: Fri 19-Dec-2008 18:23 PST

The UPS Shipping feature lets you print UPS& reg; airbills directly from the Zoovy Order Manager without needing another helper application such as UPS Worldship, or There are several key advantages that this feature provides to your business: Zero Integration Effort - this feature requires no technical expertise to setup or get working. Simply enable UPS Shipping and/or Address Validation on your website and this feature is automatically setup. Faster Shipping - because you print the airbills from directly within order manager, there is no need to export shipping information, or even change applications, this means you can ship more packages in the same amount of time. Automatic Tracking Import - Tracking numbers are automatically stored in Order Manager, and the orders are automatically moved to completed once they are shipped. Because the tracking numb

[50496] : Order Manager: FedEx Shipping Last Modified: Fri 19-Dec-2008 18:23 PST

The FedEx& reg; Shipping Manager in Order Manager (FSMOM) functionality provides the ability to print airbills based on orders received in your Zoovy store. There are several key advantages that this feature provides to your business: Zero Integration Effort - this feature requires no technical expertise to setup or get working. Simply designate FedEx& reg; as your primary shipping provider on and this feature is automatically setup. Faster Shipping - because you print the airbills from directly within order manager, there is no need to export shipping information, or switch applications, it means you can ship more packages in the same amount of time. Automatic Tracking Import - Trackin

[51338] : Domain Hosting and Management Last Modified: Wed 17-Dec-2008 17:43 PST

This Webdoc contains information pertaining to the hosting and management of Zoovy domains, reseller of For information pertaining to domain configuration, please refer to: For domain transfer information (to Zoovy), please refer to: Any modification requests for domain ownership and contact information should go directly to Zoovy tech support. Please submit a ticket with any inquiries, or with Valid information to replace what is currently registered to the domain. Only the registered owner of a domain may request contact changes Zoovy does not offer Privacy setti

[50334] : Domain Hosting / Registrar Info Last Modified: Wed 17-Dec-2008 17:02 PST

If you have an Internet domain name such as YOURNAME.COM, Zoovy can either host or become the registrar for a domain. Zoovy has three ways of hosting domains: Default Hosting, Specialty Site Hosting, Domain Redirect. We recommend making Zoovy the registrar for your domains since they will not be allowed to expire while your account is active with us. BEFORE you transfer a domain to Zoovy, for each domain name that you will be managing through Zoovy, you will have to change the primary and secondary name servers to: primary : secondary: These changes must be made through the the current registrar. For more information on how to transfer, please read:

[50825] : Syllabus: Advanced Product Management (Optional) Last Modified: Wed 17-Dec-2008 15:25 PST

Zoovy includes several advanced tools for uploading products, images and inventory to your online account from our offline client, Zoovy Warehouse Manager. Zoovy Warehouse Manager can be used to create folders in your online product database to organize your products. Logging into ZWM Product creation Management folders Inventory Schedule Training Appointment

[50445] : USPS Delivery Confirmation Last Modified: Wed 17-Dec-2008 10:40 PST

Order Manager makes it easy to batch print USPS approved delivery confirmation labels for free (you still need postage, but no fee for delivery confirmation). It is very important you follow the instructions provided by the postal service, specifically please ensure that all labels are firmly attached to the box, and MUST not be bent, folded, as this will make them unscannable. In the event the US Postal Services notifies Zoovy that your labels are unscannable, or the data is improperly formatted you may have your access to this feature removed - the best way to ensure compliance is to verify your labels with your local post master. You must have a From Name, and a To Name configured or an error will be generated. In the to: state it must be a two letter state code. Absolutely NO HTML must

[50918] : JellyFish Marketplace Information Last Modified: Tue 16-Dec-2008 9:35 PST

Zoovy has integration with the marketplace Microsoft Live Search Cashback (aka Jellyfish). This marketplace is currently in its beta test stage. If you are interested in using Jellyfish, please contact technical support after you have opened your Jellyfish account. For the Shop by Store URL, merchants simply need to add /?meta=jellyfish to the end. In order to ensure proper integration & tracking with the Live Search system, the Zoovy customer must add: /?meta=jellyfish to the end of their store URL. This additional information that you enter for the "Shop-by-store URL" is located under the "Company Information" link within your Live Search account. For example:

[50393] : Amazon Error Codes Last Modified: Mon 15-Dec-2008 15:38 PST

Zoovy syndication sends products to Amazon in batches of up to 100. If there is an XML error in a batch, the entire batch will fail to be submitted. In short, it is in your best interests to correct all of the errors that appear in your Logs. By correcting just one error, you are potentially freeing up to 100 products. ZOOVY ERRORS/WARNINGS (SKU errored before syndication) WARN: Looks like a duplicate UPC: ?????????? for ??????????Be careful with your UPCs. SKUs with the same UPC will sometimes be automatically "merged" by Amazon. ie they are assumed to be the same product, with title and images merged. This can cause your SKUs to be sold at the wrong price.

[50791] : Syllabus: Amazon 1A (Optional) Last Modified: Thu 11-Dec-2008 15:51 PST

This training is the first step in getting your products on Amazon from Zoovy. It is highly recommended that you schedule training for the best results in getting your products over to Amazon's Seller Central platform correctly. Here is a tutorial video from Amazon. This tutorial is intended for merchants who are already setup with Amazon's services: Amazon varies in complexity depending upon what you are selling and how. Zoovy suggests that you start out by putting one product on Amazon to ensure you understand how the syndication works. Then, slowly ramp up the complexity of your products as your pr

[51324] : Toy Product Warnings - Flex Edit Field Last Modified: Tue 9-Dec-2008 16:56 PST

As of December 2008, the the Consumer Product Safety Commission is requiring warnings to be placed on webpage listings to denote safety warnings that appear on the packages of toys with cautionary statements. A field has been put in place to address this requirement, and may be added as a part of the flex edit fields. Set up an implementation appointment or open a support ticket to have the variable, zoovy:prod_warning, added to your account. If you sell toys that have warnings on the box for choking hazards, you are required to display the same warning on the webpages that you are selling the products on. For more information, visit the Consumer Safety Commission's L

[50156] : Beginner Guide to Unified Syntax Last Modified: Tue 9-Dec-2008 10:27 PST

Themes/Wrappers - the outer design which dictates the headers, footers and navigation for a site. Page Layout - The template of a page which is designed to fit within a wrapper. Page Layouts were formerly called "Page Flows" or just "Flows" for short. The page layout syntax is also used for newsletters, although emails only include the page, and do not include the site wrapper. Auction Templates - Formerly known as HTML Wizards, these are used as the ad layouts for your ebay auction. (not yet using the syntax listed below) Channel Definition - these are used to determine which fields are necessary to create a channel (auction) on a marketplace (e.g. Ebay). Channel Definitions could be customized by user to edit categories or to preset certain default

[50457] : Quickbooks Last Modified: Fri 5-Dec-2008 12:02 PST

Microsoft Windows Vista compromised the compatibility between Quickbooks and its SDK-based applications such as Zoovy Order Manager. For this reason Zoovy will only be able to support Quickbooks 2007 If you are using the Windows Vista Platform. We will not support version 2006 if you are using Vista. For more information, please visit: Intuit discontinued support for QuickBooks 2005 and older. IDN no longer provides developers with technical support for issues specific to QuickBooks 2005 and older. For this reason Zoovy also discontinued support for Quickbooks 2005 and older. Zoovy tends to push Quickbooks to its capacity - to learn more about the maximum capacity of each Quickbooks version,

[50797] : Syllabus: QuickBooks Integration (Optional) Last Modified: Fri 5-Dec-2008 11:03 PST

Zoovy Order Manager can conveniently and easily import your orders to your QuickBooks accounting software. You can use QuickBooks for completing your orders or for accounting purposes. You must complete basic Zoovy Order Manager training before taking this course. For the most seamless integration, ensure that the Product ID's you used for your products in Zoovy also exist in QuickBooks. Be certain to back up QuickBooks before attempting the integration for the first time. This is always a good idea before making any changes in QuickBooks. Three tabs in Zoovy Order Manager under Tools > QuickBooks Setup must be addressed in order to initia

[50849] : Best Partner Practices Last Modified: Wed 3-Dec-2008 15:20 PST

The Best Partner Practices (BPP) customer incentive program was introduced to clients on Feb 1st, 2007 and is only available to people on the Zoovy "ONE" Plan. If you are a customer who is not part of our BPP program please review the section at the very bottom of this document titled "Eligibility of Accounts". Zoovy has been in e-commerce for more than 7 years and we've seen a lot of successful businesses, we've also seen a lot of 'what-not-to-do'. We view your website as a partnership between our technology & amp; services and your business ingenuity and determination. The intent of the Best Partner Practices (BPP) program is to maximize the long term probability of success for your business based on the following principles: As business own

[50891] : Amazon Trouble-Shooting Syndication Issues Last Modified: Wed 3-Dec-2008 6:47 PST

Amazon Syndication is a complicated process in which many things can go wrong. Below are listed some common issues and their resolutions. Step 1 - Confirm that SKU is purchasable on Step 1A - Go to SellerCentral: Inventory and search for the SKU - if SKU is not found, proceed to "SKU cannot be found on SellerCentral" Step 1B - Click on the Title for this SKU, redirects to - if SKU is unavailable for purchase, proceed to "SKU found on but unavailable for purchase" Step 2 - Consult with Amazon

[50380] : eBay Stores Syndication Feed Setup Last Modified: Fri 28-Nov-2008 9:29 PST

eBay stores presents an entirely new way to acquire traffic - with incredibly low listing fees ($0.02 per month/per item), and "pass-through" searching - specifically if enough matches for a search are not found on then eBay automatically searches eBay stores. You can dramatically increase your sales by having your items submitted to eBay stores. This feature allows you to synchronize products from your Zoovy store with your eBay store on a category by category basis. Before getting started you will need to have an eBay store associated with your eBay account - and you will need to have the EBAY flag on your account. This program ignores listings which were not created by Zoovy. This program will not launch another listing when an existing listing for the same product was previously launched through an eBa

[51178] : Checkout by Amazon Last Modified: Wed 26-Nov-2008 9:57 PST

Checkout by Amazon (CbA) allows customers to use their Amazon wallet to pay for items in your Zoovy online store. The service does not require that you have an approved selling account with Amazon, however Zoovy does require that you have the Amazon feature-set enabled on your account. This feature is now live and ready to use in production. Although in standard Amazon style it's ridiculously complicated to setup, and not for the technically timid or those lacking in patience. Be sure to read all the setup instructions before you get started. We will attempt to document all the obscurities. You must follow these steps explicitly to get this configured. If yo

[51317] : PRODLIST and PRODSEARCH elements Last Modified: Tue 25-Nov-2008 14:57 PST

Not much. These two elements work in nearly the same manner. The difference is that the PRODSEARCH element should be used to display a search results set and a PRODLIST element should be used to display any other list of products. There are a few differences between what parameters these two elements will accept, however the variables used within the spec itself are identical. In this section, unless otherwise noted, the parameters listed will work with either the PRODLIST or PRODSEARCH elements. All the key/value pairs of parameter ARE case sensitive. ALTERNATE - set to 0-5 to force row background color style. 0 means color 1 only 1 means alternate colors 1 and 2 2 means color 2 only 3 use content bg 4 use transparent bg COLS - set

[50391] : Amazon Configuration Last Modified: Tue 25-Nov-2008 13:54 PST

There are several steps to implement Amazon Syndication. Pick a product that you would like syndicated to Amazon. Go to Find the Item Classification Guide inside of Seller Central. We suggest that you use the Online Item Classified Guide ( Within the Online Classification Guide, you can either select Category and Sub-category OR you can search for an Item Type Keyword. This Category will be used as your Amazon Product Type in Zoovy. The Online Classification Guide generates an Item Type in the text box area. The Item Type will be used in your Thesaurus. You want to copy and paste this value exactly into your Thesaurus. The additional fields (such as "What is the item used for", "Target Audience", etc.) c

[51192] : Beginners Guide to Zoovy Templates (TOXML) Last Modified: Tue 25-Nov-2008 13:17 PST

This is a basic overview of how to create templates within Zoovy. It does not teach HTML, which is a prerequisite for building TOXML templates. It is also necessary to have a basic understanding of XML. This document is meant as a general walk through and does not cover ELEMENTS or SPECL in great detail, as that is done in other docs. This document contains several notations for Zoovy Certified Developers. While these suggestions are not required for individuals building on their own, they are recommended. We've built hundreds of these and know what we're doing. Requirements are noted with an asterisk (*). Zoovy Certified Developers When building a template, do NOT copy/paste from old templates. Use the snippets as much as possible to ensure the template conforms to the latest coding standards. Some of the snippets requ

[50982] : ZWM Image Manager Last Modified: Tue 25-Nov-2008 8:35 PST

Zoovy Warehouse Manager includes several image manipulation tools. Click on the Images tab to access a duplicate version of your Media Library. Any of your images can be modified in Warehouse Manager and directly uploaded back into your Media Library online. When you first sync, you will see your Media Library folders in Warehouse Manager. The folders will include placeholders for each image but the image will appear as a question mark. In order to download the image locally, you must select the image. If you wish to upload several images to your Media Library, you can create a new folder in your Media Library by right clicking on the root folder you would like to create the new one within, and clicking on New Folder. You can add any number

[50779] : Syllabus: Order Manager Last Modified: Thu 20-Nov-2008 10:10 PST

This training will go over the initial basic steps for using Zoovy Order Manager. Before your training session, please download and install the latest version of Zoovy Order Manager. It is found in your Zoovy account under the Downloads link. You will also need to download and install a current version of the .NET platform. You can find a link to Microsoft's .NET download page on the same page that you download Order Manager. You cannot log into Zoovy Order Manager until you have created a User Login. You can find your User logins under Setup > Manage User Login. Logging into ZOM. The Sync button. Changing order status in ZOM. Printing and modifying invoices. Automatic email messag

[50325] : Site Builder / Navigation Categories Last Modified: Thu 20-Nov-2008 8:21 PST

You can easily customize the look of each category, by adding text and images. Finally you can determine how each category appears (for instance do they have picture thumbnails, if so are they big or small, etc..) it's a very flexible system. To setup these categories simply create a product and then click the "Add New" link, then follow the directions. Oh and incase your wondering - yes you can have categories inside of categories inside of categories inside of categories. You can also have as many categories in each sub category as you like. Log in to your account at Click on the setup tab Click on the 'categories and lists' link Under homepage, push the 'add new' button Enter the name of your category Save your new category

[50732] : BuySafe Last Modified: Mon 17-Nov-2008 17:50 PST

buySAFE is a Zoovy partner that offers bonding on items sold through your Zoovy store. To learn more about our partnership with buysafe, please visit Once you have been approved by buySAFE to become a bonded seller, you will be provided with a Public Hash as well as individual domain tokens. If you do not have this information, contact your buySAFE account manager. Log in to your account at Click on the Setup tab, then Analytics & Plugins Click on the buySAFE link If Prompted, select 'production' for the environment Enter your Public Hash For each of the domains listed that you want to provide bonded transactions for, enter the domain token. Each domain should have a

[50604] : eBay Powerlister Survival Guide Last Modified: Thu 13-Nov-2008 16:20 PST

The goal of the powerlister is to act like an employee who constantly monitors and tunes your auctions for you. The eBay PowerLister is built to accommodate the high level of sell-thru that can occur with certain types items on eBay. The fundamental idea behind Powerlister is simple, list more when an item is hot, and list less when it isn't. For this reason Powerlister is ideally suited to handle the unique selling profile needed for the Buy It Now and or Fixed Price feature on eBay. If you don't plan to use the Buy It Now or Fixed Price feature, then you might look into using Channel Scheduler - it's quite a bit simpler. So what is Powerlister? Powerlister is an expert system that runs on top of the Zoovy eBay API Broker application. Powerlister has many parameters that you can use to tune it, understanding what each sett

[50396] : Google Base Listing Last Modified: Thu 13-Nov-2008 16:12 PST

Google Base is a new experimental way of submitting data to the Google Database search engine. Effectively allowing you to add information directly into Google's Database (hence the name "Google Base"). Feeding data directly allows Google to receive structured content. Using this structured information will help Google produce even better search results, and also reduce common errors associated with "spidering" pages. The long reaching ramifications of Google Base are extensive. Because Google will likely give preference to structured versus unstructured information it is logical to assume that the basic precepts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be completely irrelevant in 6 months to 2 years (based

[50452] : Order Manager: USPS / Endicia DaZzle Last Modified: Thu 13-Nov-2008 14:16 PST

Scroll down to read important information regarding the May 14th, 2007 USPS changes. Endicia is a 3rd party application which allows you to print USPS Postage. More information is available at and costs approximately $16/mo. Endicia does not mark up the USPS Postage, or charge a fee for "recharging" your account. Of all other methods for printing postage, Endicia is much better suited for the high volume customers Zoovy is known for. Zoovy provides the ability to export orders directly to Endicia in order to print postage. No cutting and pasting between applications, or re-entering data is necessary. Endicia 4 x 6 labels are supported for both USPS and FedEx. They can be purchased from The Endicia Dazzle software is

[51023] : Amazon Shipping Method Override Last Modified: Thu 13-Nov-2008 7:16 PST

Occasionally, you may have an item that doesn't quite fit in the methodology that Amazon provides for shipping. In this case, you can upload a shipping override file which will take precedence over the shipping rates you have configured on Seller Central. Download the template. Open in Excel or Open Office. Click on the Shipping Overrides tab at the bottom. Save this sheet as a .txt file. Use the Data definitions tab as guidelines for the information to populate the sheet. Upload your file to from the Inventory Tab. The upload utility is under the Inventory Tab > Upload Inven

[50313] : Configuring Coupons and Promotions with Zoovy Last Modified: Wed 12-Nov-2008 15:14 PST

This document will cover how to setup and implement promotions and coupons within your zoovy webstore. CAVEOT EMPTOR -Buyer Beware: Promotions can be tricky, it is best to sit down and plan out exactly what you want to do, and exactly how it would work before you get started. Make sure you throughly test any and all promotions you install BEFORE distributing it to customers. Promotions are currently broken into three type within Zoovy, not including shipping based promotions which can be setup and configured with shipping rules (covered briefly below). Simple Promotions - adequate for most users and are the easiest to setup and understand. Coupon

[51295] : Power Reviews Last Modified: Wed 12-Nov-2008 13:12 PST

Zoovy and PowerReviews have executed a strategic agreement to integrate our technologies. PowerReviews is now considered a "supported application" for members of the Best Partner Practice program and Zoovy support will begin offering integration support for the application immediately. PowerReviews has offered Zoovy clients a special promotion, as well as special rates on accounts with multiple domains. For a limited time, Zoovy clients may receive a full 45 day trial period to sign on with PowerReviews. There is a one time $150 setup fee as well as a $75/mo charge per domain that the service will be used for. To sign up for this service, please either submit a support ticket with the title of 'PowerReviews', or email This is a hint

[50319] : Product Options Last Modified: Tue 11-Nov-2008 15:29 PST

Product Option Groups allow you to easily create multiple versions of a single product. Typical examples of product options are color, size. With product options you can use a single product id, picture, and description to create an almost limitless number of combinations. Options can modify the product price and weight. Some option types can be configured to effect inventory as well. Currently, there are 12 different types of options in Zoovy. Store option groups are created and modified through the store option group creator. Once these groups are created, they can be used on individual products. These types of option groups can be set up so that anytime the parent group is modified, those changes are reflected on the product level. Store option groups can also be used in a manner where you turn on/off specific options on the product level.

[50377] : Listing Last Modified: Tue 11-Nov-2008 14:12 PST

Registered DealTime Merchants can submit products to DealTime, the largest online shopping search engine. If you have not enrolled in the DealTime Merchant Program to get started go to DealTime reaches more than 10 million likely buyers every month through and through alliances with major portals and search engines including AltaVista, EarthLink and Lycos. With our cost-per-click model and our online CPC management tool we can be your most effective and efficient sales driver. Before you can use dealtime you must first register with dealtime. In order to register you must fill out a form online, and then be called back to verify your authenticity as a merchant and the types of items you will sell. To start the registration process you should click on the "Register" l

[50919] : Copyrights and the web Last Modified: Tue 11-Nov-2008 10:03 PST

& lt;DISCLAIMER& gt;We are not lawyers, you should consult with an Intellectual Property attorney before listening to us. Your local laws may supersede the advice given here. We are idiots, we have no clue what we're talking about on legal issues, you should not listen to us. & lt;/DISCLAIMER& gt; If you're going to seek legal counsel (like we just told you to) then make sure you engage a firm who SPECIALIZES in Intellectual Property and Internet Law. We've seen A LOT of clients receive absolutely horrible advice from general counsel who do stuff like divorces, personal injury and even business contracts. Trademark, Copyright and Patent law is a specialized branch of law which is RAPIDLY evolving thanks to the Internet, it's a very specialized subject matter! We recommend Dozier Internet Law. ( -- from what we've seen of these guys, they

[50741] : Customer Reviews Last Modified: Fri 7-Nov-2008 13:23 PST

The importance of organic content on your website can not be overstated. Not only is it great for search engines, but recent studies have shown that more and more online buyers are placing a higher emphasis on Product Reviews. In Zoovy, there are several system product layouts that allow you to enable this feature. Alternatively, this feature can also be added to custom product layouts. Zoovy has two versions of the reviews piece. One is Ajax/Web 2.0 enabled and one uses a popup. Currently, the ajax enabled reviews is only available in conjunction with the evolution theme. Any of the other themes can use the popup version. Log in to your account at

[50956] : Shipper File In ZOM Last Modified: Thu 6-Nov-2008 10:19 PST

Zoovy Integrated Desktop - Order Manager 7.x and higher supports import of order information using the "Shipper Import File" found in the right click menu under "Import From". You need to create a file in CSV format. The order of the fields is critical when preparing this file. Here are the available fields: tracking # - example: 123456789 order # - example: 2008-01-12345 method - example options: UPS, USPS, FEDEX cost actual wt notes Note that you don't need any headers, just the fields in the correct order. You do not have to use all the columns, but you will want to leave spac

[50641] : Zoovy Phone Support Details Last Modified: Wed 5-Nov-2008 22:23 PST

Zoovy inbound phone support hours are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time Monday - Friday. Calls made before or after this time will not be answered by live support. You will have the ability to leave a message with our after hours call center. Our after hours answering service can always get a technician on the line for an emergency. The Toll Free Phone number for Zoovy Support is 877-966-8948. Phone support is considered billable time (just like implementation time). Most accounts have pre-paid time, or a monthly allocation of time available. If an account exceeds it's allocation of time, it will be automatically billed in the next billing cycle. You can determine your current balance by going into the supp

[50952] : Integrated Application: LIVECHAT Software( Last Modified: Wed 5-Nov-2008 14:26 PST

Zoovy and LIVECHAT Software have executed a strategic agreement to integrate our technologies. LIVECHAT Contact Center is now considered a "supported application" for members of the Best Partner Practice program and Zoovy support will begin offering integration support for the application immediately. LIVECHAT Software has offered Zoovy clients a special promotion, as well as special rates on longer term contracts. All Zoovy customers receive a full 30 days of FREE access for implementation and setup. Clients may choose to purchase monthly services directly from LIVECHAT Software, or purchase quarterly or annual licenses from Zoovy at a discounted rate. Please contact your Zoo

[51307] : Issue #179380 Last Modified: Wed 5-Nov-2008 13:19 PST

Issue: (BH) windows live hotmail rejecting our newsletter Platform: na Topic: other We sent a newsletter out last week and have received an unusual amount of rejected emails. Predominantly, they are for windows live hotmail (see attached text). have the zoovy servers or ip addresses been marked as a spam source? reneec logged into store edwinj logged into store Hello, We're not aware of Windows Live mail marking zoovy as spam, but I will ask our system admins to look into it. Thanks, Ed Some time last evening, we also receive over 100 bounces from comcast. see new attachment. between the two, this represents over 8% of our list! how can this be corrected? karloh logged into store

[50291] : Setup / Site Builder / Email Last Modified: Wed 5-Nov-2008 13:12 PST

You can create custom checkout letters which are sent to customers after a checkout by going to Setup | Site Builder and editing the Order Created message. You can also edit a variety of other messages such as Payment reminders, Incomplete Item created, reminders - which are used for auctions, and more. Zoovy supports HTML Email, or more specifically the MIME multipart/alternative format (RFC 1521) which allows Zoovy to send both an HTML and text version of an email in the same message envelope. Zoovy will detect if the message is HTML or Text and then send it with the appropriate headers. A message is assumed to be HTML if one or more HTML tags are found. Log in to your account at Click on the Setup tab Click on the site builder link

[50495] : Keyed Lookup Feature in Order Manager Last Modified: Wed 5-Nov-2008 12:14 PST

The Keyed Lookup Mode is intended for use by customers who print out their invoices or packing slips in order manager, then pick out the items, and who want to avoid the extra step of finding the invoice to print out the shipping label. The Keyed Lookup Mode allows you to simply enter a fully qualified order # (e.g. 2004-10-1234), which can be done either via the keyboard or more commonly by using a barcode scanner connected to the shipping pc. By default the invoices and packing slips printed by Zoovy automatically contain a industry standard "3 of 9" barcode at the bottom which can be scanned by virtually any PS2 or USB Barcode scanner. Keyed Lookup Mode simply saves the extra step of re-finding the order # in order manager if you already have the invoice or packing slip in front of you (e.g. you have different people picking and

[50487] : Order Manager FAQ Last Modified: Wed 5-Nov-2008 10:41 PST

Select one or more orders Click the Change Status icon Select status Press Change Status Select one or more orders Right click the orders Select Change Order Status Select the status you would like to move the orders to Will Order Manager send emails to customers when I move orders? In Order Manager you can set a preference so an email goes out for all orders when you change the status (regardless of the status change). Therefore when you move the order to Pending an email will be sent, when you move it to Approved an email will be sent etc. If you would like to have the automatic notification on go to Admin >

[50903] : Gift Card Manager Last Modified: Tue 4-Nov-2008 14:28 PST

THIS FEATURE IS CONSIDERED EXPERIMENTAL, IS CURRENTLY UNDERGOING INTEGRATION AND SHOULD NOT BE USED AT THIS TIME. Gift cards can be created under Utilities > GiftCard Manager. Gift cards appear in a customer's account when that customer logs in at your Zoovy webstore. The customer can click on the gift card to add it to the cart automatically. Unlike coupons, gift cards can hold a balance over a time (until the expiration date is reached). Go to Utilities > GiftCard Manager Click on the "Create Card" tab at the top of the screen Enter the customer's email address, expiration date, any notes that are appropriate and the balance of the Gift Card. Save.

[51298] : Issue #179071 Last Modified: Wed 29-Oct-2008 10:39 PDT

Issue: EBAY(err 841) Requested user is suspende Platform: na Topic: other This is a new error we've seen come in on four or five orders thus far - when we look up the eBay users, they're in ok standings on eBay - so what does this mean? (2008-10-99109 example) This is erroring shipping costs so again costing business and/or loss of revenue at our busiest time of year. Thank you. Katy christyd logged into store christyd logged into store ### Tech Notes ### I checked webdoc for this error: (didn't see it) : DOCID=50752& keywords=errors Googled it: p_accessibility=0& p_redirect=& p_lva=841& p_li=& p_faqid=803& p_created=1163540551& p_sp=cF9zcmNoPTEmcF9zb3J0X2J5PSZwX2dyaWRzb3J0PSZwX3Jvd19jbnQ9MiwyJ

[50341] : Billing History Last Modified: Tue 28-Oct-2008 12:15 PDT

The billing history shows a summary of your monthly invoices since your account was created. If you have any questions about your bill please email or check the following document: To access your billing history go to Setup & gt; Billing History To change your payment method for Zoovy fees. You can do this via: Setup | Billing History | Change link at the top of the page. This will put you on the Account Payment Method page, where you can enter whatever credit card information you wish to use. In billing we routinely get questions about the first invoice, people

[51020] : Analytics Variables Last Modified: Mon 27-Oct-2008 18:06 PDT

This document outlines many of the variables you can access for integration with various analytics packages. In our general theme of making "the easy things easy, and the hard things possible" the following is a list of built-in macros, along with their associated SPECL code. You can simply put a MACRO into any message and it will be translated into a message/document. % use SITE::MSGS; % print SITE::MSGS::webdoc_cart_macro_table(); It is better to use the MACRO whenever possible, since internal system variables may change without notice. The following shows an example snippet of SPECL which would output the currently selected shipping method:

[50721] : Copy & Paste in Mozilla Firefox Last Modified: Mon 27-Oct-2008 7:51 PDT

When using the Mozilla Firefox browser. I am unable to right click and copy/paste. I receive the message "Unpriviledged scripts cannot access cut/copy/paste programatically for security reason." I can copy/paste on other sites. I have no problem when using Internet Explorer This is a common issue with Mozilla Browsers and is not unique to Zoovy. Often using the keyboard shortcuts will bypass this issue. Ctrl C copies. Ctrl V pastes. Always make sure you have the latest official updates for your browsers. Avoid using beta releases of browsers.

[50700] : Glossary of Terms Last Modified: Fri 24-Oct-2008 3:21 PDT

This is a handy Zoovy to English dictionary to assist you in communicating with the natives. An abbreviation for Application Protocol Interface. This usually refers to something Zoovy has custom built to perform a specific function. An auction template is the look and feel for your EBay and/or OverStock listings. Also sometimes known as "HTML Wizard." This is a data conduit between Zoovy and a marketplace. It is specifically used for auction sites such as

[51274] : Complete List of Product Fields Last Modified: Thu 23-Oct-2008 16:12 PDT

This document contains a list of all defined product variables. % use PRODUCT::FLEXEDIT; % print PRODUCT::FLEXEDIT::htmltable();

[51290] : Assemblies and Kits Last Modified: Thu 23-Oct-2008 14:28 PDT

Assemblies are options which effect inventory. An example of an assembly would be a computer that you want for your customer to be able to assemble from scratch. He could select which processor, monitor, keyboard, etc he wanted. However, you carry the processor, monitor, and keyboard individually. If you sold out of the white keyboard, you would not want that option to be available as a choice to your customers who are assembling their custom computer. A kit is a set of items that are included in the purchase of a single item. An example of a kit would be a gift basket that consists of bath salts, robe and chocolate. You sell the bath salts, robe and chocolate individually as well as part of the gift basket. Assemblies and kits are essentially the

[50541] : Option Groups Last Modified: Thu 23-Oct-2008 12:15 PDT

An option is simply a list of choices that the customer must make before they are able to purchase the product. Option groups are setup and maintained from [Options] link inside the online product editor or from the option groups tab in Product Manager. Store Wide options (discussed later) are created by clicking the "Store Wide Options" link in the online product editor. The way the choices (options) are presented to the customer is selectable, you can use select lists (drop down boxes), radio buttons, checkboxes, or simply provide the customer with a text entry field. You can also associate images with each choice to make it easier for the customer to feel confident they are choosing the correct option. An "Option Group" is a term u

[50823] : Syllabus: CSV Imports (Optional) Last Modified: Tue 21-Oct-2008 8:04 PDT

If you have a spreadsheet or can construct a spreadsheet of products, Zoovy allows you to upload these products to your account. A CSV upload is one of the most technically challenging aspects of using Zoovy. We advise this only for experienced computer users. Navigation categories are difficult to correct if corrupted by a CSV upload. Zoovy technicians normally bill approximately $250/hour in order to fix corrupt categories. If you are at all uncertain about how to upload to a navigation category through a CSV it is probably wisest not to do it. Comma Separated Value Files Headers and Content Bulk Image Uploads You must have the Import/Export bundle on your account in order to use this feature. It can be added under Setup

[50512] : Wholesale Feature Bundle Last Modified: Tue 21-Oct-2008 6:51 PDT

The wholesale bundle allows Zoovy store operators to utilize the same storefront for both wholesale and retail. The benefits are: enables the ability to offer quantity discounts to all customers (quantity pricing aka "wholesale to the public") enables the ability to offer different prices to customers based on login (schedule pricing) enables the ability to accept and process drop ship orders more effective includes functionality to make it easier for wholesale businesses to recruit and support drop ship retailers. Quantity Pricing and Schedule pricing are mutually exclusive. There are some work-arounds using promotion rules to calculate discounts. A pricing schedule is a special set of prices given to a user wh

[51285] : Selling Media on Amazon Last Modified: Mon 20-Oct-2008 16:52 PDT

Amazon does not allow media to be uploaded via an XML feed. The instructions here assume you have a Seller Central Media Account. Zoovy can generate a CSV file suitable for import by Amazon. Amazon Help itemID=1641& language=en_US

[50856] : Supply Chain Products Last Modified: Mon 20-Oct-2008 15:35 PDT

These are instructions for how to enter and manage your products used with Supply Chain in Zoovy. One way to tell if a product is associated to a dropship supplier is by going to the Product Editor and looking in the Shipping section. If the product is associated to a supplier you will see italicized text stating: "This is a virtual product from (Supplier). Shipping settings from the supplier will be used." If you are using Generic Supply Chain, you have a number of methods to associate your products to a supplier. In Utilities > Supply Chain Management, you can add in products that will be associated to that supplier one by one. Use this interface to associate products that are already in your Zoovy database or create

[51242] : Product Inventory Notifications for your Shoppers Last Modified: Mon 13-Oct-2008 13:15 PDT

Allow your customers to opt-in to an email notification which will be sent when an item which was at 0 inventory is back in stock. Currently, a member of our staff is required to enable this feature. Simply submit a support ticket asking that the PINSTOCK feature be enabled and we'll take it from there. Once the feature has been enabled, there is nothing you have to do. When one of your products hits 0 availability, the 'OUTOFSTOCK' system message is displayed on the page. That message contains the code which will allow the shopper to opt in to the notification. All they need to do is click the link and enter their email address. Later, when the inventory for that item is added to your store, an email is sent to the customer letting them know, typ

[50871] : McAfee Secure (Hackersafe) (ScanAlert) Last Modified: Thu 2-Oct-2008 11:15 PDT

McAfee acquired ScanAlert's HACKER SAFE in January 2008, they are the same product/service. The new product is titled "McAfee Secure" Spoke with Phil Dizon @ Hackersafe on 6/17/08 - 707.251.4466 Since acquisition: Pricing: PCI testing ($149/yr retail) is free annually for Zoovy clients (used to be free for first year then $19/yr) Pricing: "McAfee Secure" Seal ($1790 retail) is $865/yr or $86mo. for less than 75,000 visitors/mo. $1380/yr for less than 150,000. To Sign-up use the link or phone number below. NOTE: There is currently no relationship between e-onlinedata and McAfee - so whoever was calling our clients wasn't e-onlinedata... NOTE: Hacker Safe will test positive for 3 vulnerabilities which need to be cleared up with their network services. ---SSL 2.0 ---Weak Cyph

[51257] : Configuring Promotions with Checkout By Amazon payments Last Modified: Mon 29-Sep-2008 11:16 PDT

If you set up a promotion or coupon in Zoovy and want it to be available to Checkout by Amazon (CbA) customers, you need to configure it within Seller Central, as well as in your Zoovy settings. Log into your account at Select Checkout By Amazon from the dropdown at the top (if your acct is separate from your Seller Central acct, skip this step) Click the Settings Tab Click Manage Promotions Create a new promotion Enter the information for the promotion. Type - Select the type of promotion you want to use. Note that while you can have multiple promotions and you can combine promotions (such as free shipping + 10% off), an individual promotion must be just one t

[50456] : Changing Payment Status Last Modified: Mon 29-Sep-2008 10:53 PDT

Zoovy provies a generic payment processing interface which allows Internet Merchants to quickly and easily add or remove payment types from their website with little or no changes. Having the ability to change out payment types gives the merchant independence from policy changes, outages, poor support or a host of other issues which may have a direct impact on their business. Order Status is different than payment status for more information on order status. In the Zoovy payment processing system, each order is mapped to one disinct payment code (given below), as the order moves through the system the Merchant, or other external systems may update that payment code as the funds are received or settled. Several terms are used throughout this document, to avoid confusion an explanation of e

[51245] : Custom Syndication Last Modified: Mon 29-Sep-2008 9:44 PDT

Custom Syndication Feeds are configured by zoovy to allow integration with non-supported (often industry-specific) marketplaces or service providers.

[50787] : Syllabus: EBay 1C (Optional) Last Modified: Mon 22-Sep-2008 13:56 PDT

Once you have successfully launched to EBay through Zoovy, you will probably want to take advantage of some of the advanced tools we have to offer. This is an optional training, only required for customers that intend to use EBay as a marketplace. It is very important that you have complete comprehension of EBay 1A and EBay 1B before you attempt to use these tools. Please launch at least one test auction before using these tools. We want to know that you are launching to EBay in the way that you want to before we start automating the process. These features are only available to user's with the Auction Bundle.

[50785] : Syllabus: EBay 1B (Optional) Last Modified: Mon 22-Sep-2008 13:44 PDT

This is the intermediate training for launching to eBay. In this session, you will learn how to launch a single listing over to EBay. This is an optional training, only required for customers that intend to use EBay as a marketplace. This training is on how to launch to EBay through your Zoovy account. You must have configured an EBay Profile and selected an HTML Wizard before launching to EBay. You must complete EBay 1A before taking this training. Start by launching one channel over to Ebay and make certain that you get it right. What applies to one channel can be easily applied to 100, 200, 500, 1000 or more channels. We w

[50108] : Shipping Calculator - Developer Guide Last Modified: Mon 22-Sep-2008 8:23 PDT

The Zoovy Shipping Calculator is a service available to accounts with the EBAY bundle and can be used in a variety of different ways. The easiest is to simply embed the following HTML: Zip Code: You'll notice that we use "0*%SKU%" rather than "%SKU%". We do this to trick the shipping system into believing it is dealing with an incomplete item, rather than a normal product so it will process any special rules which apply only to incomplete items. If you use fixed price shipping, and do not require the customer enter a zip code, then you can re

[50752] : eBay Preview Error Message and More Last Modified: Wed 17-Sep-2008 15:39 PDT

This document will review many of the most common errors that you can see when previewing a launch of a listing to ebay. These errors all come directly from ebay, and can take a bit of interpretation, but usually outline the problem with the product or launch settings. If you get an error "This listing will be created using a LEGACY Listing Profile" when previewing your listing; please do the following: Click on utilities > eBay account setup > profiles Click edit next to the profile with version legacy Click save You will need to configure the default profile. If you are not sure how to configure your default profile correctly, please follow up with an Implementation Engineer. Thi

[50345] : Advanced Site Search Last Modified: Wed 10-Sep-2008 17:00 PDT

The default search that Zoovy provides to all customers is a product id and product title search. It does not search descriptions, or other custom attributes, and no custom keywords can be specified. With the Advanced site search feature you can quickly and easily create custom catalogs of one or more specific fields. For example you can create searches of product description, product title, and product id. Or create a custom search which includes nothing but manufacturer product id, ISBN, or any other field you may have for your products. Advanced Site searches can appear as text boxes, or as drop down select lists (using a bit of custom HTML). Using the Advanced Site Search feature requires the WEB bundle be available to your account. With both types of searches the output can be customized just like any o

[50839] : Syllabus: Advanced Site Search (Optional) Last Modified: Wed 10-Sep-2008 14:59 PDT

Zoovy gives your customers several different ways in which to find your products. You configure advanced site search under Setup > Manage Search Catalogs. Substring Full text Finder You may need to "Reset" a search catalog when you add new products so that they can be found. The Search page may have different search functionality than the search embedded in your theme. Schedule Training Appointment The zoovy engine supports different types of search engines. By default a store uses a simple substring search - which only searc

[50559] : Incomplete Items Last Modified: Wed 10-Sep-2008 10:12 PDT

You do not have to manually email the customer after an auction closes. After any auction closes an external item is created and an email is sent to the winner. The external item is assigned a number and a link is sent to the customer in the email (ex. allowing only the auction winner to purchase the item. They can then add the item to the cart just like any other item in your store. You can see the external item under Order -> Incomplete in the web interface. On the right hand side you will see a status column which will tell you whether or not the customer has visited the website or not to make the purchase. & nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; External Items are effectively "Incomplete Orders", they are a list of things you have agreed to sell to people, which was negotiated by a marketplace. For example E

[50910] : Paypal Express Checkout Last Modified: Tue 9-Sep-2008 13:53 PDT

Paypal Express Checkout is one of the multitude of Paypal payment offerings. Zoovy supports Paypal Direct Payments, and Express Checkout, as well as the Payflow Pro gateway (which is owned by Paypal, but is called the Verisign Payflow Pro gateway in Zoovy) Merchants should be aware, so they can be ready to assist thier customers, that while Paypal Express has all the functionality of the old style legacy Paypal payment type, there are differences. Paypal Express was designed from the ground up as a checkout type, as opposed to legacy Paypal which was a payment type that your customers could choose from. What this means to the customer is that while they are used to going through native checkouts, then selecting paypal as

[50850] : Best Partner Practices Participation Guidelines & Approved Partner List Last Modified: Fri 5-Sep-2008 10:54 PDT

We view your website as a partnership between our technology & amp; services and your business ingenuity and determination. The intent of the Best Partner Practices (BPP) program is to maximize the long term probability of success for your business. You can read more about the BPP and it's goals here: As a BPP Member you are required to maintain a professional look and feel for your site and auction listings. If your website looks bad, it not only hurts your sales but also impacts Zoovy's ability to solicit potential clients. Specifically, but not limited to: Use of Wiki Text to ensure a consistent look and feel throughout the site and greatest compatib

[51027] : AtLast Fulfillment Outsourcing Solutions Last Modified: Wed 27-Aug-2008 16:08 PDT

What is it? -A fulfillment center which will house all (or part) of the merchant's inventory and will perform the shipping of the products directly to the customer. -Is it ready? Yes, is in place and ready to use. Melissa is currently using it with her store, so direct any questions to her initially. -How much does it cost? -Depends on how much you are storing there, and shipping. Negotiation is possible on rates based on volume. Fees for storage of product, receiving of product, picking/packing (Pick/Pack fees), and shipping all exist. Typically they get a little better rates on UPS/Fedex, and pass that on to you. Other hidden fees are there as well - be sure to have them discuss any other fees (such as ticketed invoices, bad sku invoices, bad addr

[50726] : eBay Profile Tips Last Modified: Wed 27-Aug-2008 11:11 PDT

This webdoc lists several tips on setting up ebay profiles to help you list your products to eBay. It includes common use tips, along with a couple "gotchas". Bear in mind that eBay changes their requirements and configuration options quite often, and what works today, may not next week. Since recent USPS rate changes these tips may be out of date. Please notify support if you should find one that no longer works. Also for further updates of known eBay issues please see There are two links for every Profile: "Config" and "Shipping." There is also an HTML Wizard that must be selected. Be certain to setup both parts of your Profile.

[51197] : Issue #176653 Last Modified: Tue 26-Aug-2008 9:22 PDT

Issue: Scheduled appointment Create ticket for call edwinj logged into store

[51030] : XML Parsing Error: 0 Where to find Error.xml File Last Modified: Fri 22-Aug-2008 9:44 PDT

For Zoovy techs to resolve this issue, you'll need to enable Sync Logging, and attach the resulting sync log file to a support ticket for the techs to trouble shoot. Open ZOM and click Admin > Technical Support > Log Sync Files (A check mark indicates this feature is enabled) Run a sync to reproduce the error From the Windows Start buton, navigate to c:/program files/zoovy/desktop/logfiles Zip up the files in this directory into a single zip file and attach to the ticket Hint: Consider searching for 'warehouse manager error 0'at ttp:// NOTE: This also may display in ZID version 7.032 and higher as a "2025 error" If

[50388] : Advanced Customer Import Guide Last Modified: Thu 21-Aug-2008 15:48 PDT

Please note: This is an advanced feature and requires that you first schedule training before you submit a technical support ticket. If you are a new Zoovy merchant and wish to use this feature, please schedule training. The Advanced Customer Import is easy to use. Just export your data to a CSV file (ie go to Utilities -> Customer Manager -> List All Customers -> Click on the Excel button), then put the appropriate headings in the first row (called the Header). Place one attribute in the following format in each column of the header to denote which field you will be saving, the import process is case sensitive. Also remember that spaces are not allowed between each header column. Example CSV File: %EMAIL,bill_full_name,bill_phone,bill_address1,bill_city,bill_state,bill_zip homer@sim

[51180] : IntAcct Last Modified: Thu 21-Aug-2008 15:43 PDT

Zoovy is currently in the process of establishing an integration with IntAcct. If you are interested in integrating the IntAcct service with your store please contact support and request to be placed into the pilot group. Contact: "Druker, Daniel" uly 15, 2008 Conference Call: Dan Druker- Intacct, Brian Horakh, Tom Saftig Notes: Netsuite is biggest competitor, 60% of their business comes from QuickBooks Incipio Direct is Zoovy customer that is using Intacct Also get business from CPA firms, and middle market ERP firms, Epicor, Great Plains, Sage “Financial Controls” is biggest sales driver as well as multi currency and multi entity (locations), “not auditable” is a big driver 20-1,000 employees is their range of target companies They are profitable from operations but not overall

[50796] : Syllabus: Categories and Lists Last Modified: Wed 20-Aug-2008 7:58 PDT

This basic training will teach you how to build categories for your online store. A "category" in Zoovy terminology is a page for your online store. We advise to wait until you have settled on how your custom designed website will look before creating your categories. The "Safe" name is the first name that you give a category. The "Pretty" name is what is shown on your webstore to your customers. You create the Pretty name by using the Rename button under the category after it has been created. Your categories are ordered by the firs

[50310] : Inventory and Channels Last Modified: Wed 20-Aug-2008 7:54 PDT

Your Zoovy store can track inventory for internal use or disclose inventory information to your customers. Designing an inventory system which is compatible with many diverse business models is very difficult for any business. We have attempted to design a system that is as easy to use, but still offers the most flexibility available. At Zoovy we have identified four distinctly different types of inventory users, who have extremely different inventory needs. Because Zoovy supports so many different types of businesses, it made supporting each of those inventory models a little bit tricky. The three types of users are: TYPE 1 - Internal Only - inventory is used for internal use only, such as re-ordering. They never want to tell a customer that an item is out of stock, because they can re-order any item they need. These businesses are equipp

[50710] : Sales Tax Last Modified: Thu 14-Aug-2008 14:12 PDT

Zoovy makes it easy to calculate taxes for orders. You can calculate taxes based on the state, city, zip code, or even country for the destination of an order. Sales tax is automatically applied to the order, and can easily be accessed via the detailed reporting features of the Zoovy Reports section. Specific customer accounts may be associated with a Resale Tax ID (using the Wholesale feature bundle) and then those customers will not have tax applie dot their orders. Click on the Setup tab and then Sales Tax. Sales tax is configured using tax tables, which can be created and managed using either the Rule Wizard or Expert Mode.(Both of these tools are explained later in this doc) Using either of these tools, a merchant can configure custom tax tables to indicate what taxes should be computed for sales to specific locations

[51179] : Issue #0 Last Modified: Wed 13-Aug-2008 11:16 PDT

Issue: I went through your checkout, and used an address for Mississauga, ON L5L5V4 and it worked fine. Also, we tried to make a call back on your ticket but there is not a contact phone number Lydell is suppose to be having some one call us Tuesday at 4:00 today. First phone number is 712-263-6938. Second is 712-263-6959. 1. Issue with customer reveiving 2 winning bid emails. There was 2 channels created when the first one was modified on eBay. if you need to modify a channel, make changes on eBay, then revoke the remaining channels in your Zoovy account 2. Setup Paypal IPN. customer still needs to visit Paypal and modify the IPN link. Follwo the stpes below PAY

[51106] : Specialty Site Configuration Last Modified: Wed 13-Aug-2008 9:45 PDT

Specialty Sites are a way for a merchant to have multiple online web stores that use the same checkout, shipping, payment methods, order processing, etc., as the primary store. The configuration is fairly simple, but there are a few steps that you will have to take before you can start populating your site. You will want a different set of navigation categories for your new site. This is done by creating a hidden category to represent your new site. Then create subcategories beneath that one to be the navigation that is displayed. Click Setup Click Categories & Lists Click Add New beneath Homepage Click Create a name for the category, but use an exclamation point as the first character. That will ensure that the category is hidden and does not show

[50895] : Design Services Last Modified: Wed 13-Aug-2008 9:26 PDT

Zoovy offers an Express Design Services which is geared specifically for two primary audiences: Startup Edition store owners who often lack the design expertise, have minimal budgets, and need an expedited service to generate sales as quickly as possible. Zoovy One store owners who are building multiple specialty sites and do not want to dedicate the requisite time or resources towards building a custom tailored website for each domain. The Zoovy Premium Design Service is geared towards site owners who know exactly what they want in a site, or who want control over the final product. Premium sites involve multiple back and forth iterations with a designer where the business owner and designer collaborate. This is especially useful for site owners who already have custom work and the business owner feels compelled to dictate which aspects of the current design they wish to

[50279] : Company Logo Last Modified: Tue 12-Aug-2008 13:04 PDT

Zoovy allows you to upload a different logo for each profile. The logo selected will be used on the store, auctions and emails associated with that profile. You can select a different logo for invoices, which should be black and white and have your domain name in it. Your company’s logo is its identity. A logo is a tiny advertisement for your company that gives your customers an easy way of remembering who you are, and what you do. The design of your logo should communicate the name of your company and what it does. In cases where the name of your company does not clearly indicate your business, you should add a tagline. A logo, by definition, consists of a mark and/or your company name. If you sell pet supplies, putting your company name on a picture of your sisters dog is not a good logo. Pictures don't translate well to black and white (not greys

[50711] : Integrating 3rd party non-supported applications Last Modified: Tue 12-Aug-2008 13:02 PDT

This document is intended to provide an overview of the common ways people integrate non-supported applications with the Zoovy system. For a full list of supported/non-supported third party software/applications and our polices, please visit: CAUTION - using Google AdSense Using Google Ads will incur additional fees by Zoovy or get you suspended. Do not use Google Ads with your Zoovy sites. Google Ads will cause the pages refresh twice on most browsers, thus the tracking isn't accurate and the cart/checkout won't work right. In addition, the servers have to work twice as hard, requiring additional resources. Often times, customers want to add third party code, such as tracking or affiliate code, to the last page of checkout. Though this is allowed, any complications that

[51172] : Amazon Payments Last Modified: Mon 11-Aug-2008 11:22 PDT


[51008] : U-Pic Discount Shipping Insurance Last Modified: Fri 8-Aug-2008 12:52 PDT

special zoovy rate is: $0.35 per $100 signup url: to config: register on upic site (MUST CHECK THE ZOOVY BOX ON THEIR SETUP FORM), setup | plugins | upic, add account #, admin sync in ZOM ups/fedex interface don't send declared value to the carrier, declared value is sent to UPIC instead. Zoovy sends nightly transfer of packages to UPIC. state of this relationship: we're live, this is in ZID 7.020 ideal customer is doing: 75 to 100 parcels per day at that level UPIC provides: Better packaging strategies. Advising on packaging (to prevent damage) Understanding of what the package should look like (to reduce theft). It requires UPIC start to understand their claims before they can make suggestions. **** WHO IS NOT A FIT ***** U-PIC does not take all clients. - High value (over $1500.00) shippers with low shipping volume (25 shipments a day or less) is not a g

[51171] : Shipping Carrier Codes Last Modified: Thu 7-Aug-2008 13:31 PDT

Many merchants create flexible shipping rates to offer their customers, but actually ship using one of the major carriers. For example, you might offer a flat rate shipping, but actually use UPS to ship the order. Zoovy allows you to map those methods to specific shipping carrier shipping methods so that Order Manager can print the label accordingly. This setting made at the time of creating a flexible shipping method. Below are the Carrier Codes for UPS, USPS and FedEx. FXIG|FedEx International Ground FXIE|FedEx International Economy FXIP|FedEx International Priority FXIF|FedEx International First FXGR|FedEx Ground FXHD|FedEx Home Delivery FXHE|FedEx Evening Home

[50757] : Syllabus: Basic Settings Last Modified: Thu 7-Aug-2008 13:11 PDT

This is basic training on the essential settings needed to configure your online store to work correctly. These may seem basic but, by addressing them, you are giving your Zoovy business a solid foundation. Click on Setup. Company Information (Under Site Builder) Inventory Shipping Payment Methods Checkout Setup Sales Tax Your Company Information is configured under Setup > Site Builder. Make sure the Company Information on your DEFAULT profile is entered and correct. Without this information, you will not be able to send email to certain custome

[51156] : Zoovy Shipping Configuration Last Modified: Thu 7-Aug-2008 13:06 PDT

Zoovy integrates with most standard shipping services. Go to Setup > Shipping in your Zoovy account and you will see icons for each of them. They all work basically the same way. Click on the icon If requested, enter providor account information Click the checkboxes for the shipping methods you wish to offer your customers. If you have the shipping bundle, you can click on the rules links to configure specific shipping rules for each method. In the header bar titled New Flexible Shipping Methods there is a drop down box. Select the method that you wish to configure and click the Add New button. The order in which you create these option will be the order in which they are displayed to your customer. Keep that in

[50371] : Reports / Sales Report Last Modified: Thu 7-Aug-2008 10:02 PDT

Order Reporting: The sales report provides you with detailed information about sales, along with information such as sales tax collected. The Zoovy sales report feature, can help you determine which products are selling, versus those that are not. This may come in handy when determining which products generate the greatest margins for profit. You can find several useful sales reports under the Reports tab in the primary navigation. Content Order Detail: To access the Zoovy sales reports, click on the Reports tab. Under the bold heading titled Order Reporting, you will notice that there are multiple sales reports that are available. These include the Order Detail format for durations by day, and by month. Under the More link, you will have a variety of reporting tools to generate a more personal sales re

[51166] : Issue #175834 Last Modified: Wed 6-Aug-2008 19:49 PDT

Issue: 2008-08-30582 Platform: na Topic: web_manager this order isnt comming up i am getting a error 500 Internal Server Error Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. edwinj logged into store ### TECH NOTES ### 2008-08-30582 does not show up in order search, bu

[50855] : Supply Chain STOCK Last Modified: Wed 6-Aug-2008 16:04 PDT

The supply chain integration currently allows you to easily add inventory and/or subscribe to direct product feeds from suppliers. More information about the entire Supply Chain Featureset can be found: Step 1 - product's inventory decremented - customer buys product from your website (or Amazon, ebay, etc) OR - csv inventory import OR - manually thru the Product Editor If you have Stock Supplier Items that have been created with zero (0) inventory and a minimum stock qty greater than zero, these items will NOT be automatically added to your Stock Order. (ie inventory must change to alert the system that these items should be ordered.) In this case, go to Zoovy: Utilities: Supply Chain Management: STOCK Supplier: Inventory U

[50355] : Site Builder Tips and Tricks Last Modified: Wed 6-Aug-2008 11:18 PDT

Create a category under Setup > Categories and Lists. Go to Setup > Site Builder, edit the page that you created. Select a simple layout such as "1001: Just Plain." In the Category Description field you can add wikitext to format your content. The information on FAQ's has been moved. You can find the new content here When creating links in your content, you should use wiki as much as possible. This is a sure-fire way to make sure the links are created correctly and are handled properly for things like syndication. When adding links within a textbo

[50548] : Zoovy Mail Hosting / Transport service Last Modified: Wed 6-Aug-2008 9:41 PDT

Zoovy does not provide its customers with email accounts by default. We feel this is the responsibility of the customers Internet Service Provider. Zoovy does provide domain redirection services which provide email forwarding if you own a customer domain name. In addition, you may purchase a Zoovymail account to add your existing Zoovy bundle. Zoovy offers mail accounts as an added feature to a Zoovy account. The standard package is 5 emails accounts linked to a domain hosted by Zoovy. Each mail box having 250 megs of storage space for the mail. Autoresponders can be configured with an email or hosting account. You must provide the mailbox name e.g., along with the message. The autoresponder responds to all inbound messages, except th

[50851] : Syllabus: GoogleBase Last Modified: Tue 5-Aug-2008 8:15 PDT

GoogleBase is a free service that submits your product data to Google and to Google Product Search (formerly known as Froogle). By using GoogleBase syndication you will also have your products automatically submitted to Google Product Search. Go to Register the file "products.xml" Create an ftp account Save your ftp account information into Zoovy Any product that appears on your webstore will be submitted to GoogleBase. You can submit a feed file to Google Base for each of your specialty sites by registering a new bulk upload file for each profile. We advise you to have one GoogleBase account for every profile in Zoovy. The best practice for least confusion is to create a new Google account based on

[50542] : General Info / Getting Paid Last Modified: Mon 4-Aug-2008 15:08 PDT

The simple rule is there is no simple rule. You should only accept payment methods which you are able to accept and process, and that you feel completely comfortable with. Zoovy will let you accept the following payment types: Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express online check processing PayPal Cashiers Check, Money Order, Personal Check, Company Check Check on Delivery, or Cashiers Check on Delivery Cash - for customer pickup only If your customers are receiving the below error message, you do not have a valid Payment Method selected for this customer's country: Merchant has not selected any payment methods. Cannot check out. If you do not want to sell to high-risk countries, be sure to select that in your Shipping setup. [[SECTION]What form of payment has

[50639] : Vendor Authorization Codes (SecureKey) Last Modified: Fri 1-Aug-2008 19:52 PDT

Vendor Authorization codes are designed to make it possible to verify that an individual or company who is claiming to be affiliated with Zoovy, actually IS affiliated with Zoovy. Simply ask the person on the other end of the line for their "vendor authorization code" or "security code" (emails will always contain a security code) Login to Enter the authorization code provided by the caller into the "Validate Security Code" box. This box appears on the main login page, in the quick links on the left hand side adajcent to the recent news. Press "GO" when you're ready. Legitimate codes will display the partner company name. Fraudulent codes will display an error. never follow links in email to validate a security code, links in email can be easily forged. READ T

[50994] : Bulk Image Upload Last Modified: Fri 1-Aug-2008 9:53 PDT

There are several ways to upload images in mass. The best method depends on the information that you have available. Zoovy Warehouse Manager, part of the Zoovy Integrated Desktop, allows you to do bulk image uploads. Log in to Zoovy Warehouse Manager. Click on the Images tab. Select (or create) a folder into which you would like to load images. Right-click and select Insert Image. Browse to an image you would like to upload. Use the SHIFT key on your keyboard to select a range of images. Use the CTRL key to "cherry-pick" the images you want to upload. Click the OPEN button to have the images appear in the proper folder in ZWM. Sync Warehouse Manager to have these im

[50800] : Syllabus: Search Engine Optimization (Optional) Last Modified: Fri 1-Aug-2008 8:37 PDT

This is an optional training that should only be scheduled after you are familiar with Zoovy's many features. If you feel that you are taking advantage of everything and still not getting the results you want, take this course to examine how you are approaching SEO. Search Engine Optimization is not an exact science. We can advise you as to what appears to have worked for some people in the past but your results may vary. Most everything in this document is theory. Syndication Content Specialty site hosting Google Sitemap If you are not taking advantage of Zoovy's Syndication, you should. It is a tried and true way of getting business back to your online

[50784] : Syllabus: EBay 1A (Optional) Last Modified: Thu 31-Jul-2008 17:27 PDT

Integrating your Zoovy account with your eBay account is easy but with tons of versatility to sell in the manner you are used to. If you are an eBay seller, taking advantage of Zoovy to launch to eBay is usually a great idea. We can increase your upsell with items from your Zoovy webstore and add winning bidders to your newsletter subscriber list. Ultimately, we can bring the customers that we find off of eBay back to your Zoovy store rather than eBay. If you are not currently an eBay seller, you might want to consider this popular marketplace as another venue for customer acquisition. This is an optional train

[50853] : Custom Design Process Last Modified: Wed 30-Jul-2008 10:48 PDT

The custom work process here at Zoovy follows a specific path that will ensure completion in a timely manner, as well as mutual satisfaction with the finished product. We recognize that any custom work project is going to be a cooperative process, maximizing our knowledge of e-commerce, with your knowledge of your product and customer base. The process is divided into three parts: Pre-production Scope Meeting Preparation Scope Meeting Preview Stage Production Construction Implementation (on new stores) Post-production End of Project Testing Implementation (on existing stores) This first stage of the process is prepar

[51036] : ShipWire Integration Last Modified: Tue 29-Jul-2008 12:32 PDT

Running a retail business doesn't have to involve so much grinding work on storage and shipping. With a few clicks a growing business can arrange to have inventory sent to Shipwire warehouses, integrate Shipwire with their Zoovy Web site and start fulfilling customer orders in real-time. Shipwire handles the storage, the packing, the shipping and other logistical details from warehouses in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Toronto, with more scheduled to come online around the world. Once the domain of large enterprises, Shipwire enables garage startups, Web entrepreneurs, seasonal businesses and importers to have multiple warehouses and automated order fulfillment at their fingertips. Rather than

[50446] : Custom Email Messages Last Modified: Fri 25-Jul-2008 8:00 PDT

Since integrated desktop version 7.018 all emails are now stored on the web. Order Manager will automatically generate emails when events occur. Those events are: Order Status Change to Recent Order Status Change to Pending Order Status Change to Approved Order Status Change to Completed Order Status Change to Cancelled By default these messages are named pending, approved, completed, and cancelled (recent is not included by default). The messages are stored in the default order manager directory (typically C:\program files\zoovy\ordermgr) in the emails\default directory. If you would like to customize these email messages you should edit them online. From login Select Customer Tool Select Bulk Email Choose any option from the l

[51032] : Ebay displays old or wrong images Last Modified: Wed 23-Jul-2008 14:49 PDT

Ebay is displaying the incorrect product image. This is usually the result of cloning older products. If you have ebay images being displayed incorrectly, there is a simple fix using the Product Power Tool. * In Zoovy, Open the Product Editor. Scroll to the bottom and click on Debug -in the debug list, you are going to note 2 different attributes: *ebay:prod_image1 (Image title A "Incorrect Image") *zoovy:prod_image1 (Image title B "Correct Image") * In a separate window, open the Utilities section of Zoovy. Click Product Power Tool * Click "Select Product from list" and search the page for your product. - It may be easiest to go back to the Debug Page and Copy (Ctrl + C) the product SKU and do a page search (Ctrl + F) for that exact SKU. Check the corresponding box.

[50305] : Checkout Setup Last Modified: Wed 23-Jul-2008 8:14 PDT

In this area, found under Setup > Checkout Setup, you will configure general checkout properties of your Zoovy store. When your customers checkout, they are offered the option of creating an account based on the settings you have specified here. You will decide which customer information you will store, how estimated shipping is quoted and specific checkout behaviors. The checkout properties are set by making choices on some items and by enabling others. For options that require you to decide on a method, there is a round circle, or radio button. For options that allow you to specify more than one method, simply place a check mark in the box to enable the feature. These settings will put your website and company name in various fields throughout the website. The checkboxes are options f

[51015] : Forum & Blog Last Modified: Fri 18-Jul-2008 11:32 PDT

At this time no native blog, or public forum support is included inside the Zoovy e-commerce platform. Given the evolving nature of these applications we believe it is better to integrate with existing applications. Zoovy recommends the following applications: Blogger is a free blog hosting service provided by Google. Zoovy supports delegated DNS to this application. For a one time Custom-DNS $50 fee. Zoovy can delegate DNS records for to Google's blogger, thereby allowing the transfer of 1st party cookies and analytics data across domains. At this time there is no "core" integration between Blogger and Zoovy. Inte

[50595] : Google Analytics Last Modified: Wed 16-Jul-2008 16:54 PDT

Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site. You'll be able to focus your marketing resources on campaigns and initiatives that deliver ROI, and improve your site to convert more visitors. To learn more visit HERE If you would like to sign up visit HERE

[50973] : Syllabus: RSS Feeds (Optional) Last Modified: Tue 15-Jul-2008 10:27 PDT

RSS Feeds can be used to easily share your product lists with affiliate sites and graphical displays. One interesting use of an RSS feed is the Exhibitor. An Exhibitor is a Flash animation dynamically displaying time sensitive deals to your customers. Please contact your Business Development Representative for more details on how to get started with your Exhibitor. Go to Setup > RSS Feeds Click on the Create New tab at the top of the screen Select the Domain/Profile to which you want this RSS Feed associated Enter a Feed Campaign Code (This is a simple apha-numeric code to identify the RSS Feed in our system.) Fill out the fields as needed. Save. If you apply a Wholesale Schedule to an RSS feed t

[50988] : Manufacturer ID Last Modified: Tue 15-Jul-2008 7:31 PDT

Zoovy has a special field called "Manufacturer ID" that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used in place of your Zoovy Product ID when sending a supply chain order. It can be used as a part number or other unique identifier in site searches. In the future, we will be able to send your products to QuickBooks with the Manufacturer SKU instead of your Zoovy Product ID. The Manufacturer ID field is found under the Marketplace Syndication tab of your Product Editor. The manufacturer SKU field is found on each of your products under the Inventory section if you are using inventorial options. Often, merchants wish to send a different Product ID or part number to their supplier than they have entered into their Zoovy accounts. This is perfect for the manufactu

[50978] : Issue #161320 - Sync Error Unhandled Exception Last Modified: Mon 14-Jul-2008 10:02 PDT

WMI (Windows Management Interface) can cause a variety of sync errors to occur in Zoovy Integrated Desktop. Below are two snippets that are WMI related: Error #1: ************** Exception Text ************** System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80010002): Call was canceled by the message filter.(Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010002 (RPC_E_CALL_CANCELED)) Error #2: ************** Exception Text ************** System.Management.ManagementException: Provider failure The issue is caused by the applications inability to access the WMI (Windows Management Interface) which is used to create a fingerprint digest your machine prior to syncing data. To cre

[51109] : Issue #174693 Last Modified: Fri 11-Jul-2008 7:27 PDT

Issue: Ebay Preview Error 37 - Input data for tag is invalid or missing. Please check API documentation. Can you help me with this? Thanks. Anytime you see this type of error, it's relating to the Item Specifics for the product. It tells you that something is not correctly set in this area (Ebay Marketplace > Ebay Category > "Choose"). In this particular case, there is a problem with the "Return Policy" specifics. Unchecking this box will allow the preview to pass successfully

[51029] : Marketing Services Last Modified: Thu 10-Jul-2008 9:22 PDT

Zoovy is announcing an upcoming marketing service. Account Setup Account Review Account Management Account Review Account Setup Account Management Yahoo Sponsored Search Account Yahoo Site Submit Yahoo Product Submit Website Meta Tag Optimization Website Keyword Optimization Website Page Title Optimization Website Product Title Optimization Website Relevant Text Content Optimization Blog Account Setup Blog

[51016] : Feature & Enhancement Request Policy Last Modified: Thu 10-Jul-2008 8:44 PDT

Enhancement / Feature requests come in three types: Design enhancements to a website should be done by setting up a meeting with the graphic design department, contacting the zoovy sales dept. or viewing our online enhancement packages at Integration with 3rd parties such as suppliers, or outside reporting systems should be done by requesting a scope meeting via These can also be discussed during a BPP meeting. If we receive an integration request via support ticket, BPP or Non-BPP, make the customer aware of this webdoc. If the custome

[51012] : Issue #166904 Last Modified: Thu 10-Jul-2008 8:39 PDT

Issue: error loading gallery images on ebay listings - Ebay stock image placeholder shown instead of gallery image. Usually when you see the ebay stock image instead of your own image for the product in the gallery search result display, it's because there was some issue loading the correct image up to ebay, or ebay had a problem accessing that image location when polling the url. To correct the gallery image issue, you should be able to use the following URL: Item=XXXX Just replace the XXXX with the ebay item number for the problem listing. That should allow you to re-poll the image. Here's a step by step if you need it: 1. Go to>login>My EBay>All Selling (on the left had side) 2. Look at your active listings, and see if there are any listings that have a picture of what l

[51011] : Nextopia Last Modified: Thu 10-Jul-2008 8:36 PDT

[51022] : Control Scan / Zoovy Integration Last Modified: Wed 9-Jul-2008 16:26 PDT

ControlScan offers PCI Compliance Scans at a reduced rate for Zoovy Customers. More information about Zoovy's relationship with ControlScan and services provided can be found at If you are interested in signing up for ControlScan services, please contact Zoovy is currently working with LiveChat to develop a LiveChat CRM plugin for our clients. Clients who purchase the LiveChat service via Control Scan will not be eligible to have that integration as it will only be enabled under Zoovy's master license numbe

[50736] : Help! Guide to Zoovy Support Last Modified: Tue 8-Jul-2008 11:36 PDT

This document provides useful tips to improve your experience with Zoovy support. It also outlines specific practices which will directly enhance or detract from your Zoovy e-commerce experience. The first thing to keep in mind when requesting assistance is that Zoovy is your partner in success. We benefit from your success and we want to help you. But, we expect to be treated with the same level of professionalism and respect that you expect from us. Zoovy prides itself in getting you the answer as quickly as possible once we get all the information we need to diagnose the problem. We answer the tickets in the order and priority that the tickets come into support. If your support ticket does not follow our suggestions it will delay your ticket getting attention. We will send the ticket back to you asking for more information. Once you respond to our questions and return the ticket yo

[50308] : System Messages Last Modified: Tue 8-Jul-2008 0:18 PDT

During the checkout process, there are several text messages that appear for your customers. These messages can be customized to more closely related to your customers. System messages were formerly known as "Checkout Messages" before the introduction of Partitions in Zoovy. Under Setup > System Messages, the Admin of the account will have access to System Messages. Log in to your account at Click on the setup tab Click on 'Checkout Setup' under the store properties header Click on the 'System Messages' link at the top of the screen Scroll down to the message you would like to customize Change message and save. System Messages can use SpecL Code to achieve any number of effects. Consult

[51067] : BillMeLater Integration Last Modified: Mon 7-Jul-2008 8:47 PDT

At this time Zoovy does not support Bill-me-later integration. Bill me later works exclusively with clients which are doing in excess of $10m annual sales. We have confirmed reports that Bill-me-later will be launching a pilot program with merchant-e-solutions in 2008. Zoovy has no plans to support the Merchant-e-solutions integration/gateway at this time. 7/08/08 -- Just had a conversation with Karen from Bill Me Later. Merchant-e-solutions has a pilot program for them for clients under $10m annual gms. Currently there is no way to board clients under $10m except via Merchant-e-solutions, but to be clear, the program has not gone live, when it does, they expect other processors e.g. paymenttech to follow suite. They expect more processors to have low volume programs available in the fall. ChasePayment Tech only

[50911] : SEO & RSS Properties Last Modified: Sat 5-Jul-2008 10:42 PDT

SEO Page Title: This is blank unless you enter something into it manually. If you do not enter anything into it, the system will load the product name into the title tag for the browser when the page is displayed. If you enter something into this field, it will pull that information and display it instead. RSS Feed Title: This is also blank by default. It works exactly the same way as the SEO Page Title except it is for RSS feeds instead. RSS/Meta Short Description: This is for RSS feeds. This also is blank unless you enter something into it. If you do not enter data into this field, then the RSS feed will take the first 256 characters of the product description instead. Enter data here if you want something other that the product description in your RSS feeds. RSS/SEO Keywords: This is a new location for you to put your product META Tags. The meta tags that you alr

[50272] : Site Builder Last Modified: Wed 25-Jun-2008 13:38 PDT

Using the website builder, you can easily customize pages on your site. The layout selected detmines whether or not you have text, pictures and/or product lists. Profiles are covered in the profiles doc. There are several different page types in the Zoovy system. Your store will likely have several pages for your categories and products, but there are also page types that your store only has one of, such as home, search, cart, etc. In the site builder, you can modify each different page. Log in to your account at Click on the setup tab Click on the site builder link Click on the 'edit' link next to the page in question If you have not edited this page before, yo

[51037] : Setting up Zoovy/Fusemail on the Motorola Q Phone Last Modified: Tue 24-Jun-2008 18:00 PDT

You can set up your zoovy mail /fusemail on your Motorola Q Smartphone using the following steps: Select "Messaging" from the Start Menu New E-mail Account E-mail Address (enter your zoovy email address) UNCHECK the box that says "Try to get e-mail settings automatically from the internet", then press the "Next" button. Your e-mail provider: (select "Internet e-mail"), then press the Next button. Enter Your name (if not already added), then the account display name on the next line, and press the "Next" button. Incoming mail server:, Account type IMAP4, then press the "Next" button. User name: (or, Enter your password, then press the "Next button". Outg

[50896] : Mobile Devices Last Modified: Tue 24-Jun-2008 16:58 PDT

Many mobile devices can be configured to pick up your Zoovymail. The exact configuration will depend on the specific mobile device that you are using. Many versions of Blackberry have an "E-mail Settings" icon. By clicking this icon you can send and receive Zoovymail from your Blackberry. For specific configuration, please consult the documentation for your mobile device. You use iTunes to sync your email accounts to iPhone. For specific configuration, please consult the documentation for your iPhone. The Motorola Q smartphones include an email application, so you can access your Z

[50323] : eBay Power Lister Guide Last Modified: Tue 24-Jun-2008 16:50 PDT

The goal of the PowerLister is to act like an employee who constantly monitors and tunes your auctions for you. The eBay PowerLister is built to accommodate the high level of sell-thru that can occur with certain types of items on eBay. The fundamental idea behind PowerLister is simple; list more when an item is hot and less when an item is not. For this reason PowwerLister is ideally suited to handle the unique selling profile needed for the Buy It Now and Fixed Price feature on eBay. If you don't plan to use the Buy It Now or Fixed Price feature, then you should look into using Channel Scheduler, it is quite a bit simpler. PowerLister is an expert system that runs on top of the Zoovy eBay Database. Understanding what each setting does, and how PowerLister thinks will help you better utilize this tool. PowerLister can also be a dangerou

[50339] : Shipping Rules Last Modified: Wed 18-Jun-2008 16:54 PDT

Rules based shipping lets you make business decisions on the shipping price based on the items in the cart. Rules based shipping makes those decisions based on the contents of the cart, either the SKU, or the product description. Customers who plan to use Rules based modifications are encouraged to plan their product id's accordingly. Specifically products which should have the same rule applied to them should have similar SKUs so that it will be possible to use wildcards to identify ranges of products. For example a rule which matched A* would match all products in the cart which start with an A, including ABC, ABD, AIE, but not BOO. Rules are processed at the top of the list and going down. Every rule will be processed unless a STOP action is encountered. Each rule works off

[50300] : UPS Online Tools Last Modified: Wed 18-Jun-2008 16:46 PDT

Zoovy is proud to announce to our members that we are now a certified UPS Online. Tools provider. We have rolled out the new UPS Online. Tools functionality to all customers. New functionality includes: Full support for all UPS services Support for UPS Address validation & Correction Integrates UPS Tracking # lookup directly into the Customer management area (and displays UPS Tracking information inside your Theme rather than sending the customer to Adds UPS Shield and messaging to your Zoovy Checkout. Adds Rule support for UPS, with both general rules and rules for a specific service. For any existing packages that Merchants plan on Cancelling, if the package is not cancelled within a 24 hour duration, UPS will charge a fee for the Order. If the Package needs to be cancelled, be sure to contact UPS to cancel, then move the Orde

[51035] : Syllabus: Custom Work Last Modified: Mon 16-Jun-2008 11:45 PDT

If you are reading this page, chances are you just got a bunch of templates from your graphic designer. Congrats! It's an exciting time and perhaps a little overwhelming. Below is a list of the various template types and links to other pages in webdoc which contain detailed editing instructions. The information below and linked to from this page will provide general instructions on how to use the templates. In some cases, you may have some feature or functionality which is specific to your template/account. Those types of instructions are either on the original project ticket or within the template itself (and will appear in the editor). Throughout this document, you will find sections on 'how to test a ...' which will provide general things to look for when testing. When you submit your EOP, please be detailed. For instance, if an error only

[50899] : Amazon Sign-Up Last Modified: Wed 11-Jun-2008 5:32 PDT

Give your products visibility and exposure to millions of buyers by selling on Zoovy is proud to announce a special offer. Amazon Services is currently making available to Zoovy customers, one-month of subscription fees waived, a $39.99 value, for its Selling on Amazon service. There are no item listing fees, and Amazon will handle the payment processing. You just receive orders; ship them to the buyers and Amazon deposits net proceeds in your account every two weeks. The standard subscription fee is $39.99 per month. By registering now, you will receive 1 month waived. Standard referral fees still apply, which are applied only when you sell a product. You will need to add the Am

[50728] : Utilities: Frequently Asked Questions Last Modified: Tue 10-Jun-2008 16:12 PDT

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are supported in Zoovy through our faq engine, which allows your customers to easily search by keyword or topic. The FAQ element is available on the newer layouts for the 'returns' page. The first step in creating your faq library is to create a topic. An example of a topic may be 'shipping' or 'payment' or a specific product id. Create a few topics first. Log in to your account at Click on the utilities tab. Click on the Frequently Asked Questions link Under the add content header, enter a topic into the topic prompt Push the 'add topic' button. Now that you have your topics created, you are ready to enter some questions, answers, and keywords. Log in to your ac

[50965] : Issue #160137: eBay Incomplete items not being created Last Modified: Tue 10-Jun-2008 7:35 PDT

We are having issues with eBay items selling and Zoovy not creating incomplete item orders. In troubleshooting this issue, I discovered that your ebay authorization token is invalid. I don't know if your token expired, was cancelled, or removed from your eBay account but before I can troubleshoot this issue further, I'll need you to refresh your token. This may well resolve the entire issue. If it does not, please update this ticket once you have refreshed your token. Please include examples of eBay items that are not working. Authorization tokens expire?? It was not cancelled nor revoked. How do I refresh it? I refreshed the auth

[50769] : Syllabus: Help! Last Modified: Wed 4-Jun-2008 13:16 PDT

This training session instructs the customer how to find help and get information as needed. Recent News How to open a Support ticket How to Schedule a Training Session Where to find the Zoovydocs The first thing you see when you log into your Zoovy account is Recent News. This is updated regularly, sometimes several times a day. Keep your eye on the Recent News for updates, new releases and status messages. You can get to the Recent News from any place in your Zoovy account by clicking on the Zoovy logo in the upper left corner. Zoovy also has a newsletter for subscribers. You can subscribe to our newsletter by visiti

[50881] : Unexpected end of file has occurred Last Modified: Mon 2-Jun-2008 10:23 PDT

Upon trying to Sync or close Order Manager the user gets an Exception Error. The details of the error will be something similar to this, however details may vary: ************** Exception Text ************** System.Xml.XmlException: The 'Package' start tag on line 101 does not match the end tag of 'ToCompany'. Line 102, position 3. This is normally the result of a corrupted Dazzle xml file. The solution is to find the file that is corrupt and remove it. Here are the steps to do this. Close Order Manager Open "My Computer" and navigate to C:\program files\Zoovy\Desktop\tracking You will see files in here that have an extension of .XML. It is one of these files that is corrupt. Create a sub folder called temporary and a subfolder called cor

[50744] : Custom Work Overview Last Modified: Wed 28-May-2008 12:23 PDT

Nearly every piece of your Zoovy Store can be customized to tailor your specific needs. This document is designed to give a basic overview of the most commonly customized pieces. If you have questions or comments about the various pieces listed here, or about pieces not listed here, please contact your Account Manager. The structure of a Zoovy Store breaks down into two main components: Website Theme and Page Layout. Contains the bulk of the store branding and site navigation. Contains the pieces that are, for the most part, consistent throughout your store (logo, navigation, search, etc). Template that loads the individual page content within a Theme. Contains page specific information, such as product, te

[50562] : eBay Stores Last Modified: Wed 28-May-2008 11:00 PDT

Marketplace: eBay Stores (customer service provided by Zoovy) Definition: ebaystores.listing Fees: eBay Fees Apply (click here to learn more) To Register: To Register: The eBay Stores channel is designed to add a single item into a sellers eBay Store. In order to use this Channel the seller must have signed up for an eBay store which is an additional service from eBay. This channel will ty

[50321] : Editing Orders Last Modified: Tue 27-May-2008 15:11 PDT

You can edit almost any information on an order placed through your Zoovy shopping cart. Simply select the order ID next to the order and select the area you want to edit. Tracking Info: Allows you to add package tracking information from USPS, UPS, FedEx or any other shipper that provides you with this information. You can add tracking information for the entire shipment, or for different boxes if you have to split the shipment up. Payment Status: Allows you to edit payment, reprocess a credit card, process a credit on the order or payment type. Print Invoice: Prints an invoice for this order. Packing Slip: Creates a packing slip without price totals. Handy for gift shipments. Edit Notes: Allows you to add notes to the order. Order notes are specific to a particular order. They are printed on the Invoice. They are shown to the Customer when they are logged into y

[50270] : Setup / Site Builder / Site Theme Last Modified: Wed 21-May-2008 14:23 PDT

Our Content Management System (CMS) uses a theme (also called a site wrapper) to provide a consistent look and feel throughout your entire store. The theme typically consists of the static elements which appear from page to page, including logo, navigation, menus, and the footer. In Zoovy, the theme also dictates the colors & amp; fonts which will appear throughout your site. Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your entire site at the click of a button. Choosing the right theme is one of the most important decisions you will make when setting up your store. The theme communicates to your customer who you are and what type of business you run. You should pick a theme that corresponds to the way you run your business as well as the type of product you sell and custome

[50761] : Syllabus: Overview Last Modified: Tue 20-May-2008 17:31 PDT

While the needs of every customer vary, these general topics are likely to apply to nearly every Zoovy user.This overview is intended to be your guide through the Zoovy learning process. Go through the topics in the order they are presented. Review the syllabus list regularly for features that are available to Zoovy users. Those marked as "Optional" are not necessary for your success with Zoovy, but may assist you as your business grows.

[51028] : Corrupt .NET framework Last Modified: Tue 20-May-2008 16:41 PDT

When I click on order manager I get "zoovy common auth has encountered a problem and needs to close" The error received is caused by corrupt .NET framework. Up until recently, this was a difficult fix, as there was no "real" way to remove .NET from your system. The add/remove did not actually remove it, and any uninstall provided by Microsoft were unsuccessful as well. The steps to correcting this issue are as follows. Please follow directly: -Close all programs and save any work you do not want to loose. -Go to Start > control Panel > Add/remove programs VISTA USERS: Start > Computer > add/remove programs -Remove any and all installations of ZID or ZOM you have. Once completed, close. VISTA USERS: The UAC (user access control) can cause confusion in your install. If it is a must that you ha

[51034] : Issue #167878 Last Modified: Mon 19-May-2008 9:45 PDT

Issue: PROJECT: Express Website Design Blank Message Incident 27394 created and assigned to lizm ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- An incident means this issue has been escalated for review by a senior technician or a developer for further investigation. Depending on the status, and the workload of the individual it has been assigned to it may be several days or more before this issue is addressed. We encourage you to check back as often as necessary and add additional notes. If the issue cannot be solved immediately it will be downgraded to a low priority incident in which case the ticket and incident will remain open until the issue is resolved. Any notes you add to the ticket will be sent automatically to the person who is assigned to the incident. Hello Muhammad, We have received your questionnaire

[50971] : Business Case: Why Zoovy Needs to be the Registrar Last Modified: Wed 14-May-2008 17:43 PDT

This document describes the business case behind why Zoovy requires that we are made both the delegate and registrar for a domain before any of the advanced domain features are available. For example in order to configure a REDIRECT DOMAIN (which is used to create a HTTP 301 redirect for the domain) a domain owner will need to make Zoovy the registrar for the target domain. A lot of technical people who understand DNS often will debate that if Zoovy is given an NS delegation, that should "suffice" and there is no reason to change registrars. Given the experiences we handle in our Technical Support department, we disagree. We've heard most of the arguments to be made, and taken them into consideration. We've

[51024] : Design & Custom Development: Warranty Policy Last Modified: Mon 12-May-2008 11:12 PDT

This document outlines the Zoovy warranty specifically relating to billable design or development done on behalf of an individual client. Unless explicitly stated elsewhere in the development agreement, all recipients of billable design or development work agree to this policy. This document outlines Zoovy's obligations and policies regarding corrections during, and following the warranty period. If you are looking for more information on getting started with a new project please read Design Only means the project is purely cosmetic, and can be done with graphics, style-sheets. No development of program logic is required. Core Development refers to enhancements made on behalf of one client to the

[50826] : Adding products to a list Last Modified: Thu 8-May-2008 16:43 PDT

By adding products to a list it will not allow a customer to manually navigate to the product but will still render the product searchable by keyword. In addition the product will still display if the correct path for the product is typed in the URL. This is normally used if you would like to syndicate particular products to a marketplace. This is very helpful when a category has products that you do want to syndicate but also has products that you don't. In this case you wouldn't want to map the category to be syndicated. You would want to create a product list, instead. Click on setup Click on categories and list Click on add new under Homepage Input the category name Select Product List (Does not appear in navigation) Click save Scroll to the bottom of your last navigation category; you sh

[50566] : Transaction Fees Last Modified: Wed 7-May-2008 14:40 PDT

This information is valid only for accounts created before Jan 1, 2007. Effective: January 1st, 2004 In January 2004, Zoovy adopted this pricing model based on feedback from our most successful customers who expressed that Live support should be included in the pricing. BASE FEE FINAL VALUE FEE Package Price (includes up to 1,000 products) + $19.95 for each additional 1,000 products. + Enhanced feature bundles (optional) + Live Support Fees (optional) OR 2% of gross sales Maximum fee per order is capped at $5.00. You pay either the Base Fee, OR the Final Value Fee (whichever is more).

[50764] : Add/Remove Features Last Modified: Wed 7-May-2008 14:37 PDT

If you need to add or remove a bundle, flag or feature to your Zoovy account, you will need to go to Setup Add/Remove Features. Before doing this, please schedule an implementation appointment for assistance. Implementation appointments can be scheduled by logging in to your account and going to Support > Request Implementation Assistance. You will not be able to remove the feature that are the basis of your account. For some Zoovy users, this will be the Auction Bundle. For other Zoovy users, this will be the Website Bundle. Be careful! Do not remove a feature unless you are absolutely certain that you do not need it. Go to Setup > Add/Remove Features. Find the feature that you are interested in modifying. Cl

[50754] : Product Finder Last Modified: Wed 7-May-2008 12:56 PDT

The Product Finder is an interface that allows you to easily view the products currently associated with a category or list, and add, remove, or rearrange the order of the products displayed in that category or list area. You can get to the Product Finder interface via several areas, such as Page Layout/Product Lists, Product Editor/Cross Selling, or Setup/Categories and Lists. Currently there is a known issue with the Product Finder interface that will only allow you to make one change per session. You can add/remove/or move one product, "Save" your modification, then perform another modification if so desired without problem. See also : 1. Go to Setup > Categories and Lists 2. Expand a category and select "Add Product" to

[50999] : Last Modified: Mon 5-May-2008 16:16 PDT

eBates is the original reverse affiliate program. Merchants routinely offer an affiliate commission for referred sales. In a reverse affiliate model, a portion of the funds paid to the affiliate are shared with the customer. eBates was established in 1999 and has a large network of approximately 6 million members who give purchasing preference to sites which participate in the eBates program. eBates members can also choose to donate their savings to a charity organization of their choice. Many high profile charity organizations encourage their members to shop through eBates whenever possible. Historically eBates has only worked with major online Affiliate programs such as commission Junction, Clixgalore, or Kowabunga to board merchants - however merchants would typically pay thousands of dollars in setup fees, plus an additional 3-5% commission fee

[50864] : Mail Solutions Last Modified: Mon 5-May-2008 16:13 PDT

Here are some easy solutions to common email annoyances. We used to occasionally see errors when people use Outlook to read their messages via IMAP. The old advice was to keep the number of message in their Inbox down and occasionally refile them to another folder after reading them. FuseMail took some steps to make their server behave better for Outlook, but we will still sometimes see the error. The IMAP cache helps keep your mail from being dog slow when they read it or search through it. If it gets out of sync with the actual messages, it causes problems. I suspect, but don't know for sure, that people who use webmail + Outlook at the same time or multiple Outlook clients at the same time on the same account might run into this more than others. We would typically have to ope

[50625] : HTML Cheat Sheet Last Modified: Mon 5-May-2008 10:20 PDT

Learning HTML is pretty easy -- the website codemonkey has a ton of excellent tutorials to make it easy. For more information please visit:

[50389] : Supply Chain JEDI Last Modified: Fri 2-May-2008 16:51 PDT

The supply chain integration currently allows you to easily add inventory and/or subscribe to direct product feeds from suppliers. JEDI (Just Easy Data Interchange) is available when both a retailer and a supplier are Zoovy Stores. This document is designed as a guide for both the retailer (using the Supply Chain bundle) and the supplier (using the Wholesale Bundle) to learn how this is configured. More information about the entire Supply Chain Feature Set can be found: More information about the entire Wholesale Feature Set can be found: Products which are created using the Zoovy JEDI (Just Easy Data Integration) functionality are automatically setup to check real-time inventory from suppliers. Additionally any ship rate quotes will be automatically loaded from the suppl

[50338] : Add Products to Categories Last Modified: Fri 2-May-2008 10:50 PDT

Now that you have added your products, you need to add them to your navigation categories. Good website design allows the customer to actually place the item into their shopping cart within 3 clicks from the home page. If you have grouped your navigation well, the products will follow this purchase flow quite well. Navigation categories should be used to organize your website and make it easier for customers to find your products. You can create navigation categories on your website to organize your products to make them easier for your customers to find. Products can be placed in more than one category. You should put products wherever you think your customers might look for them. From website builder select the navigation page option for products. Use the arrows to move your products into the category. The homepage is the first page on your webs

[51031] : How do I Archive Orders? Last Modified: Fri 2-May-2008 10:38 PDT

We have too many completed orders to be able to see all of them in Order Manager. Is there a way to archive orders so we can clear Order Manager, but still access them? You can actually archive orders by Logging into Zoovy, clicking on Utilities, and clicking on Archive orders under Account Utilities Section. This allows you to Archive orders older than any selected date. This will hide the archived orders Online, as well as in Order Manager once sync'ed. You will still be able to search for orders by number in the Online manager.

[51021] : Enhanced Service Level Agreement Last Modified: Mon 28-Apr-2008 17:48 PDT

This document is offered to clients who have opted for our Enhanced Service Level agreement and who feel they need more protection than the standard Zoovy terms of service affords. This agreement is negotiated by each client on an individual basis typically as part of an annual contract. It does not apply to all clients. This is available on a client by client basis, typically as part of a negotiated pricing agreement and an annual contract. This is only offered to clients when specifically requested. Generally this should only be discussed with clients who are willing to commit more than $20k in revenue (minimums, or setup fees) over the next calendar year. That means if the client wants an "ESLA" then they're going to be expected to commit to certain revenue targets: E.g. existing client - minimum monthly fee up to $1,500/mo. minimum E.g. new client - $12,00

[50268] : ZoovyMail: How to Start Last Modified: Mon 28-Apr-2008 17:25 PDT

This document is intended to assist users in migrating their domain names and accounts to the ZoovyMail system. Login to Go to Setup | Domain Hosting Click to enable ZoovyMail Wait approximately 5 minutes Return to Domain Hosting and a password will be displayed. Your Zoovymail account cannot be provisioned unless you have filled out your Company Information found under Setup > Site Builder. If you are having trouble creating an email alias it could be that the alias already exists under your newsletter settings. Please check what you have entered in Setup > Domain Hosting > Domain Config > Add Newsletter Alias.

[50629] : Accepting Donations Last Modified: Mon 28-Apr-2008 17:24 PDT

Donations are a bit tricky, but can absolutely be done. Zoovy normally requires that each item in a store have a set price, the only way to circumvent this is to use a soft cart setting that is a Developer option. If you do not have developer on your account then you cannot allow customers to configure the amount, however this should not stop you - just create donation products in the most common donation amounts ($5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, etc.) Name each of the products with a unique identifier. For example, start each one with the letters DON and then verify that no products in your store also start with DON. Make sure the DON series of products are not taxable. You should also make sure the products have a product id that separates them from the other products in your store (e.g. DON*). Then create a simp

[50480] : AntiVirus and Firewall Software and Order Manager Last Modified: Fri 25-Apr-2008 13:37 PDT

When McAfee is updated, it may block Zoovy as an unrecognized program. Unblock Zoovy in McAfee and grant full access. Second, the mcafee update has a new feature to stop the worm, and if it sees you sending more than a few emails at a time, or emails with a similiar subject line it blocks them. You can turn this feature off in the advanced settings area. There are some known incompatibilities with Norton Antivirus. If you receive authentication errors, you should disable Norton Antivirus and try again. You may need to set your firewall rules or permissions up for Order Manager. Order Manager needs to be able to receive and send data to and from the website in order to work. How to do this will depend on your firewall or router software. Please try a google search if you are unsure how to c

[50630] : Recurring Billing Last Modified: Fri 25-Apr-2008 9:56 PDT

Businesses often need to setup repetitive billing for things such as subscriptions. These need to be billed typically either monthly, daily, or annually. Zoovy does not have any standard features specifically designed for customers who are doing repetitive billing. However, that does not mean it cannot be done, just that it's not a native feature. Furthermore at this time Zoovy has no plans to include native support for allowing a customer to subscribe, de-subscribe, and the associated issues such as pro-rating, and managing effective dates. There are excellent systems which are already built for handling the complications surrounding periodic billing, and Zoovy provides plenty of ways to import/export data to those applications and services. NOTE: None of the ideas, concepts, etc. below are supported by Zoovy, since we don't officially support periodic billing. However, they are meant to be a helpful

[50276] : Last Modified: Thu 24-Apr-2008 13:27 PDT

This document details specifically with Authorize.Net, for more general information on setting up gateways please visit: Zoovy uses Authorize.Net's advanced integration method (AIM) and you should ignore any messages from them encouraging you to change your shopping cart integration (we have always used the safest connection method for all of our credit card gateways). Since Zoovy uses AIM mode for connecting to Authorizenet, you shouldn't have to add any URLs into their interface for SIM support. The CID number is the 4 digit number on the front of the American Express card. The CID number is not encoded on the magnetic strip and therefore makes the data harder to steal. To use CID #'s American Express requires merchants to verify they are using a PCI Compliant s

[50948] : Issue #158588: QuickBooks Troubleshooting Information Last Modified: Thu 24-Apr-2008 9:41 PDT

In order to diagnose a Quickbooks issue - the development team will need the following information: Attach Screenshots for all three QuickBooks tabs in Order Manager, including product creation. The qbsdklog.txt typically located C:\Progam Files\Intuit\Quickbooks Pro . If you cannot find it, you will need search your hard drive. Vista Users: You need to use the advanced search functionality in order to find the qbsdklog.txt . To find the file, click on search from the Windows button in bottom left hand corner. Then click on Advanced Search in the upper right hand corner of the Search window. Then in Location change the drop down from Indexed Locations to Everywhere. Also yo

[50280] : Cardservice Gateway Configuration Last Modified: Wed 23-Apr-2008 13:25 PDT

This document deals specifically with Linkpoint. For more general information about gateways please visit: Linkpoint gateway is a service by Cardservice that allows you to conduct real-time credit card and automatic check processing services over the Internet. Zoovy supports the linkpoint API from Cardservice, in addition to several other gateways which are compatible with other processors. Zoovy supports both AVS (Address Verification System) and CVV (Card Verification Value) via the Cardservice Linkpoint gateway. In the order events you will find an auth code it will appear as a string of numbers and letters separated by colons e.g. 12354:ABCD:5789:. The second 4 digit alphanumeric code represents that AVS transaction. The first 3 digits indicate AVS code: YY* Address matches

[50378] : Amazon Merchant Feed Last Modified: Wed 23-Apr-2008 8:58 PDT

Congratulations from Amazon Services! Once you've successfully created an Amazon Marketplace account, then you're ready to start selling at Access Seller Central, the Amazon site-management system, at the following URL: As a seller, you can use Seller Central to: set your own shipping rates get your Merchant Token get your Merchant Name provide gift messaging and gift-wrap services view metrics to help you manage your business Amazon is very liberal with their suspensions!! Any bad feedback, may endanger your account status with them. Be sure to respond to any/all negative feedback in a timely manner. Zoovy's policy is such that we cannot assist in any reinstatements of Amazon suspensions. To ensure your success, we recommend you take advantage of our Amazon

[50739] : Help! My site is loading slow Last Modified: Tue 22-Apr-2008 14:02 PDT

The following document discusses some advanced concepts behind how Zoovy replicates sites to it's webserver farm and then provides a set of tips business owners can follow to improve site performance. Zoovy does not put sites on a single server. Each site is put into a cluster of webservers which increases the overall complexity, but also equips each site to deal with far higher traffic loads and also eliminates the possibility that another customer on the same server can affect other customers (at the same time eliminating the need to have one server per customer). Incoming shoppers are automatically routed to the "least busy server" and then their session is kept on that server for the duration of their visit, unless that

[50803] : EBay Cannot Locate Gallery Images Last Modified: Tue 22-Apr-2008 9:23 PDT

This document covers the issue concerning email from eBay that gallery images are unable to be found. You may sometimes receive email from ebay that they are unable to obtain a gallery image. Below is a common example of the email form they send out: "Dear Seller: DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE. SEE BELOW FOR INSTRUCTIONS. Thank you for choosing to be part of eBay's Gallery! Unfortunately, your item (eBay item number here) has not yet been added to the gallery. The problem is: We could not connect to the Web server name specified by: Check your image URL to make sure that it is correct. You can correct your URL at: Item=250057135 810

[50476] : Edit Payment Type Last Modified: Mon 21-Apr-2008 16:59 PDT

By selecting a different payment type, the list of fields you can edit will change. So if you cannot find what you are looking for and you are sure you saw it before, try changing the payment type.

[50537] : Auction Seller QuickStart Last Modified: Mon 21-Apr-2008 15:06 PDT

This guide is specifically designed to acclimate auction sellers to the Zoovy e-commerce platform. This guide does not explain the intricacies of auctions and rather assumes that you are already familiar with terms such as feedback, fixed price, and buy it now, and therefore we can simply focus on the various features of the Zoovy system as they relate to auctions. Throughout this guide you will see Keywords which can be typed into the search box at for more information on the desired subject. Zoovy uses products to keep track of auctions because it is an e-commerce system at the core. In all cases you will create a product first then create your auction ad to launch an auction or channel. Each product has basic properties such as title and description, which are used to build an auction descr

[50940] : Issue #159508: Shipping Address Problem Last Modified: Mon 21-Apr-2008 13:22 PDT

I placed a recent order that was intended to bill and ship to the same address. When I printed out the Fed Ex label, using FedEx Ship Manager (via Quickbooks), the shipping address from an earlier order the same customer placed was utilized. Looking into Quickbooks, I can see that the customer's home address was in the Bill to area, but the old ship to address was in place in the Shipping area. It appears that when I synchronized, the shipping address area did not get updated. When you say that you printed the label, you mentioned using FedEx Ship Manager. You didn't print out the label from Order Manager? Is there a reason why? I think that printing out of ZOM would resolve this problem for you, as I suspect that ZOM has the correct information for the order, but that QB d

[50848] : Zoovy Development Roadmap Last Modified: Mon 21-Apr-2008 11:48 PDT

The development roadmap is a picture into “what big things we're working on” here at Zoovy. Keep in mind that there are a lot of smaller enhancements that get built in every day. Rather these are things that we spent the winter holidays prototyping and testing feasibility. We believe the implementation and subsequent adoption of these features will deliver additional revenue to the majority of our merchants, and subsequently to us. Here at Zoovy we work on loose deadlines, bugs are always given priority over features, and from time to time we need to stop and rework the foundation before building new features and it's very often hard to accurately anticipate how much time each change will take. With th

[50140] : Hacking the Image Library Last Modified: Thu 17-Apr-2008 15:48 PDT

One of the most powerful, often misunderstood features in Zoovy is the Image Library, which allow users to easily upload and store images without knowing the size or details. When you upload a file into the Image Library Zoovy will automatically resize it to the appropriate size for the image you are working with. In the Zoovy system each image is stored in a hashed directory based on the first letter of their first name. This provides for a quick and easy way to lookup an image (and its corresponding directory) based on nothing more than the images name. It also prevents the users from needing to have a complicated sorting method. Web users should use the filename exclusively, whereas windows clients may want to save additional data in a briefcase. So lets say you upload XXX.gif here's what happens: "We create XXX.dd is p

[50351] : Shipping Tricks and Tips Last Modified: Wed 16-Apr-2008 16:25 PDT

If you go into SETUP, in checkout properties you should MAKE SURE you enable shipping to be displayed in your cart. Customers love this feature, but remember it is only compatible with non-origin shipping formats so you can't use it with USPS, UPS, or Federal Express. It's worth mentioning that if you don't put in your Federal Express number that the shipping system will default to Zoovy's fedex number which quotes high shipping rates, and an origin from zip code 92007. Shipping for auctions is calculated just like any other product in the store. There are three ways to calculate different shipping for auctions, one is to use special fixed price fees for external items, the second is to use API shipping, the third is to use options which only apply to eBay listings. This is the most common

[50914] : Syllabus: Google Checkout (Optional) Last Modified: Wed 16-Apr-2008 14:25 PDT

Google Checkout is direct competition for PayPal. As a result, eBay is not supporting Google Checkout. If you are an eBay seller do not use Google Checkout on the same partition as your eBay auctions. You should create your Google Checkout account in the same Google account that you use Adwords. Go to and setup a buyer's account. You need a buyer's account before creating a seller's account. In Google Checkout, go to Settings > Integration to find your Google Merchant ID and Google Merchant Key. Return to Zoovy and bring your Google Merchant ID and Google Merchant Key into Setup > Payment Methods > Google Checkout. At the bottom of the Google Checkout page in Zoovy, you will find the

[50986] : APO Addresses Last Modified: Wed 16-Apr-2008 14:18 PDT

APO addresses are oftentimes confusing for the merchant when setting up shipping and shipping rules. This document contains an explanation of APO addresses and some suggestions on how to handle them in Zoovy. Information in this section is an excerpt from the webpage: ShipItAPO Thanks to them for the excellent information! A Layperson's Guide to Overseas Military Mail The concept of getting mail overseas to and from military personnel stationed overseas dates back many years. In formalizing this activity, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and the Department of Defense (DoD) negotiated an agreement called Overseas Military Mail, which exists to this day. In this agreement addressing schemes, delivery mechanisms and nomenclature w

[50375] : Yahoo Shopping Syndication Last Modified: Wed 16-Apr-2008 14:10 PDT

NOTE: In order to get this started you will be required to make a $50 deposit into your Yahoo account for a marketing budget. For more information on the rules of the Yahoo Shopping marketplace please visit: Go to If you don't already have a Yahoo account you will need to create one. (Once you've created one successfully then return to to sign up) Click the "Sign Up Today" button and select "Using existing Yahoo ID", which should deliver you to "Yahoo! Ad Central - Product Submit" Store Name: Your business name Store Category: The category of products you will be selling. Store Description: a brief summary of your store. Hint: using keywords in your description will

[50292] : Manage User Logins Last Modified: Wed 16-Apr-2008 13:58 PDT

Manage User Logins allows an administrative user to create sub-accounts for employees and specify which portions of this site each employee may access. Throughout this document the term "Master Account" or "Master User" refers to logging in to Zoovy without any specific user. The master account cannot be deleted, and always implicitly contains administrative priviledges. All User Accounts are created by first logging into the Master Account. The Master Account is always the same as the Zoovy store name. For example if the Zoovy store name is "ACMEINC" and is located at then the Master User is simply "ACMEINC". If the Master User creates 3 separate employee logins for Phil, Bob, and Sharon then those logins would be "ACMEINC*PHIL", "ACMEINC*BOB", and "ACMEINC*SHARON" r

[50606] : General Info / eBay Selling Techniques Last Modified: Wed 16-Apr-2008 9:33 PDT

eBay is the largest auction site in the world. By putting your products on eBay you can expose them to new customers who are interested in purchasing your products online. Zoovy can facilitate the creation of an Ebay auction by either placing the auction for you, or letting you create the auction using any software or the eBay interface and then importing the auction into the Zoovy system. When an auction being tracked by the Zoovy system is complete all the high bidders will be automatically contacted by Zoovy and invited to come back to your store and purchase the item. Zoovy will create an "external item" which includes the price, name, weight, and description of the auction and will allow the auction winner(s) to purchase that item. Winners can combine multiple auctions from any auction site, and Zoovy will apply your standard shipping and payment policies to the

[50905] : Custom Development: Getting Started Last Modified: Tue 15-Apr-2008 11:52 PDT

This document describes how to get features added to the Zoovy platform. In addition this document contains the Zoovy policy regarding "scoping fees". Specific details about the different kinds of development, and the warranty of work following development is discussed in: The best way to get started with a development project is to discuss it during a BPP meeting. During a BPP meeting our staff will be able to assist you in developing the business case, and identifying upcoming features and partnerships already in development which may alleviate the need for your project. If you do not have a request, you may also start your project by starting an electronic support ticket. We request that clients include a bri

[50879] : Custom Development Overview Last Modified: Mon 14-Apr-2008 10:35 PDT

This document has been replaced by:

[50662] : Guide to Barcoding with Zoovy Last Modified: Mon 14-Apr-2008 8:53 PDT

The Barcoding system has been phased out and is no longer in use. Zoovy will be reintroducing an updated Barcode system in 2008 along with the new Point of Sales system. More information to be released shortly. Product Manager can be used to print barcode labels for products using a custom channel definition and the INPUT TYPE=SKU. Product Manager also supports the same barcode printing solution as the SOHO version of Product Manager for printing SKU and Price. For more information on printing bar codes in Product Manager, follow this link. Order Manager also supports barcode printing of labels using the JIT interface. The JIT interface will print a "Shipping Label", "Return Label", or a "Store Label". When working in the JIT

[50453] : Sub Order Status Last Modified: Thu 10-Apr-2008 15:36 PDT

The sub order status feature allows you to create custom statuses for your orders. With sub statuses the orders still exist in the primary status such as Recent, Pending, Approved, Completed, etc. but you can also assign one custom status to the order as a "child" of these default status conditions. Sub Order Status is an Order Manager ONLY feature, the sub statuses will NOT appear on the web, the orders will simply appear as Recent, Completed, Pending, etc. Step 1 - log into ZOM Step 2 - click on Admin > Sub Order Status Editor Step 3 - To CREATE: Step 3.1 - Order: Select Order from drop-down menu, this is the "parent" status of the new sub order status you are creating Step 3.2 - Routing Cod

[50264] : Configuring Microsoft Outlook Last Modified: Sat 5-Apr-2008 15:36 PDT

Discusses how to configure outlook with fusemail. A very pretty version of this document with pictures is located at: Item=outlook& Type=html & nbsp; & nbsp; Setting up FuseMail with Outlook This tutorial explains how to set up Outlook 2003 for use with FuseMail. If you are using a different version of MS Outlook than this tutorial should closely resemble the same options and settings. Before you startYou will require some details from when you set up your FuseMail account.You require:The IMAP Server Nam

[50619] : Guide to using eBay/Paypal Checkout Last Modified: Sat 5-Apr-2008 10:11 PDT

This guide is designed to discuss the various ways of accepting payment from eBay Buyers. There are two fundamentally competing approaches towards accepting payment. The first is Zoovy Checkout, and the second is eBay/Paypal Checkout. We hope to provide an impartial look at the two technologies and show how they can be integrated into your website. While reading this document you should be aware that you can utilize both eBay Checkout and Zoovy Checkout simultaneously however you will need to plan carefully and recognize that it may lead to buyer confusion, and possibly errors if not configured with a meticulous attention to detail. eBay/Paypal Checkout is enabled in an auction by having "Enable Checkout" along with the Paypal Automatic Logo Insertion configured in your account preferences, and checking the box "I

[51019] : Digital Downloads Manager Last Modified: Thu 3-Apr-2008 11:57 PDT

The digital downloads manager is an optional module (which can be customized on a per client basis as necessary) that allows users to purchase products which correspond to one or more files that can be downloaded after the sale. The digital downloads application is installed on a hosting server. The store owner is given an access URL, plus a login and password A supplier (e.g. DOWNLOAD) is created in the store, and pointed at the hosting server. One or more products is associated with the DOWNLOAD supplier in the store. The store owner uploads a file and associates with a PRODUCTID that was associated with the DOWNLOAD supplier. If necessary, multiple files can be associated with a single PRODUCTID When orders are placed (and typically flagged as paid) they are automatically dispatched via s

[50330] : Disk Space Management Last Modified: Thu 27-Mar-2008 20:13 PDT

The Disk Space Manager allows you to view the amount of space currently in use by your account. It also includes tools for removing orphaned images which are often the largest culprit of wasted space. To reduce server load and provide equal access to all customers the Disk Space Tool is only available during off peak hours. The "Compute Disk Space" button displays the amount of disk space used by key portions of your website. You may notice the sum of all the areas may be less than the TOTAL_USAGE this is because some hidden files cannot be displayed, but are computed in the TOTAL_USAGE. As a rule these hidden files typically contain less than 1mb of content. The IMAGES directory also includes your custom files.

[50092] : Theme Configuration Last Modified: Mon 24-Mar-2008 8:19 PDT

The CSS attribute is a node for your CONFIG element. This css will be output in your HEAD element when the theme renders. You can have your own styles in the theme itself (or an external style sheet) as needed, but you should not add your own styles or css attributes to the zoovy styles. <![CDATA[.zbody { background-color: #ffffff; } .zborder { border: 1px solid #EDF2FD; } .zbox { border: 1px solid #C0C0C0; } .zbox_body { background-color: #EDEEEF; color: #515151; font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica; font-size: 8pt; } .zbox_head { background-color: #DBDDDF; color: #959B9E; font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica; font-size: 10pt; } .zcolor </div>
[50869] : Windows Vista Users Last Modified: Fri 14-Mar-2008 17:02 PDT

This is information for Zoovy's Windows Vista users. When you set up Windows, you were required to create a user account. This account is an administrator account, which allows you to set up your computer and install any programs that you would like to use. Once you have finished setting up your computer, we recommend that you create a standard account and use it for your everyday computing. If you create new user accounts, you should also make them standard accounts. Using standard accounts will help keep your computer more secure. The steps that you should follow will vary, depending on whether your computer is on a domain or a workgroup. To find out, see "To check if your computer is on a workgroup or domain" in How is a network at home different from one at work? 1. Ope

[50960] : Issue #156335: Order Export File for Shipping Last Modified: Thu 13-Mar-2008 13:52 PDT

Is it possible to export "recent" orders to a csv file? If so, how is that accomplished? Truthfully I was hoping to do this via the online order manager. All of my skus are prefixed so that I am aware of the distributor. Example would be WMM prefix indicates the order is for Doba. What I would like to have is the ability to export the order information with sku, customer name and address, and product description. This feature is available in Order Manager 6.142 or Integrated Desktop version 7 and higher. Simply select one or more orders - then right click and create a "Shipping Export File" You may also want to look into supply chain as a more efficient way to get orders to select suppliers.

[51013] : Quickbooks Permission error Last Modified: Wed 12-Mar-2008 9:59 PDT

since installing the latest ZID - I get this error quite often when exporting to Quickbooks. Create new invoice failed: QB returns: The integrated application has no permission to access personal data. The QuickBooks administrator can grant permission to access personal data through the Integrated Application preferences. There is a toggle that needs to be checked in oder to "Allow this application to have access Social Security Numbers, credit card information, and other personal data" within Quickbooks that should resolve this issue. 1. Run Quick books 2. Go to Edit -> Preferences 3. Click on Integrated Application 4. Click on Company Preferences 5. Click On Zoovy Integrated Desktop 7.xx and hit properties 6. Check "Allow this application to have access

[50612] : Customer Login Last Modified: Tue 11-Mar-2008 17:42 PDT

Every Zoovy site comes with the ability for customers to login and check order status. This guide outlines some of the finer configuration details. Customers have the options of creating an account (or having an account automatically created for them) based on the Account Creation settings in Setup / Checkout Properties. In addition any customers who have signed up for the mailing list will also have an account. Customizing your default emails to encourage customers to use the online customer login area can substantially reduce the amount time you spend handling customer service. Customers may login at either of the following URLs: By default Zoovy provides a login link from the contact us page, although many sit

[50498] : Introduction to Zoovy Order Manager Last Modified: Mon 10-Mar-2008 17:47 PDT

The Zoovy Order Manager brings the power of your Zoovy website right to your desktop. You can immunize your business from intermitent Internet access, and slow downloads. You can also provide employees with a restricted environment to perform their work, and use this tool to send targeted emails, and print invoices. You can even use Order Manager to set up a shipping station and have invoices, packing slips and shipping labels printed right where you do your shipping. Zoovy Order Manager is part of Zoovy Integrated Desktop. Order Manager automatically synchronizes inventory with your store - even while you

[50373] : Froogle Listing Last Modified: Mon 10-Mar-2008 17:25 PDT

Froogle, also known as GoogleBase, is the shopping service for Google. By focusing entirely on product search, Froogle applies the power of Google's search technology to a very specific task: locating stores that sell the item you want to find and pointing you directly to the place where you can make a purchase. Froogle normally searches the web for products (through a process called spidering), however Zoovy has the ability to submit products into Froogle's database. To receive a username and password for froogle please visit: For more general information about please visit

[50265] : Configuring Thunderbird Last Modified: Mon 10-Mar-2008 17:12 PDT

Setting up FuseMail with Mozilla Thunderbird This tutorial explains how to set up a FuseMail account using Mozilla Thunderbird for Windows. Before you start: Make sure that you have your username, password, and email address information ready. For the example below, we are using as our Incoming (IMAP) Server and as our Outgoing (SMTP) Server. Also, the email account that is being used in this example is the "demo" account, which you can also test via the Webmail interface from the main page of our website. Open Mozilla Thunderbird. On the File

[51009] : Amazon Fulfillment Last Modified: Mon 25-Feb-2008 17:46 PST

We've signed up to try some Fulfillment by Amazon. How does Zoovy handle these orders? We don't want to ship them twice, but we still need them pulled down so we can export to Quickbooks and reconcile properly. Thanks. Amazon doesn't currently support integration for this feature (though they have plans to). You will need to export the orders and then import them into your Zoovy store. Please setup an implementation appointment for assistance with this process. We will let you know as soon Amazon has this integration in place.

[50716] : Closing of the Zoovy Public Forums Last Modified: Sun 24-Feb-2008 17:01 PST

On Thursday the 28th of September 2006 the Zoovy public forums were closed. We made this decision based on the fact that the forums were becoming an unreliable source of information for new and existing members of the Zoovy community. A minority of users were abusing the forums, posting code tips that could potentially break customer's stores, giving instruction on the use of Zoovy tools in non-accurate ways and posting information about Zoovy products that was inaccurate and defamatory. This situation was made worse by the lack of resources to police the forums for these types of behaviour and finally the discovery of a potential security exploit in the forum sofware. Based on all of these circumstances we decided not to continue the forum service. We do not have any plans to re-introduce the forums in the foreseeable future.

[51010] : Issue #165025 Last Modified: Sat 23-Feb-2008 13:15 PST

Issue: properly setting up shipping methods Platform: na Topic: web_manager We started receiving orders with multiple items and noticed a problem in our shipping configuration... If an order has multiple light-weight items, and the "Quote as a multibox shipment (each SKU in its own box)" in Setup » Shipping » UPS Shipping is ENABLED, site charges customer a lot more money for shipping, because these light items are combinable. But if the order has multiple heavy items, then site charges customer too little, thinking that it can combine large/heavy items, but in reality they cannot be combined. Here is a scenario... Quote as a multibox shipment (each SKU in its own box) ON: Add 1 x SKU# ABC (widget, weights 1#) to cart = $7.97 shipping to 90210 zip Add 5 x SKU# ABC to cart = $37.85 shipping Add 10 x SKU# ABC to cart = $75.20 shipping

[50836] : Integrated Desktop Enterprise Edition Last Modified: Wed 20-Feb-2008 16:17 PST

The Enterprise platform provides multi-user functionality compared to the SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) which is only intended for use on a single computer. In an Enterprise configuration the warehouse manager database is shared with the order manager database. Having a shared database means that products, or inventory updates that are added via warehouse manager are instantly seen by the Order Manager desktop client regardless if the database has been synchronized or not. Enterprise customers in two flavors: Basic - $195/mo. this is what most customers will need. Plus - $500/mo. this is the same code base, but comes with an enhanced level of developer support, specifically intended for clients who are developing their own stand-alone applications which will WRITE data into the database. Enterprise monthly fees are app

[51006] : Omniture SiteCatalyst Integration Last Modified: Wed 20-Feb-2008 9:39 PST

We will attempt to provide Omniture integration instructions to document configurations for other clients. At this time Zoovy does not have a strategic relationship with Omniture. This means we are not able to provide technical support on this feature. Zoovy recommends Google Analytics.

[50713] : Order Manager (ZOM)- Getting Started with version 6.x Last Modified: Mon 18-Feb-2008 16:57 PST

This document covers procedures to create new user, login, and get Order Manager setup for initial use on version 6.012 and above. NEVER modify an order online after you have synchronized that order with Zoovy Order Manager. First you will need to create a manage user. To create a manage user please follow the following steps. Step 1. Log into Step 2. Click on Setup > Manage user log in Step 3. Create a new user Step 4. Create a password for the user Step 5. Click save Please note the manage users are not restricted when using ZOM. This behavior will change in the future. When creating the manage user, the rights the user has

[51007] : Supply Chain sends zoovy product id, instead of supplier sku. Last Modified: Mon 18-Feb-2008 16:47 PST

Issue: Supply Chain sends zoovy product id, instead of supplier sku. Automated supply chain order emails show the Product ID in the SKU column instead of the actual MFG SKU - Supplier gets confused and isn't sure which product to ship out. This is affecting my business - orders get delayed. Try setting the field zoovy:prod_supplierid instead of zoovy:prod_mfgid

[51001] : ZID error orderids.ini Last Modified: Fri 15-Feb-2008 17:53 PST

Issue: errors when creating an order in OM I have a fresh install of ZID on a windows vista machine. when i click the create order button in order manager, i recieve the error ACCESS TO THE PATH C:/PROGRAMFILES/ZOOVY/DESKTOP/ORDERIDS.INI DENIED See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\Program Files\Zoovy\Desktop\OrderIDs.ini' is denied. When opening ZID, click on admin (before logging in) > account security You should be able to update after verification. Some tracking down found this to be an issue with Windows Vista. What you can do is copy the file ORDERIDS.INI from the following directory: C:\P

[51005] : Security Metrics PCI Scan Last Modified: Fri 15-Feb-2008 12:40 PST

SecurityMetrics is a PCI/DSS compliance scan vendor who is heavily promoted by a variety of merchant banks. Unfortunately Zoovy does not work with security metrics. SecurityMetrics is not aware of the specific counter measures that we have installed. In the past when we attempted to outreach to them it lead to a major communication breakdown with their company. We take offense when somebody says our system is insecure, especially without proof. Their position was that any connection of SSLv1 was insecure, and our position was that SSLv1 connections should be "allowed" but not be able to transmit any secure data. The whole debate was somewhat ludicrous. Here's the theoretical problem: when you

[50876] : 3rd Party Security Scans Last Modified: Fri 15-Feb-2008 12:31 PST

As of April 22nd 2007, Hackersafe is the only recommended 3rd party security scanning solution. Hackersafe's PCI program is described on their website here: For more information please read the section below. Several 3rd party security scanners claim Zoovy supports SSL 2.0 -- what exactly are they complaining about? I just want to clarify -- Zoovy webservers support SSLv2, SSLv3 and TLSv1 -- Any browser which supports higher grade protocols will automatically use SSLv3 or TLSv1 -- so only people which don't support SSLv3 or TLSv1 will use SSLv2. To summarize: If nobody uses SSL 2.0 - then why do they care? See the problem is that people who do not have SSLv3.0/TLS will NOT be able to connect to your site, it will result in some obscure error

[51003] : Mporia M-commerce Integration Last Modified: Fri 15-Feb-2008 11:35 PST is a provider of m-commerce websites. Their application costs approximately $39/mo. Zoovy does not offer support for mporia, we have evaluated their offering and have absolutely no plans to offer support for mporia. A big component of this decision is that mporia performed a test with and then subsequently developed a "case study" describing the integration.

[50718] : Information updates from queue Last Modified: Mon 4-Feb-2008 14:12 PST

Questions & Answers from tickets We have two kinds of specialty sites we'd like to do. One, sites aimed at certain demographics, is right in line with what you've designed specialty sites to do. The other is a wholesale-only site, accessable only to registered customers with a certain wholesale price level. You don't appear to have to ability to specify checkout/access settings per specialty site, or to verify for a certain price schedule before allowing access though. For both types of specialty sites, I've got some questions about how the categories/navigation would work. If I create a Wallet Chain specialty site, and set our Wallet Chain category as its root, will visitors only be able to see subcategories under that category? What if I want to give our specialty site a different navigation organization to match the preferences of the target audience? Some of the categories we may want to be identical in co

[50455] : Create an Invoice Last Modified: Fri 1-Feb-2008 13:52 PST

With the Zoovy Order Manager you can easily create invoices from incomplete sales made on portals like eBay or Yahoo Auctions. The functionality of the invoice create feature mirrors that found on the website manager. This feature stemmed from merchants who needed to easily turn incomplete sales to valid orders when their customers decided not to use Zoovy's checkout system. Accessing the Creating Invoice tool is done from several different areas. Clicking the Incomplete tab will enable the Invoice icon found on the top of the screen. Click this icon to begin the process. You may also right click an incomplete sale and select Create Invoice from the pop-up box. Lastly, the Create Invoice tool can be accessed from the incomplete order search tool. When an incomplete order is found, simply click the invoice icon. There are several

[50829] : PayPal Payment Pro Last Modified: Wed 30-Jan-2008 9:33 PST

[50304] : Credit Card Processing Overview Last Modified: Tue 29-Jan-2008 11:17 PST

To setup credit cards, you must enable a payment gateway, or tell Zoovy that you will be manually processing credit cards. For information on getting a merchant account, or applying for a payment gateway see the credit card guide in the guides section. If you are using a terminal, or a non-compatible gateway then you will need to configure your Zoovy store to perform manual capture. With manual capture Zoovy will perform a simply mod-10 checksum on the card to ensure the card number is valid, and also that the expiration date is in the future. If necessary Zoovy can also capture the CVV/CID number as part of the checkout process. Customers who intend to perform high volumes of transactions should absolutely plan on having a compatible gateway. For more information on setting up gateways please read: [[SECTION]Using Zoovy to Manually Process

[50997] : Vista Hidden Files Last Modified: Mon 28-Jan-2008 19:56 PST

Follow these steps to display hidden files and folders. 1. Open Folder Options by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Folder Options. 2. Click the View tab. 3. Under Advanced settings, click Show hidden files and folders, and then click OK.

[50950] : EBay LotSize Last Modified: Wed 16-Jan-2008 16:36 PST

There is a feature called "LotSize" which we don't currently support in the interface -- because it's only relevant for "wholesale" categories. The field "ebay:lotsize" in the product controls this. Item.*LotSize* int Optional A lot is a set of two or more similar items that must be purchased together in a single transaction. A listing can have multiple lots (instead of multiple items). When LotSize is specified, the listing price reflects the price of each lot (not each item within the lot). In this case, Quantity indicates the number of lots being listed, and LotSize indicates the number of items in each lot. (If a listing has no lots, Quantity indicates the number of separate items being

[50951] : Issue #159900: eBay Error #12305 during Refresh/Revise of listing Last Modified: Wed 16-Jan-2008 6:40 PST

I started updating (refreshing) some of my existing listings and this is the error message I got: Error[#12305]: The flag ThirdPartyCheckout for this item is on. ThirdPartyCheckout is incompatible with Live Auctions, Ad format, Merchant Tool, Motors, and Immediate payment, however. Revise/Relist item failed. I ran the Default profile and refeshed all items with that profile using: UTILITIES > EBAY ACCOUNT SETUP > PROFILES > REFRESH LISTINGS. I let the system do them all. About 30% Changed and about 70% I got that error message on. This is probably because you've turned on auto-pay in your profile since those listings were created. This can be found in the shipping portion of your profile at: "Ebay Account Setup" >> "Profiles" >>

[50363] : Site Builder / Shopping Cart Page Last Modified: Mon 14-Jan-2008 11:53 PST

The cart page can be customized just like any other page on the site. It has a special element which is of course the "CART" element. Cross selling can be accomplished by adding items to your checkout page. There are a variety of ways to do this, the easiest is to simply add your most popular products to the shopping cart page, however you can also configure your store to display related products (if you have the XSELL bundle). To configure related products you must go to a product (on the website) and click the related products button. Zoovy can also automatically relate products which are in similar categories. Click on the setup tab Click on the site builder link Click 'edit' next to the cart page of the profile you wis

[50854] : JEDI Reseller List Last Modified: Mon 14-Jan-2008 10:55 PST

This is a list for Zoovy merchants looking to act as suppliers to other Zoovy merchants. The Zoovy JEDI integration allows Zoovy merchants a quick easy way to augment your inventory. It is free to be listed here but you must meet certain criteria. At least one year with Zoovy. You must have the Supply Chain function on your Zoovy account. Submit a Support ticket requesting to be added to the list. The subject should be "Add (username) to JEDI Reseller List." Give us yo

[50996] : Unable to Log into Zoovy Integrated Desktop Last Modified: Thu 10-Jan-2008 8:25 PST

Issue: Zoovy Desktop order mananger sign on Platform: na Topic: desktop Question: We downloaded Zoovy Integrated Desktop Suite yesterday and cannot sign on to the Order Manager. The id and password we put in are not accepted. Answer: It sounds like we need to do a database and/or account security configuration. Please follow these steps. 1. click to open up Zoovy Integrated desktop, but do not log in. 2. click admin > database config 3. click SOHO 4. Input the Zoovy master username and password 5. click save 6. click admin > account security 7. Input the Zoovy master username and password 8. Click Update You should now be able to log in normally. If you still have problems, please open a ticket with Zoovy Technical Support

[50385] : Quickbooks Merchant Services Last Modified: Mon 31-Dec-2007 17:35 PST

QuickBooks Merchant Services is the only integrated credit card processing solution that automatically posts and reconciles your accounts with QuickBooks as well as has one of the industries most competitive rates. To utilize the features listed below you *MUST* be using Order Manager build 5.139 or later. This document deals specifically with the Quickbooks Merchant Services service. For more information on other gateways please visit: The QuickBooks Merchant Services solution provides integration within the workflow of QuickBooks. For example, the transaction information for a particular item (customer date, card number, item purchased, amount) is automatically uploaded in real time as a Sales Receipt or an Invoice, and this is then stored within QuickBooks. Other gateway soluti

[50602] : eBay: Automatic Second Chance Offers Last Modified: Thu 27-Dec-2007 13:00 PST

A second chance offer is a feature for a Chinese eBay listing that lets you offer the same item to the losing bidders. According to eBay rules the second chance offer is not compatible with Dutch Listings, Fixed Price, Stores, Buy It Now (when the Buy It Now feature is used), or eBay Motors. Zoovy's Auto-Second Chance feature lets you automatically send second chance offers good for 7 days to the losing bidder(s), provided that you have inventory available, AND that the maximum bid for an item is above the price you have set as the Minimum Auto-Second Chance offer.

[50157] : Code Snippets for Zoovy Developers Last Modified: Wed 26-Dec-2007 22:12 PST

By default, the search catalog is set up to search product id, name and description. To retain control through the User Interface (UI) of which default catalog is used, leave the hidden catalog field blank, as it is in the example below. For advanced search, catalogs can be created, the help files for that are located here. If you have search catalogs set up and want to allow your customers the ability to search those catalogs, you can turn the hidden 'catalog' field into a se

[50834] : ZWM Categories Last Modified: Thu 20-Dec-2007 17:15 PST

The Warehouse Manager Desktop Client allows customers to easily add/remove products from navigation categories and lists that are used on their website. You can build your website navigation in Warehouse Manager. Select a webstore category under "Your Website" and right-click on it. Select "Add Website Category." An interface will appear that will allow you to input the category name. Give it a name and click on "OK."

[50835] : ZWM Inventory Last Modified: Thu 20-Dec-2007 17:10 PST

The warehouse manager desktop client runs in a standalone inventory configuration. It provides the ability to update inventory quantities. You can update and revise your inventory On Shelf Quantity and Location fields in Zoovy Warehouse Manager by clicking on the Inventory tab usually located at the bottom left. Click on the Sync button to send your updated numbers to your Zoovy online products database.

[50832] : ZWM Product Editor Last Modified: Thu 20-Dec-2007 17:01 PST

The warehouse manager downloads a copy of your product database. It is an easy and convenient way of modifying your products database offline. It creates a webpage for option management. If you have not sync'd in the past 24 hours, ZWM will prompt you to sync upon logging in. This is to prevent you from inadvertently corrupting your product database. We recommend that you sync every time prompted by the software unless you have a specific reason not to. When you click on the Products button (lower left) you should see a list of your products. You can use the search box to limit the products that are displayed. You can sort your products by clicking the tabs at the top. You can even drag and re-order these tabs to your preference. You can use the Zoovy Warehouse Manager product edit

[50426] : ZWM Whats New Last Modified: Thu 20-Dec-2007 16:42 PST

This document outlines the version to version changes in the warehouse manager windows client. IMPLEMENTED: support for adding products to launch groups. CORRECTED: Misspelling of word "Manufacturer" in the product editor (thanks spruebrothers) CORRECTED: Price and cost of products was adding too many digits after the zero (thanks gssstore) CORRECTED: Saving a product would cause a run time error (thanks angelstechnology,palmbeachdiamonds) CORRECTED: Query to complex error when syncing with products down to Warehouse Manager (thanks spruebrothers) CORRECTED: Double click product that contains image but folders does not exist, causes the image to be corrupt (thanks enterprise2019) CORRECTED: If you select image that was download would could external error and crash (thanks crafte

[50423] : ZWM Licensing Last Modified: Thu 20-Dec-2007 16:42 PST

If you are interested in using Zoovy Warehouse Manager (ZWM), you are required to add the Warehouse Manager bundle. You can do this by going to your Online Zoovy account, and go to Setup | Account Settings | Add/Remove Feature. If you are interested in installing ZWM on multiple computers, you will be required to purchase multiple seats, as well. If you are not familiar with setting up shared drives, please do not hesitate to schedule a training appointment with your Zoovy Trainer. NOTE: If Merchants plan to use ZWM on multiple computers, the Network setup is required. This involves creating a shared drive location, so that the Product Database is shared. Synchronization will only be permitted from the Primary computer. If Merchants install ZWM on multiple standalone computers, Zoovy will not support any errors/conflict/issues that may arise! [[SECTION]Who should use Warehou

[50831] : ZWM Overview Last Modified: Thu 20-Dec-2007 16:39 PST

] Web Interfaces are excellent when you make infrequent updates to your website or product database. However if your business is constantly adding and removing products, updating inventory availability, or adding images then it will most certainly experience productivity gains from the benefit of a specialized desktop application. For recent changes and future directions please review the The Zoovy warehouse manager is a desktop client intended to simplify the following routine business tasks: Product Management, see Image Management, see Website Category Management, see Inventory Updates, see Zoovy Integrated Desktop includes both Zoovy Order Manager and Zoovy Warehouse Manager.

[50628] : ZWM Login Guide Last Modified: Thu 20-Dec-2007 16:39 PST

This document covers the creation of a managed user for use in Warehouse Manager and the subsequent login instructions, step by step. You must have created a User Login before under Setup > Manage User Logins before you can get into Zoovy Warehouse Manager. To log into warehouse manager please follow the following steps exactly: 1. log into 2. click on setup > manage user log in 3. create a new user 4. create a password. 5. give the user all the rights (make sure all the boxes are checked) 6. click save. 7. open warehouse manager 8. click on setup > admin setup 9. input the user: zoovy account login user name (this is your account name) 10. input the password: zoovy account login password (this is your account password) 11. click save This should take you back to a log in page again. 12. input user: th

[50782] : Syllabus: Zoovymail Last Modified: Thu 20-Dec-2007 11:37 PST

This is basic training on how to setup your Zoovymail account. You are encouraged to setup Zoovymail before using a domain with your Zoovy online store. Before your Zoovymail training, please go to Setup > Domain Hosting > Zoovymail and enable Zoovymail. You will need to add one seat. Your first seat is free of charge. If you do not have your Company Information filled out completely, it could prevent your Zoovymail account from being provisioned. A Mail Alias is an email address that you will send and receive email. They are constructed in your Zoovymail account under Settings > Mail Aliases. Mail Rules can be constructed i

[50993] : Issue #161626: How can I edit my homepage, wrapper, or website HTML? Last Modified: Tue 18-Dec-2007 15:42 PST

We want a dropdown on the homepage of our The dropdown will have a list of all the other websites we own. The customer can select any site from the dropdown and then they will be taken to that website. How can this be achieved? If not achievable then whats the alternative so that we can market all our websites on the home page. Hello, There is no specific piece of Zoovy functionality that will accomplish this. You'll need to code the select list manually. Make sure you use the proper linking syntax so that your customers 'cart' travels with them and the shop between stores. If you would like Zoovy to set this up for you, please provide a list of all the stores you would like the select list to display. It will take appro

[50992] : Issue #161254: Paypal charging wrong shipping amount Last Modified: Sun 16-Dec-2007 21:53 PST

Order's going through Paypal have incorrect shipping amount (does not match invoice). This is *NOT* a Zoovy issue. This is a *PAYPAL* issue. We recommend customers contact Paypal's support group regarding this issue. (We hope that *SOMEDAY* Paypal might actually correct it if they get enough merchants who are confused by it.) Zoovy support staff will not be able to correct this issue without you providing your Paypal login and password. The sellers Paypal account is incorrectly configured to add shipping to every order, even though Zoovy CORRECTLY passes the shipping to Paypal. This is ridiculously easy to do since eBay helps sellers configure this. The di

[50991] : Issue #155748: Reports of search not working properly Last Modified: Sat 15-Dec-2007 18:15 PST

Have had a couple of calls. - customers say the search runs and runs then redraws the front page without any search results. One user was in North Carolina using firefox. I cannot create here but user said any and all search terms did this. Gloves, tape, hats etc. The search box evolution gives you never comes up. The 'recent searches' portion doesn't update either. If your customers have Javascript disabled (Firefox: Tools: Options: Content: Enable Javascript), the evolution search does not work as intended. Our developer is going to change the wrapper so it messages your customers to this affect. Evolution and our other ajax themes rely heavily on javascript. When I built them, I did not d

[50990] : Issue #161971: Orders not receiving free shipping promotion Last Modified: Sat 15-Dec-2007 16:30 PST

We had an order placed and the customer did not receive the "Free Shipping" promotion. We have have a free shipping promo going on and this is the first that had a problem. Looked at order. Created same order in cart. Put in Zip code Saw free shipping method (default), and another option "Shipping $10.99" was also available. Right off the bat - there are two ways I think this could have happened: 1. your shipping promotion does not disable the 10.99 shipping - so the customer can still select it. 2. if the customer had selected shipping PRIOR to the promotion, and came back and proceeded through checkout (or re-ordered from a previous order that did not have free shipping)

[50989] : Issue #161974: Google Checkout and preventing multiple emails. Last Modified: Sat 15-Dec-2007 16:08 PST

We are in the process of implementing google checkout for our website sales. In testing this system I notice TWO order confirmations are sent to the customer. One from Zoovy, and one from Google. The google checkout Terms of Service mentions the following. "f. Do not send order confirmation emails To provide a consistent shopping experience, Google will send order confirmation emails to buyers making purchases with Google Checkout. We strongly recommend that you reduce the number of redundant emails your buyers receive by not sending your own order confirmation emails." Question: Is there a way to stop the duplicate order confirmation from Zoovy when a customer uses Google Checkout as the payment method? Other than that, we are ready to implement it.

[50904] : Integration Possibilities with the Zoovy Platform Last Modified: Fri 14-Dec-2007 12:08 PST

This document is intended to describe the various integration possibilities with Zoovy. Please understand, it is not possible to provide a comprehensive list, rather this is a cookbook of recipes based on existing system capabilities and based on our experience doing these types of projects. Just because "you can" doesn't mean "you should". Many of the recipes in this document can significantly harm a business by impacting it's ability to adapt quickly to change or to inexpensively try new initiatives. We are appalled by the multitude of disreputable companies in the e-commerce space who routinely tell clients these integrations are "easy" and do not properly inform them of the risks and downsides associated with the integration ahead of time. Zoovy provides a list of "Known issues" ahead of time, this are not necessarily specific to Zoovy, bu

[50439] : Combine Orders Last Modified: Thu 13-Dec-2007 7:02 PST

Order combination lets you take an order, and combine it with one or more other orders. This feature is mainly used to combine orders from the same customer that are not yet shipped to create savings on shipping costs. Please note that combined orders do not need to be from the same customer. However, the parent order will retain all customer contact, billing, and shipping information. To access Combine Order: 1. Right click on an order and select Combine Order from the Context menu which appears 2. select and order and then click on Tools | Combine Order While holding down the Ctrl key, Click to select the orders you wish to combine into a new order. When you are done right click and select the "Combine Order"

[50844] : Network Order Manager and Zoovy Integrated Desktop Last Modified: Fri 7-Dec-2007 11:39 PST

All machines must be on the SAME version of Zoovy Order Manager or Zoovy Integrated Desktop. 1. Navigate using "My Computer" to c drive > Program Files > zoovy > common > (account name). Note: with ZID (Zoovy Integrated Desktop) the location is c drive > Program Files > zoovy > desktop > (account name). 2. right-click (account name) folder and select sharing and security 3. check share folder on network and allow network users to change my files are checked. 4. right-click on my computer and click properties. Take note of the full computer name. 1. click to open up order manager 2. click admin > databa

[50985] : Issue #161529: POWERLISTER and FIXED auction with quantity of 2 and more Last Modified: Thu 6-Dec-2007 20:43 PST

I have been using powerlister in fixed auctions. But I am listing 2 or more items per listing. Somehow the other the powerlister is not performing correctly. Also in few other examples which i do not have the number right now it went ahead and still listed 2 items per auction when I was left with only 1. I was hoping it would stop launching auctions if the quantity of the item listed is more then inventory. However it did not. If you can make it work in a way that it only lists what is available instead of listing what was originally entered. Like if it was suppose to list 2 of the items but the inventory only has 1, it will list only 1. this would be a great feature. All powerlister features assume a quantity of 1. The inventory behaviors behave as

[50984] : Issue #161587 Last Modified: Thu 6-Dec-2007 13:27 PST

Issue: Order notes Platform: na Topic: other How can i make an order notes on each orders customer can not see?? i have been adding notes after customers placed an orders, now i am realizing customers are able to see those notes for those people create an account. any help?? Hi, If you click on the order there will be a place for Customer Notes. This will allow you to add a note that will display across all orders that the customer places. Those notes will not be seen by the customer. Thank you, Michael only thing i see is "edit order notes". I don't see that Customer Notes.

[50983] : I can't log into Order Manger after updating or installing Last Modified: Tue 4-Dec-2007 16:04 PST

Issue: I uninstalled ZOM, then rebooted. Just installed 7.012 desktop client, but can't login. Got SYNC ERROR. ERROR: 0 4:48:21 PM#Z1000: HINT: Consider searching for 'warehouse manager error 0' at You most likely need to configure the database and account security. Start the Zoovy Integrated Desktop but do not attempt to log in. Step 1. Click on Admin > Database Config Step 2. Click on the SOHO tab Step 3. Input the Admin username and password (Zoovy username and password) Step 4. Keep the box checked for FIND AND UPGRADE PRE V6.010 DATABASE (RECOMMENDED) Step 5. Click SAVE Step 6. Click on Admin > Account Security Step 7. Input the Admin username and password (Zoovy username and password) Step 8. Click UPDATE Step 9. Then try to log in as normal

[50587] : 1.0 to 2.0 conversion plan Last Modified: Tue 4-Dec-2007 13:59 PST

This message is intended for 1.0 customers (those who subscribed to Zoovy prior to January 1st, 2004.) Some of the information on this page is now inaccurate - for the most current status please visit the updated page: As you are most likely aware big things are happening here at Zoovy. Over the past few months we have greatly increased functionality in some core areas and have expanded the number marketplaces that are available to you. We have introduced vertical market applications aimed at more closely meeting the needs of auction, web, media & apparel sellers and will continue to launch additional vertical applications in conjunction with eBay and our other marketplace partners. We have also

[50788] : How to Create a Product Last Modified: Tue 4-Dec-2007 10:44 PST

These are simple and straight-forward instructions on how to create a basic product. This Zoovy doc does not cover every variation or subtlety of product creation. Some customers have special needs for the items that they sell. If you need detailed assistance please schedule an appointment with one of our Zoovy technicians. Click on Products in the primary navigation of your Zoovy account. On the following screen that appears, click on Add New Product. Fill out the text boxes to the best of your ability. Click on Save. You may also find these other Zoovy docs of interest:

[50981] : "Continue Shopping" Cart Behavior Last Modified: Mon 3-Dec-2007 6:34 PST

Issue: "shop more" or "continue shopping" button in shopping cart. What is the behavior of this link? If you visit any of my specialty websites, and when you add items into the shopping cart, and then click on the "shop more" button, it takes you to a specific category page. How do we specify what category page the customer gets taken to after he clicks on the "shop more" button? The "shop more" or on some sites also called the "continue shopping" button/link, destination isn't configurable. The behavior of that button/link is to take the customer back to the last category page that they visited. So if the customer was in your "brown shoes" category, viewed a product in this category, added the product to the cart, then clicked on

[50980] : COD Payment Type Last Modified: Fri 30-Nov-2007 7:15 PST

Issue: cod payment is disabled but customer selected cod My COD payment is disabled but I had a customer select COD in order order # 2007-11-XXXX? I do not accept cod. I checked payment methods and cod was disabled can someone help me please. There are two types of COD in the zoovy system: Cash/Money Order on Delivery Check on Delivery check to make sure that you have both of these types of payment methods disabled. To do so go to: Setup > Payment Methods

[50979] : Logging Into Zoovy Last Modified: Fri 30-Nov-2007 6:15 PST

Invalid Username/Password in the desktop client I am trying to log into the zoovy system (web manager/desktop client) but it keeps giving me an invalid username/password. What I am doing wrong? This depends on where are you getting the message, and what are you using for your username and password. There are two types of "users" in Zoovy, the fisrt is what is considered what you will heard referred to as your "Account", "Master", or "Admin" username and it's associated password. This is your account name and it's associated password. You can and will only ever have one set of these at a given time. The second type of user is what is referred to as a "managed" or "sub-user" on the account. You can have multiples of these and they are created/managed inside your Zoovy web manager under: Setup > Manage User Logins Thes

[50977] : Issue #160679 Last Modified: Thu 29-Nov-2007 17:49 PST

Issue: Default site incorrect, causing errors in feeds Platform: na Topic: web_manager Our default site is set to but should be (and always has been as far as we know) this is causing errors in our syndicate feeds, such as this one from google base (Errors: Error Bad data Line # The domain of this URL doesn't match the domain registered on the Settings page of this account. - help link: and therefore causing a major drop in sales. I have attached a screen shot. Please do whatever it takes, or tell me whatever to do so we can fix this. Default site needs to be Hi, It looks like there might be a couple of things setup incorrectly here. First, you do not have a configuration set up for You only have a configuration for zurichsafes

[50976] : Issue #161151 Last Modified: Wed 28-Nov-2007 16:34 PST

Issue: amazon order with error in invoice Platform: na Topic: web_manager The size did not come through on this order. 2007-11-77249 says "Pog mismatch --..." I guess this has happened before, but I do not have the info on that. Please fix. Hello, You've changed the options on this product (NGSLECTRASXW30) on Zoovy and now it doesn't match the same product on Amazon, which is why the order is saying "Pog mismatch". To correct this problem, delete the product from Amazon syndication, wait 24 hrs for it to delete and then re-check it to syndicate with your current options. Keep in mind that only products with "Store Option Groups" ie SOGs are syndicatable to Amazon. Please reopen this ticket if you have any further questions. Thanks, Patti

[50601] : Improving Sales Last Modified: Wed 28-Nov-2007 14:24 PST

Zoovy can help to improve your sales in several ways. First Zoovy gives you the tools create a professional appearance throughout a customers entire e-commerce experience. Second Zoovy incorporates tools such as auction integration and search engine registration to allow you to attract new business. Third Zoovy also gives you the tools you need to generate repeat business by having excellent customer service tools combined with state of art customer tracking and reporting! However, nearly every feature in Zoovy could improve your sales. We strongly suggest that when in doubt return to the Syllabus: Overview and pickup from where you last left off. Click here... Probably your first step should be to analyze and figure out what your problem is. Our integration with Google Analytics ma

[50838] : Syllabus: Cross Selling (Optional) Last Modified: Wed 28-Nov-2007 14:16 PST

Zoovy has several cross-selling tools to enhance your business. Related products (and Accessories) can be called into pages to show other items that your customers might be interested in. Don't forget to do some upsell on your Shopping Cart page. Some page layouts have a product listing box called "Best Sellers", "Recently Added", or something similar. It is often a good idea to use a list with a similar name and associate this list to the product listing box. Then you can add and subtract from this list as needed without going in and modifying every page with a Best Sellers box.

[50374] : Shopzilla Syndication (formerly Bizrate) Last Modified: Wed 28-Nov-2007 13:16 PST

Shopzilla is a pay per click performance site (formally Bizrate). The Shopzilla marketplace, is used to provide the world's best shopping search engine, striving to list any store or product that is available on the Web. By using Zoovy Syndication, Merchants can submit all products on the website to Shopzilla. You will need to register for an account at You will need to make a $100 deposit in order to register. At this point you open a new browser window and login to - then go to Setup | Syndication | Shopzilla Feeds Enter the user name, password assigned to you by Shopzilla. You will be emailed by Zoovy when your initial batch has been uploaded. If an error occurs you will be notified via email, and a status will also appear in the online sy

[50786] : Syllabus: Syndication (Optional) Last Modified: Wed 28-Nov-2007 13:14 PST

Shopzilla PriceGrabber Yahoo! Shopping NexTag MySimon 1. Setup an account with the proper marketplace (e.g., Yahoo! shopping, PriceGrabber, etc). 2. Click on Syndication and the corresponding icon to the marketplace to which you would like to syndicate. 3. Enter your account information for that marketplace into the field provided. 4. If necessary, map your online store categories t

[50889] : Syllabus: Security and Trust (Optional) Last Modified: Wed 28-Nov-2007 11:24 PST

One way to increase sales and to start selling higher priced products is to increase consumer trust. This subject illustrates some methods by which you can provide a secure and professional web store. Once you have setup a HackerSafe account, you may add a HackerSafe logo under Setup > Site Builder > Site Theme: Sidebar. BuySafe is configured under Setup > BuySafe. According to "When you display the Verified Merchant Seal on your Web site, you increase your customers’ confidence th

[50768] : Syllabus: Product Creation Last Modified: Tue 27-Nov-2007 17:45 PST

One of the first things that you are going to want to do is create your products. You cannot run an online store without something to sell. Please take some time to create the items that you will be offering. This is pertinent before moving forward. The Product ID in Zoovy Warehouse Manager is limited to 20 characters. You will need to keep your Product ID below this limit. In some reports throughout Zoovy, the only indication of a product is by the Product ID. You may want to use a Product ID that you can recognize. The Product ID can be used to group some products together for shipping or promotion rules. If certain products are going to have c

[50544] : eBay Powerlister Concepts Last Modified: Tue 27-Nov-2007 13:27 PST

Marketplace:eBay (but supported by Zoovy) Definition:eBay PowerLister Fees:eBay Fees Apply (click here to learn more) To Register: The eBay Power Lister is designed to automatically list auctions as they expire. NOTE: The Power Lister trigger launch feature - which

[50353] : Customer Manager Last Modified: Tue 27-Nov-2007 13:26 PST

You can create a single customer by going to Utilities > Customer Manager and clicking the "Create" button. Using the Zoovy Order Manager for Windows you can add customers by going into the Customer Tool and clicking the "Create" icon. You can import large lists of customers using the Import tool which can be found in Setup | Import Tools. If you are a programmer you can also synchronize customer databases with other remote databases using the Zoovy WebAPI which can be found at You can edit a customer by going to Manage | Customers and then searching for the customer to edit. You can export a list of customers email addresses by going to Utilities > Customer Manager and clicking on the "List All Customers" link (found in the blue bar on the page). This will create a report of al

[50947] : Issue #160030: Why do I need to pay for Ebay bundle just to accept Paypal? Last Modified: Mon 26-Nov-2007 14:11 PST

I no longer want the ebay bundle. I tried to remove it but it removed my ability to accept Paypal. Paypal is the most widely used payment method on the Internet and not just for ebay auctions. Why do I have to pay for an auction bundle, which I don't need just to accept Paypal? Paypal Express Checkout (not Paypal IPN) is included for free with all accounts - and that is what is included with most other e-commerce solutions these days. I would recommend you schedule some implementation time to convert your account to express checkout. Supporting Paypal IPN and all of it's various ways of sending and receiving money requires significantly more technical support than a standard merchant account. We s

[50935] : Issue #159696: Google Checkout badges not appearing Last Modified: Mon 26-Nov-2007 14:07 PST

I have implemented all the things for google checkout and have completed a test order. Why isn't the google checkout icon appearing in the google searches that display my results. Anything else I have to do to get that to appear? In order for the checkout icon to appear in your Adwords you will need to link your Adwords account to your Google Checkout account. Here is a web doc that explains how to do this. You will have to process one complete sale through Google Checkout before the icons start showing on your Adwords.

[50969] : Issue #160650: Pop Up Theme image scaling Last Modified: Mon 26-Nov-2007 13:57 PST Image was originally uploaded and the quality of image wasn't great. So you uploaded better quality images with the same name. You are still seeing the same image that you previously uploaded. There is nothing is wrong per-se. There are two things you can do to fix this. Rename the image so that you are uploading a completely new image that never existed on the server. [[Hint]Our web servers will cache images for redundancy and speed. If you do not mind waiting for all of our cache servers to catch up you can leave this a lone for a few days and eventually the image will flip to the new image. You may also hold down shift and click on the refresh button

[50972] : Issue #160748: Error: eBay title not set, or autopilot wasn't running. Last Modified: Mon 26-Nov-2007 13:55 PST

Issue: Problem refreshing items see noted errors Error[#1]: eBay title not set, or autopilot wasn't running. I am getting this error now on my refresh on the default profile. Can you tell me what this means? It means you don't have the autopilot feature enabled in eBay syndication. The error is generated because you didn't implicitly configure an ebay title for your product and so the system won't "guess" and try and use the product name unless the auto-pilot feature is turned on.

[50967] : Issue #160705: Hiding Product Detailed Description Last Modified: Mon 26-Nov-2007 13:04 PST

I have used the Product Detailed Description: field for awhile now. The information I put in this field has always been sent to amazon and to my ebay listings. It would be better if it did not go to amazon. With eBay, the html wizard (template) determines which fields are "compiled" into the description - so a custom html wizard would solve this. With Amazon - the product detailed description is actually a standard field - and is definitely syndicated to Amazon. We will also search the field for WIKI formatted bullets and pass those as "feature bullets" I'm not sure what type of information you'd keep in the product record that isn't relevant to Amazon buyers or eBay buyers - my guess is that it's po

[50674] : Custom Site Themes Last Modified: Mon 26-Nov-2007 6:39 PST

The content for this page has been moved. You can find the relevant information here:

[50974] : Issue #161061: Sales tax not added to order Last Modified: Fri 23-Nov-2007 15:07 PST

Order# ORDER 2007-11-1234 the sales tax is not added to it in zoovy but the sales tax was charged to the buyer. I know that because I can see it in google checkout . The buyer has paid sales tax but its not reflected in the order. The product that was purchased is not flagged as taxable in Zoovy. Google does not have "services" so it (incorrectly) assumes that everything is taxable. You can easily enable taxable on all your products using the product powertool by setting the "zoovy:taxable" field to "1". This is something that support can assist you with if you'd like.

[50370] : Manage / Site Statistics Last Modified: Fri 23-Nov-2007 12:15 PST

The site statistics shows the number of hits to your website. Website Statistics, Page Hits, and Traffic are not available at this time. The functionality will likely return at some point in the future, but until that time we recommend that you integrate with Google Analytics. Google Analytics has many tools that will allow you to track your web traffic and conversion rate. Checkout the webdoc for Google Analytics here:

[50861] : Sales Frequently Asked Questions Last Modified: Wed 21-Nov-2007 15:17 PST

This document contains a list of commonly asked sales questions about Zoovy. Use the keys CTRL-F on your browser to search the document for keywords or terms, then cut and paste the customers question, and then our standard answer into the quote framework. Zoovy, Inc., founded in Jan. 2000, is a privately held software company that provides small businesses with e-commerce stores that generate online sales. Zoovy offers the only online formula designed for the way successful small businesses function, therefore providing business owners with the control and flexibility necessary to operate a successful online store. For companies new to the online market, or those looking to increase productivity, Zoovy is a “one-stop” source for small business Web storefronts. Zoovy gives small b

[50382] : Shipping Insurance Last Modified: Wed 21-Nov-2007 8:54 PST

Unlike Handling the Shipping Insurance feature allows you to prompt the customer to optionally purchase insurance. Insurance can be computed in a variety of ways including based on the weight, the total price, the total weight, or based on a flat fee per item. Insurance is calculated independently of the shipping method (Zoovy assumes that the shipping methods being offered do not include insurance) The rest of this feature is very self explanatory. Insurance fees can be in one of the following states: Not Used/Disabled. Included as part of the shipping total. Displays as it's own line item under shipping. In addition you may choose to make insurance either optional or mandatory. If you use the Paypal Instant Payment button on the checout you must have your i

[50381] : Shipping: Handling Last Modified: Wed 21-Nov-2007 8:53 PST

Handling fees for orders can be configured to be included as part of the shipping total or displays as it's own line item under shipping. *NOTE: If you combine handling as part of shipping - it cannot be reported on separately and may affect some aspects of reporting. Handling fees are applied to all shipping methods after the rules based shipping calculation. Handling fees are typically used to cover the packaging expenses and/or labor involved in assembling an order. You may enable as many handling calculations as you like, all methods will be summed together to arrive at the final handling total. You much have the Shipping Bundle on your account to use this feature. You can add this bundle by going to Setup >> Add/Remove Features. The "Shipping Bundle" includes: Customer Pickup Shipping Method - allow customers in selec

[50390] : Amazon Thesaurus Last Modified: Tue 20-Nov-2007 15:41 PST

The Amazon Thesaurus Profile is a feature of the Zoovy Platform that makes it easy to create and maintain relations between a merchants own products/categories and Amazons own Item Classification Thesaurus. You must use the terms found in Amazon's Online Classification Guide in order to successfully configure your Thesaurus. When dealing with Amazon it is critical to make sure your products appear in all relevant searches on the Amazon site. Amazon maps user search terms to a unified "thesaurus" of words so that you don't have to specify every possible keyword a person could search for, instead you simply have to pick the appropriate words from amazon's thesaurus and set those for each product you add to Amazon. Amazon then maps every single possible word a user could search for to a specific thesaurus word. As you might imagi

[50961] : Issue #159744: Correcting the Mysql "max_allowed_packet" error messages on Enterprise Last Modified: Tue 20-Nov-2007 15:39 PST

When running Enterprise sync manager I am trying to sync images and am receiving the error "packets larger than max packet are not allowed. I also cannot see any image in warehouse manager Here are the steps to correct the "Packet too large", "max allowed packet exceeded", or "packets larger than max_allowed_packet are not allowed" error messages. Make sure all Enterprise clients are disconnected and sync manager is turned off. On the database server type Start | Run | type "cmd" then at the dos prompt type "net stop mysql" Open a copy of notepad and navigate to C:\program files\mysql\mysql server 5.0\ and open the file "my.ini" search for a line t

[50964] : Site Publisher Last Modified: Tue 20-Nov-2007 13:52 PST

The site publisher functionality allows a Zoovy site owner to dictate when changes they have made to their site are visible to the public. Zoovy employs a sophisticated cluster architecture which allows a single website to be served by multiple webservers in multiple geographically diverse locations at the same time. Site Publisher allows a site owner to create a "snapshot" of their site, along with all configuration settings to a "package database" which is distributed and stored locally on each of the servers. This not only increases the reliability of the site dramatically, it also increases the speed (because data is served off local hard disks) and at the same time reduces the overall demand on the Zoovy backend. Publishing typically takes 5-10 minutes before sites are visible on the live production servers.

[50968] : XLSX Formatted Files Last Modified: Sat 17-Nov-2007 11:14 PST

Issue: csv upload with XLSX formatted files Zoovy Support can not read your XLSX formatted files. Please save your files that you want uploaded to a .csv or .xls format. We will not be able to do anything with .xlsx fomat.

[50966] : Issue #160712: Need to upload PHP script for building reciprocal link program Last Modified: Fri 16-Nov-2007 20:36 PST

Is there a way you can put this file under this? "" If I upload it to the custom file folder, it became: The link exchange will not allowed me for the URL. It has to start with "" Or, is there another way to link to custom file folder starting with ""? Please help. I'm sorry - but our servers don't run PHP, and even if they did you can't upload your own programs because they could take down our servers and/or violate security policies we have in place. The infrastructure which zoovy operates is considerably more sophisticated than a normal hosting/shell account. Zoovy operates multiple active-active data centers

[50963] : Issue #160454: The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy. Last Modified: Thu 15-Nov-2007 20:11 PST

Issue #160454: The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy. I have not changed a thing. All of a sudden they are not being uploaded. I don't know of any violations that I have done since they all worked in the past. The error you are getting is one that ebay is returning directly to Zoovy because of the "data" being sent. Zoovy sends a variety of data to ebay such as title, description, and attributes. Ebay, in it's infinite wisdom, takes all the field data (like product name and description) and jams it all together pulling out punctuation, spaced, formatting, returns, ect. Basic

[50962] : Issue #159911: Paypal charge doesn't match order total Last Modified: Thu 15-Nov-2007 18:59 PST

Why is and extra $6 being added to these orders? I'm having to refund the customer every time this happens. In your paypal account - you most likely have it configured to automatically add $6 shipping/handling to each transaction. If you need assistance then schedule some time to a member of our implementation team. While in the neighborhood you should also consider enabling the Paypal Express Checkout and disable the Paypal Legacy checkout - which offers a dramatically better customer experience. I've done some more digging, and it seems that the invoices that are affected are those orders done from our website and paid with paypal. It doesn't seem to be affecting eBay orders. At first glance it appears this is be

[50590] : WikiText Guide Last Modified: Tue 13-Nov-2007 20:15 PST

WikiText is the easiest way to maintain formatting and consistency across a vast number of authors and documents. Using WikiText instead of HTML insures that all text will seamlessly adhere to formatting requirements for marketplaces, syndication feeds, and templates thereby ensuring the most professional presentation. When compared to HTML you'll find WikiText is also considerably easier to learn, easier to read/edit, and guaranteed to avoid all the known issues surrounding embedded HTML tags. Possibly one of the most impressive properties of wikitext is that e

[50958] : Issue #160481: Ebay Insurance Did not Get Charged In Zoovy Checkout. Last Modified: Tue 13-Nov-2007 19:59 PST

The ebay auction is configured to require an international customer to pay for insurance. In this auction the customer agreed to pay the required shipping of $3.00 for an order total of $42.99. In zoovy the order is paid and there is no mention of the insurance. The customer only paid $39.99 which excludes the insurance. Ebay is displaying the shipping options correctly to the customers but the data did not come back to zoovy so therefore the customer did not pay the correct amount. So basically what's going on here is that the Zoovy insurance settings don't match the eBay settings. The field in the profile: ebay:ship_insuranceoption can be set to either "None" "Optional" or "Required". Zoovy can calcu

[50957] : Syllabus: LIVECHAT (Optional) Last Modified: Tue 13-Nov-2007 15:41 PST

LiveChat can be integrated with your Zoovy web store. This integration is currently in development. We are holding this space for a more detailed syllabus - coming soon For now, please sign up for a LiveChat account and get used to their interface. For more details on LiveChat consult the web doc below:

[50462] : Airborne Express Libra Last Modified: Mon 12-Nov-2007 15:24 PST

These export functions require setup of your Libra Software. Please consult your WorldShip/Libra Software Documentation for specific instructions on setting up your import settings. The Zoovy Order Manager makes it easy to import tracking information and export customer shipping data to the Airborne Express "Libra" software. Please consult While the synchronization process is a snap, there is some setup that requires the preparation of your shipping software to accept the exported files. Set up the Libra Software to accept a PRN file with the following fields. These fields must be in order.

[50486] : FedEx Ship Manager Cafe Last Modified: Mon 12-Nov-2007 15:22 PST

EFFECTIVE 1/1/05 -- THIS FEATURE IS DEPRECATED AND IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED. You may be interested in Support will be provided for EXISTING installations only, no support will be provided on new installations - in addition no feature requests will be implemented. Customers who ship via FedEx and are looking for the best integration should visit: Order Manager: FedEx Shipping for more information on the Native FedEx integration inside Zoovy Order Manager. This documentation/instructions is designed for FedEx Cafe Builds 2180. Newer builds of Cafe are dramatically different and are not compatible. Please do not contact FedEx for integration support on Cafe builds newer than 2180 (pretty much any version received after Nov 2004.)

[50954] : Issue #160329: SEO Company says "homepage.cgis" is bad Last Modified: Sun 11-Nov-2007 13:17 PST

We are working with an SEO company to help us be better ranked in search engines. They tell us that the name of our default page (homepage.cgis) is not a good default name for a home page as outlined in their comments below (after my note). They are asking if we can create a separate .htm page outside of the normal Zoovy structure that is a copy of our home page, but optimized for search engines. They would name this something like default.htm or the like. I am certain this is not permitted in the zoovy system, but wanted to just ask the question. Also I don't know what your stance is on the naming of the home page and why the filename "homepage.cgis" was chosen, but if this information is helpful I want you to have it. In addition, they are saying that because of our limited ability to affect the c

[50953] : Issue #160040: Can't find products using search Last Modified: Sun 11-Nov-2007 12:42 PST

I went to Zoovy to try and search for the following items: Zoovy Product #: "ST3400633A_USED" Search Terms Used: "Seagate 400 GB", "Seagate IDE 400 GB","B000H3CI1E" Zoovy Product #: "ST94011A_REF" Search Terms Used: "Seagate 40 GB", "Seagate IDE 40 GB","B000FL8U1U" Using the search terms listed above, I could not find these products through Zoovy search. The normal search is a substring search, not a keyword search - which means that you must type the text as it appears. If the Title is "USED 40 GB SEAGATE ST3400633A" then "40 GB Seagate" - works but "Seagate 40" does not... but you can also search for parts of a model number e.g. if the model # is ST3400633A and that is in the title then you can search for 633A and it will come up.

[50949] : Issue #160173 Last Modified: Wed 7-Nov-2007 0:53 PST

Issue: Google Checkout Question Platform: na Topic: other In the webdoc about google checkout, it states that "You've provided your public business website URL, and this URL exactly matches the registered URL in your Google Base account." does this url mean the URL? because I have another URL that more accurately reflects my business and the number of specialty websites that we have, and it is Can I specify this url instead? Please advise. thanks Sorry if it is confusing hopefully I can shed some light. "public business website URL" is the "" address you use for your website. Most customers do not use "" as their public website.

[50946] : Issue #109822: Converting Timestamps Last Modified: Sun 4-Nov-2007 12:40 PST

I'm trying to play around with our data. (In a duplicate of our database, not the live one.) I need to sort stuff into months, but I don't know how to convert your timestamp and created numbers into a date. I know I can go by the invoice number, but many times an invoice won't actually be paid for in the same month it was originally created. Converting the Epoch time in Microsoft access can be very difficult. You might find it easier with Enterprise - because MySQL has a "from_unixtime" function which can be run against the database.

[50945] : Issue #159971: Excel corrupts data when being imported Last Modified: Sun 4-Nov-2007 11:00 PST

Issue: Product Export Generating Return Characters Recently, the product Export function has been exporting any return characters that may exist within the product data fields. This looks to be an unannounced change from the earlier function, but I do not know how to import this into Excel now. When a product contains the return character, subsequent lines are in the wrong columns which would cause product corruption if it were to be re-imported. Even if I were to attempt to remove the return characters manually (which also disables WIKI), the ebay:attributeset field is still coming in with returns. I am actually not sure if the change happened in the Zoovy export function or if it was my upgrade to Office 2007 about a month ago, but it's only this week that I've observed the issue.

[50944] : AJAX Compatibility Last Modified: Sun 4-Nov-2007 10:19 PST

There is always a lot of misinformation regarding new technology. Often times people are speaking authoritatively about subjects they don't really understand, or worse you've got a person who understands it speaking to an audience which lacks the requisite level of background to really understand the issues. I'll attempt to clarify: AJAX is a acronym which describes an entire suite of technology, that are available via well over 250 different programming frameworks, each having it's own code patterns, etc. - so right off the bat that doesn't make AJAX search engine friendly, OR un-friendly - because it's all about the implementation of those technologies. Because AJAX requires Javascript, or Flash (or both in some cases) to implement it's functionality - and search engines have a hard tim

[50943] : Issue #159999: Image changes not propagating Last Modified: Sat 3-Nov-2007 23:12 PDT

I have updated as an image on my site. How long will it take for this image to propagate across all of your servers? To me these show as 2 different images: They show as the same to me. You might try shift refreshing, or possibly changing the image name. The caching servers shouldn't hold cache through a SHIFT -Refresh Zoovy returns HTTP headers that state the images will *never* change, we do this for Search Engine Optimization reasons, and have no intention of changing it - so don't ask. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS RENAME YOUR IMAGES IF POSSIBLE! Several larger (and smaller) ISP's now implement their own transparent caches which igno

[50942] : Issue #159810: Checkout appearing insecure / crossed-out lock since installation of Google Analytics Last Modified: Sat 3-Nov-2007 22:24 PDT

I want to have a Secure order form, where do I go from here? I need some sort of logos or something showing them that the page is secure when they are ready to checkout, it seems to NOT do that now. well I just reviewed it again, I do have logo's etc. but at the bottom it shows a CROSSED-OUT lock, then I highlight that and it says something like "warning unauthorized content" This is because you failed to properly follow the instructions when implementing Google Analytics. ANALYTICS DOCUMENTATION: Referencing ANY non-secure javascript include tags will make your checkout insecure. We recommend having Zoovy Implementation assist with the integration of ANY 3rd party javascript.

[50941] : Issue #159591: eBay International Shipping Countries not appearing Last Modified: Sat 3-Nov-2007 19:48 PDT

I have international customers claiming my ship calculator does not tell them the rate. Do I have a setting wrong? Its an issue with my international ebay buyers not being able to see a shipping rate. Which is costing me business daily. was the initial alert..... check any of my ebay auctions. If you change your location to Australia or Ireland etc....cannot see a rate. That calculator is an ebay calculator that they control when you setup your profile to use calculated rate shipping methods. Zoovy doesn't control anything about that calculator. That being said, you are correct that for some reason ebay's calculator isn't returning a value for some countries. Unfortunately I can't tell you why. You could certa

[50261] : Email Consolidation Last Modified: Sat 3-Nov-2007 18:25 PDT

A Fused account is any one of your email accounts that you have setup to be conslidated into your ZoovyMail account. This could be a POP3 email account, Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, or MSN email account. Keeping all of your email on ZoovyMail servers adds tremendous mobility and accessibility to your email. You can acesss your server-side email folders from anywhere in the world using your favorite email client. Best of all, any changes that you make to your mail folders are instantly recognized on all computers accessing your email. No longer do you need to worry about keeping your mail backed up on your computer. We fully back up all of our servers which hold your ZoovyMail email. If you've ever went through the painful process of moving your email and settings to a new computer, a ZoovyMai

[50939] : XCBL Order Format Last Modified: Fri 2-Nov-2007 4:41 PDT

xCBL is a common platform neutral format that zoovy can export order data into. xCBL is used by a variety of EDI gateway systems such as ] When xCBL orders are dispatched to an HTTP or HTTPS (recommended) URL then the payload is transferred in the "Contents" field. Effectively the same as if the following code was posting it: & lt;form action="" method="POST"& gt; & lt;textarea name="Contents"& gt;xcbl payload goes here& lt;/textarea& gt; & lt;/form& gt; & lt;Order xmlns:core="rrn:org.xcbl:schemas/xcbl/v4_0/core/core.xsd" xmlns="rrn:org.xcbl:schemas/xcbl/v4_0/ordermanagement/v1_0/ordermanagement.xsd" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="rrn:org.xcbl:schemas/xcbl/v4_0/ordermanagement/v1_0/ordermanagement.xsd ../schema/org/xcbl/path_delim/schemas/xcbl/v4_0/ordermanagemen

[50938] : Issue #159638 Last Modified: Thu 1-Nov-2007 15:44 PDT

Sizes not showing for ebay launches of these SKU's: 0A721D, OA718D , 0A719D, A702D Also should be displaying free shipping, but is not. Just a clarification, for example under the Channels tab for Sku 0a721D you see: 8056298 ACTIVE 1 320175103811 Recycled 0: eBay #320175103811 45-4021 White Lace Embroider Girl Formal Gown Dress 6X Insert into Launch Queue at 20071026150000 8056297 ACTIVE 1 Insert into Launch Queue at 20071026150000 320175103804 Recycled 0: eBay #320175103804 45-4021 White Lace Embroider Girl Formal Gown Dress 6X 8056296 ACTIVE 1 Insert into Launch Queue at 20071026150000 320175103797 Recycled 0: eBay #320175103797 45-4021 White Lace Embroider Girl Formal Gown Dress 6X All 3 auction titles have the size 6X when the sizes in the title should be 6, 5, and 6X We are listing these items from scratch, but seems like the system is automatcially recyc

[50937] : Remote Desktop Setup Last Modified: Thu 1-Nov-2007 14:13 PDT

Goto Start button then Control panel Open User Accounts Click Add User Make the username ZOOVYADMIN Password has to be configured for this user. A Zoovy tech will contact you for the password. Make sure the user is an Administrator Step 1 - Right-click My Computer, and click Properties. Step 2 - Click on the Remote tab Step 3 - click the Allow users to connect remotely to this computer check box Step 4 - Click Select Remote Users, and then click Add Step 5 - In the Select Users dialog box, type the name of the user and then click OK. Click OK again to return to the System Properties dialog box, and then click OK to close it

[50934] : Fulfillment Center Checklist / Cookbook Last Modified: Wed 31-Oct-2007 5:08 PDT

The following document is intended as a guide to assist Zoovy in recommending a fulfillment center for our BPP participants. Zoovy has a variety of companies that we have encountered and worked with. This questionnaire helps us select only the most relevant fulfillment centers which meet our clients needs, and also give us a framework for discussing alternatives. By selecting a "best match" based on your criteria Zoovy will be in a position to help ensure a successful deployment. Not all fulfillment centers are created equal, in fact we haven't found two that are even remotely similar. Zoovy has existing integrations with several dozen fulfillment centers. Let us leverage our relationships with these companies to make sure you get the best deal possible. What is your primar

[50936] : Issue #159712: Custom Attribute Name for eBay Store Categories Last Modified: Wed 31-Oct-2007 2:36 PDT

I want to use Product Power Tool to change the eBay Store categories on groups of listings. There are 2 eBay Store categories allowed for each listing, but my Custom Attribute list offers only one. How do I change the second one? CSV export doesn't seem to help as I have nothing in a second category, so the name for that second category doesn't export. I couldn't find any reference in WebDoc. The attribute for eBay category 2 is ebay:category2. If you need further assistance, or if you need more information on using the Product Power Tool, please schedule and Implementation Session.

[50379] : PriceGrabber Syndication Last Modified: Tue 30-Oct-2007 12:18 PDT is one of the leading online comparison shopping marketplaces. PriceGrabber has two business models: CPC - Cost per click (you pay for each click generated to your website). Storefront - they charge a final value fee similar to when an item sells. (At this point, only CPCs are supported.) Zoovy has arranged an exclusive introductory offer with PriceGrabber that let's Zoovy merchants sign up for only $25 deposit (rather than the usual $50). To benefit from this offer Zoovy merchants must use the following link to set up their PriceGrabber account...

[50932] : Issue #159422: Customer can't see their order in the customer portal / order history Last Modified: Mon 29-Oct-2007 8:51 PDT

The order history in the customer portal is what a client see's when they login to a hosted store. It displays order history so customers can track their order history. In order for this to work, customers must have an account on the website. Merchant received this: Hello, my order history is not operational; this order is not showing. The customer either created their account after placing the order and/or used a different email address to create their account - so the order is not associated with the account. If you are experiencing this issue, check for the solutions above - then please be sure to include the order # in the ticket.

[50933] : Issue #159405: Need to merge two customer accounts into one Last Modified: Sat 27-Oct-2007 20:30 PDT

Issue: when changing customer email - received ERROR: The email address is already in use by customer # Customer requested please change my username from my old email address: to my current email address: When I used order manager to find customer by email, I did. Then I pressed edit, but was unable to edit the customer email because the new email address already existed. What do I do? Lookup Write down the order #'s Delete the Change the email address from to Reassociate any orders that were written down to the new account I have written this down as a feature request (the abil

[50931] : Issue #159629: ScanAlert XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Vulnerability Last Modified: Sat 27-Oct-2007 18:41 PDT

Issue: ScanAlert XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Vulnerability Name WebApp Cross Site Scripting Category HTTP - Web Application Severity Medium High In PCI Impact Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Fix Difficulty Medium This does not provide the sufficient level of detail to do a threat analysis. I know there are cases where scan alert reports a false positive. Please attach the full report to this ticket. 26-OCT-2007 01:18 Overview Name WebApp Cross Site Scripting Category HTTP - Web Application Severity Medium High In PCI Impact Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Fix Difficulty Medium Description The remote web application appears to be vulnerable to cross site scripting (XSS). The cross-site scripting attack i

[50929] : Issue #159333: Unable to receive email Last Modified: Sat 27-Oct-2007 17:56 PDT

Issue: UNABLE TO RECEIVE E-MAIL ERROR TRANSFERRING TO MX.FUSEMAIL.NET; SMTP PROTOCAL RETURNED A PERMANENT ERROR 550 RELAY NOT PERMITTED ### Tech Notes ### I am able to send test emails from I am NOT able to send test email TO Email error: This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: ------ This is a copy of the message, including all the headers. ------ Return-path: Received: from by with esmtp (MailAnyone extSMTP zoovyinc) id 1Iiy92-0004Rj-0z for; Fri, 19 Oct 2007 15:08:32 -0500 Received: by

[50928] : Site Not Displaying Last Modified: Sat 27-Oct-2007 15:34 PDT

Issue: new partition not working not displaying I had setup a new partition and the Domains attached to that Partition are being redirected to Login to that specific Partition. Goto "Setup" > "Checkout Setup" scroll to the bottom of the page and click [save]. If you can not get to after this please submit a ticket to Support

[50927] : Issue #159661: Google Analytics Warning: Paths don't match Last Modified: Sat 27-Oct-2007 14:27 PDT

Issue: Google Analytics Warning: Paths to Don't Match Platform: na I got a warning from Google about my URL for my blog subdomain "". Where is this error coming from? Where is the URL listed ( being created? Does Zoovy automatically submit or create sitemaps? For Search Engine Optimization reasons - Zoovy automatically prepends a www. to all domains presented to google. This is because you setup your sitemap on Google to point at simply rather than -- change the sitemap url in your Google Analytics to have a www in the front. (this is probably due to the change with www. you requested)

[50926] : Issue #159170: Customer Can't Login after Updating Java Last Modified: Sat 27-Oct-2007 13:18 PDT

Issue: When I click "login" on the top site, the ID & PWD input small window does not a Platform: XP Topic: web_manager Recently when the Java application or others was updated, the logon window didn't open, So I can not log in zoovy. Please let me know how to open the the ID & PWD input small window Try using this URL to get in: Also, if that works for you, can you please take a screenshot of the standard login page and what is happening then you click on the button? I'd like to try and get this addressed for you , but will need a clear picture of that you are experiencing. Thank you. I tried to login from here but I could not to log in. You mentioned in you

[50822] : Syllabus: Bulk Product Changes (Optional) Last Modified: Thu 25-Oct-2007 14:12 PDT

You make changes to many products at once by using the Product Power Tool and the Option Power Tool. Selecting products in bulk Selecting attributes The Debug button Changes that can be made in bulk It is usually a good idea to preview before making changes. The Option Power Tool can be used to assign Manual Store Option Groups to a variety of products at once. The Option Power Tool is great for customers with Product Finders on their webstores. Schedule Training Appointment

[50807] : Syllabus: USPS Postage Thru Zoovy (Optional) Last Modified: Thu 25-Oct-2007 10:52 PDT

You can print your USPS postage through Zoovy Order Manager by integrating it with Endicia Dazzle. In order to print USPS postage you will need an Endicia Dazzle account. You can obtain this account at Establishing connection to Dazzle. Tracking and Delivery Confirmation. Automatic emails. When you have successfully printed out Endicia Dazzle postage for an order through Zoovy Order Manager, you have completed this training topic. Schedule Training Appointment

[50698] : Order Manager Release Notes Last Modified: Sat 20-Oct-2007 12:48 PDT

This document contains a detailed list of changes to the order manager software. You should always review this document prior to installing a new version. FIXED: buySafe bond was copying into both orders during order split. FIXED: fixed runtime error which occurs during order split FIXED: orders view is substantially faster (especially in enterprise) FIXED: missing option description on items purchased from ebay FIXED: tracking number was cut off at 26 characters rather than 31 characters. IMPLEMENTED: added upc and box size fields for custom packing slips and invoices. FIXED: Data Reader Error whe

[50798] : Syllabus: Wholesale Feature Set (Optional) Last Modified: Wed 17-Oct-2007 9:54 PDT

With Zoovy you can assign special pricing and privileges to a group of specific customers or for a specific marketplace or specialty site. This feature requires the addition of the Wholesale Bundle which may be an additional charge. Configure pricing schedule. Wholesale price per product. Assigning a customer to a wholesale schedule. Quantity pricing. You must have the Wholesale Bundle to let other retailers sell your products via the JEDI suply chain feature. Test any wholesale schedule that you build. Schedule Training Appointment

[50299] : FedEx Last Modified: Wed 17-Oct-2007 9:18 PDT

Zoovy supports all popular FedEx services. There's not a lot of configuration that can go on except for the handling charge. The handling charge can be either a fixed price like $1.00 or a variable +%10, which would add ten percent to the quoted shipping rates. Some people use the handling charge to accommodate the weight of the boxes and packing materials, others use it to cover both supplies and employee time. If you need to add an insurance fee, or other charge based on the total of the order then use global tuning in conjunction with FedEx shipping. To link FedEx shipping on your Zoovy Merchant web site to your FedEx account, enter the account number here. If you do not have a shipping account with FedEx, you will need to contact them at Or call them at the following numbers: U.S. Customer Service: 1-800-463-3339 U.S. International Customer Service: 1-800-247-4747 U.S. TDD

[50762] : Syllabus: Domain Hosting Last Modified: Mon 15-Oct-2007 5:25 PDT

This is basic training for transferring or forwarding a domain name to your Zoovy online store. Before you go into this training, please ensure that you have completely and correctly filled out your Company Information found under Setup > Site Builder. What are you trying to do? I am registering and purchasing a brand new domain through Zoovy. Go to the I am transferring my domain from another host (such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.) to Zoovy. Go to the I am pointing a domain from another host (such as GoDaddy, Network S

[50755] : How to Edit Your Policies Last Modified: Sun 14-Oct-2007 19:44 PDT

The policies that appear in a variety of places throughout your account are all found in the Company Information area. Your Company Information is edited under Setup > Site Builder. Your policies can be changed in one place. Click on Setup in the primary navigation. Click on Site Builder. Click on the Edit link adjacent to Company Information. This tells you how to edit the About Us page on your website. Click on Setup in the primary navigation. Click on Site Builder. Click on the Edit link adjacent to About Us.

[50857] : New Domain Survival Guide Last Modified: Sun 14-Oct-2007 19:26 PDT

This guide is intended to help you register a new domain in Zoovy. Use this guide if you do not currently own a domain and wish to purchase one directly through Zoovy. 1. Setup Zoovymail. 2. Register domain. 3. Configure domain. It is very important that you complete each step and complete them in the proper order. Did you fill out your Company Information completely? You should have done this back when you were doing the basic setup of your account, but double-check just in case. Go to Setup > Site Builder and Edit your Company Information. If this is not filled out, you are not going to be able to complete the following steps. A newly registered domain will appear in your Zoovymail acco

[50609] : Selling Internationally Last Modified: Mon 1-Oct-2007 15:51 PDT

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of auctioning your items internationally? You may be worried about the money conversion rates, shipping, payment, or communicating with the bidders. The positive thing about auctioning internationally is that you have the opportunity to bring even more people to your Zoovy store. Once your Zoovy store has been setup to accept international customers, you can tap into a brand new market at minimal cost. If you decide to accept international orders, clearly indicate payments in the form of money orders, cash, or checks must be in U.S. dollars or your country's standard currency. If you fail to state this, you may have to convert the money into another form of currency and pay the

[50915] : SOG Import Utility Last Modified: Thu 27-Sep-2007 13:37 PDT

The SOG import utility found under Setup > Data Import Utility can be used to transfer Store Option Groups from one account to another. It is very unusual to need to do a SOG import. Make sure you do not really want to do a product import before trying a SOG import. This is feature should be used with extreme caution. It was never intended for customer use. Please contact technical support before attempting a SOG import on your own. Backup your existing store option group by viewing the XML file and saving it. Browse to the XML file you intend to use. Upload the XML file.

[50770] : Syllabus: Order Processing Last Modified: Thu 27-Sep-2007 13:12 PDT

This is a training on the simple but elegant order processing in Zoovy. All orders appear in the Recent tab first. Think of it as a checklist of things you need to take care of (e.g., ship, collect money, etc). This is where you want most of your orders to end up. It means the order has been paid for and shipped. This is the other final resting spot for orders. It means that the order will never be paid and never be shipped. Zoovy does not charge you for orders moved to Canceled. These are two optional statuses for the steps that you take to get an order shipped and paid.

[50697] : Zoovy Warehouse Manager Release Notes Last Modified: Tue 25-Sep-2007 12:58 PDT

This document contains the changes for warehouse manager. It is recommended that you read this document before downloading any new release of the software. FIXED: "Could not find Image" error when adding image to a sub-folder. FIXED: Runtime error "argument out of range exception" index in length must refer to a location within a string error when accessing image library. This version has been tested and is known to work properly with Enterprise. FIXED: Received an "Object not instantiated" error while clicking on the web page tab when editing a product. FIXED: Deleting a product would not delete the inventory record. FIXED: Deleting an image folder would not synchronize the delete to the web. FIXED: Image would not be downloaded when ed

[50870] : Verisign/Paypal Payflow Pro Last Modified: Mon 24-Sep-2007 10:47 PDT

Zoovy supports the Paypal Payflow Pro gateway (formerly Verisign Payflow Pro). Zoovy does not support Payflow Link. The management interface is located at 4 Pieces of information are required: Username & Password is the username and password you use to login to the management interface. Partner: This is typically either "verisign" or "wfb" (Wells Fargo Bank) Vendor: Vendor is generally set to the same as the Username field. Paypal Payflow Pro allows restricting of requests to allowed IP addresses. The IP addresses that Zoovy utilizes for outbound requests are: ] These IP addresses may change in the future - without notice.

[50599] : Diskspace Billing Last Modified: Fri 21-Sep-2007 10:08 PDT

If you are under 10% of your product or disk space allotment then you will get a charge for $0.01 on your bill with a warning that you should either delete some products/images or you will be billed the following month. Provided you come in lower the next month you won't get billed anything other than the $0.01. For LEGACY 1.0 accounts the following limits apply: gold accounts thats a 500 product, or 10mb overage, for silver thats a 50 product or 5mb difference. For 2.0 ACCOUNTS the following limits apply: There are no limits for 2.0 accounts, you pay $19.95 per 1,000 products OR 100mb of disk space whichever is greater. The first 1000 products and 100mb are included with all accounts. NOTE: You do not pay any disk space fees provided your base fees are less than your 2% final value fee.

[50128] : Merchant WebAPI subscribe.cgi Last Modified: Thu 20-Sep-2007 15:51 PDT

This API provides a quick and easy way to add customers to the mailing list. It is designed to be transparently called by another CGI or Flash element because it returns XML rather than HTML. For an HTML version simply use the form. merchant - the zoovy username fullname - the fullname of the person subscribing e.g. "John Doe" email - the email address of the person subscribing. All responses are sent back in XML as follows: & lt;?xml version="1.0"?& gt; & lt;subscribe& gt; .. contents .. & lt;/subscribe& gt; The contents will either be an & lt;error& gt; tag containing an error message, or a & lt;success& gt; tag containing a successful response.

[50605] : Channel Survival Guide Last Modified: Tue 18-Sep-2007 15:42 PDT

Channels are a type of data communication that allows information from your Zoovy store to be securely transmitted to a marketplace. A marketplace is a website where commerce is performed, or a service is rendered. By creating a channel to a marketplace you are giving the marketplace permission to create one or more incomplete sales in your store. Incomplete sales are special types of products that have a designated purchaser (such as an auction winner) and a unique price (such as a high bid). By creating a channel to a marketplace you also agree to pay the marketplaces fee structure, and abide by their acceptable use policy. The goal of the channel system is to provide a common interface for managing many types of listings (not just auctions). By understanding channel management you can quickly take advantage of new marketplaces as they come online without needing to learn a new interface. E

[50902] : Tickets Tab Last Modified: Tue 18-Sep-2007 13:32 PDT

The tickets tab allows you a ticketed support system similar to the one used by Zoovy Support. You will need the CRM bundle in order to use this feature.

[50913] : Windows Tricks, Tips, and Tools Last Modified: Fri 14-Sep-2007 17:44 PDT

Start>>Run Type Control and hit Enter will bring up the control panel To map a network drive you will need to either know the computer name or IP address of that specific computer or server. Following these steps below will assist you in setting up a Network Drive. Goto Start then Run and type "\\" (Computer\Server IP address) or type "\\computernamehere" (Name of computer or server on the network) A window will pop open of the computer in question with all shared resources on the specific machine. In that explorer window goto Tools>>Map Network Drive>> You will see a window pop Open. You will need to specify a drive letter (Any letter will do as long as you can remember which letter relates to which share) Then you can either

[50129] : Developer Overview Last Modified: Thu 13-Sep-2007 17:29 PDT

This content has been moved. New content can be found here:

[50875] : Amazon Bundle Overview Last Modified: Thu 13-Sep-2007 13:12 PDT

This feature allows you to complete your Amazon orders and track your inventory in the same central location that you use to complete orders from EBay or any other Zoovy supported marketplace, including your webstore. Zoovy makes it easy to comply with Amazon's charge when shipped policy. By printing your postage in Zoovy Order Manager, your tracking is automatically populated into your order. That information is then transported into your Seller Central account, letting Amazon know that the order has been shipped and therefore you are paid. Amazon is one of our strongest marketplaces at this time. The transaction takes place on Amazon. This means that shipping and payment is configured not in Zoovy but in Amazon. The shipping rules that you configure in your Zoovy account will not affect your

[50909] : Brian's Update Last Modified: Tue 11-Sep-2007 10:59 PDT

Hello, I just wanted to take a second and thank all the customers who have been so incredibly supportive with all the recent system updates - your feedback is highly appreciated, especially the "warm fuzzies" we've received all morning. You know it's important to realize that a lot of things have been changing over here at Zoovy in the past year. Probably the most notable event was in January where David Steel our former CEO decided it was time to pursue other opportunities. David and I founded the company back in 2000.

[50906] : Sales Comparison: StoneEdge Order Manager vs. Order Manager Last Modified: Mon 27-Aug-2007 12:47 PDT

StoneEdge Order Manager is a competitor to the Zoovy Order Manager. This document is intended to provide a line by line comparison for discussion between the two systems. Zoovy does not support integration with StoneEdge Order Manager. Zoovy provides a free, and in many ways superior desktop client entitled Zoovy Order Manager. The cost of maintaining StoneEdge support - considering the extremely limited number of users that would utilize it's features makes it infeasible. Zoovy has never installed, downloaded, or otherwise compared our software. We prefer to add features based on our customer's requests, not line by line comparisons of what our competitors are doing. StoneEdge is limited because it needs to accomodate the limitations of many different e-commerce platforms. It's sort of like the difference between getting a do-it-yo

[50614] : International Support for Non-US based businesses Last Modified: Mon 27-Aug-2007 11:06 PDT

Zoovy does not currently provide full services for non-US based businesses. We continue to see limited demand in that area, and now accept International clients who agree to specific provisions. Zoovy may NEVER add International support, both the upfront and ongoing costs of Internationalizing a product as robust as Zoovy is substantial, it also hampers future development thereby making our current customer base less competitive. Non-US based businesses should be aware of the limitations described within this document. At this time Zoovy only supports US Dollars as currency as a standard feature. However limited deployment of displaying foreign currency rates is now available, and is available on a limited basis (requires custom product, category & cart pages). Within the Zoovy platform all computations

[50255] : Webmail - General Last Modified: Tue 21-Aug-2007 6:15 PDT

By outsourcing your email you can focus on your core business and rid your company of the expense associated with having your email in house. Using a business class email service offers features and functionality not available in non-commercial email platforms, in addition to an overall increased level of professionalism, anti-virus and spam protection. The platform Zoovymail is built upon (called Fusemail) has a 99.999% uptime guarantee. FuseMail takes many precautions to insure service continuance including world-class physical co-location in Ashburn, VA, server farm redundancy via multiple load balanced traffic, and a support staff monitoring all aspects of the service 24 x 7 x 365 days a year. Zoovy selected the Fusemail platform to provide busines

[50729] : SpecL Overview Last Modified: Mon 20-Aug-2007 13:24 PDT

SpecL – Specification Language (pronounced “Speckle”) The purpose of the SpecL is at it's core to conditionally load, format and immediately display dynamic variables inside HTML. List Specifications or “Specs” for short are used within the Zoovy platform anytime where data must be iterated (looped) through. The original version of this syntax was based on a variable interpolation engine which grew organically and as such became very complex, difficult to manage, and it's performance eventually suffered. Some of the idiosyncrasies of SpecL reflect it's humble beginnings and the limitations of it's predecessors. Specifically certain behaviors have been preserved in SpecL to maintain backward compatibility, not because they necessarily make sense. For readability the SpecL syntax is designed to be familiar to users of javascript, php, asp, or perl. However SpecL is not related to any of those languag

[50900] : Finder Last Modified: Mon 20-Aug-2007 11:16 PDT

A Finder is a predefined set of search parameters which will allow your customers to easily find what they're looking for. For instance, a dropdown list of 'genres' to help your customer find what toy they're looking for. Or checkboxes of 'colors' to allow them to find clothing of a specific color. Finders can also contain multiple search parameters and types, such as clothing style as a dropdown and color as checkboxes. That way the customer can search for hats that are red, blue or khaki. A 'product finder' is different than a finder. A product finder is used in the Zoovy interface to allow merchants to find and select product to appear in a given list or category page. [SECTION[Adding a finder to your store]] In order to use a finder, you must be using a theme or layout t

[50898] : Experimental Features Last Modified: Wed 15-Aug-2007 9:50 PDT

Periodically you may see a feature in Zoovy (particularly in the backend web manager interface) with a note that looks something like this: This feature is currently EXPERIMENTAL - please do not use without consulting support. This is intended to tell you, the user, that this feature set is currently in a development phase and not intended for use at this time. It can also mean that it is in beta testing (either internal or external). If it is a feature that you would like to use, or be willing to beta test, you can always send Zoovy Tech Support a note to that purpose and we will inform you if we are taking names for beta testing of the feature. Implementing an experimental feature without express agreement of support can have serious consequences to your account. Quite often these are placed into the user interface for te

[50888] : Syllabus: Startup Package Last Modified: Tue 14-Aug-2007 9:51 PDT

This is syllabus is for Startup Package Merchants only. While the needs of every customer vary, these general topics are likely to apply to nearly every Zoovy user.This overview is intended to be your guide through the Zoovy learning process. Go through the topics in the order they are presented. Review the syllabus list regularly for features that are available to Zoovy users. Those marked as "Optional" are not necessary for your success with Zoovy, but may assist you as your business grows.If, after a training session, you find that you don't fully comprehend a topic listed on the syllabus, be certain to follow up by reviewing the Zoovydocs or scheduling another trainin

[50882] : Supply Chain Order Processing Last Modified: Tue 14-Aug-2007 9:39 PDT

This document will give you some tips on how to use the Supply Chain feature to best accomodate your business. Supply Chain orders are dispatched to your supplier when they are marked as PAID in your orders database. The order will then appear in Utilities > Supply Chain Management > "Supplier" > "Supplier" Orders. Every supplier has a special orders section under Utilities > Supply Chain Management. This is where orders assigned to that specific supplier will appear. There are two sections on the supplier's orders screen: This is where a new order for the supplier will first appear. This means the order is queued up to be dispatched. Once an order is actually dispatched to your sup

[50613] : Guide to Launching Auctions Last Modified: Tue 14-Aug-2007 8:27 PDT

Using Zoovy you create auctions by first creating products, then creating channels from those products. After an auction closes Zoovy will automatically contact the winning bidder for an auction (you can customize the message sent), the winning bidder is brought back to the store, at which time the bidder can buy additional items from your store, add additional auction items they've won, or proceed through checkout where their billing, shipping, tax, and payment information is collected. At the end of the transaction an invoice is generated and mailed to both you and customer. You can manage the invoices using the Zoovy website, or using the Zoovy order manager. Click on setup Click on company profile Click on eBay template not set Select a HTML Wizard Click on exit

[50887] : Known eBay Issues Last Modified: Mon 13-Aug-2007 10:35 PDT

We had some HTML Wizards, as well as three of our newer HTML Wizards (sirius, isotope and brandx) and some older custom layout had a hard coded text link for Zoovy Instant Checkout link that was not working correctly. We've correct this and it should now list to ebay with a viable link (08/13/07). Listings prior to this can be refreshed. If you are using an older custom HTML Wizard layout, please notify Zoovy Technical Support. We are dedicated to serving you to the best of our abilities. We regretfully have to inform you regarding an error in shipping rates being reported by eBay and given to Zoovy. After eBay updated their shipping API to be complaint to the USPS rating system Zoovy custome

[50702] : Odd Behaviors Last Modified: Wed 8-Aug-2007 15:33 PDT

Every platform has a few odd behaviors and questions, this is our list. Here is what is most likely happening: The sorting of your category is take 5+ seconds to complete. When you add or remove a product the category sort is done then. The visual confirmation that a product was added/removed happens instantly (but the sort is still happening on the backside) When you make the next change the first sort isn't done, and so when it finishes, it overwrites the subsequent changes you made .. in computer terms this is called a race condition. There are several things you can do to minimize/mitigate this issue: 1. manually sort categories. 2. wait 5+ seconds between product adds (when working in the same category), especially on categories

[50894] : FedEx Insight Last Modified: Mon 6-Aug-2007 15:40 PDT

What is FedEx InSight? It's a Web-based application that enables you to view the status of your inbound, outbound and third-party shipments without a tracking number. All you need is your account number and/or company name and address. You can see information about the status of your shipments so you can more effectively manage your supply-chain processes. FedEx InSight also proactively notifies you by email, fax or wireless of significant shipment events, such as clearance delays, delivery attempts, releases, consolidated proof of delivery and delivery prealerts. FAQ
[50637] : CRM Bundle Overview Last Modified: Sun 22-Jul-2007 19:40 PDT

CRM or "Customer Relations Management" is a term used to describe features which offer personalization for customers. Zoovy has a variety of CRM features built into the platform. In additional a superset of features are also available in the CRM bundle. The CRM Bundle includes: Email Newsletter Management, Rewards Program (not yet available) and Customer Notes. There are a variety of marketing tools you can use for CRM including simple and rules based promotion capabilities, affiliate marketing, the techniquesinvolved in creating coupons, and more. Zoovy makes it easy to generate reports of your customers through the customer management feature. In addition you can import or export customer records from your websit

[50318] : Configuring Product Pages Last Modified: Fri 20-Jul-2007 17:05 PDT

Each time you create a new product, the default Zoovy page layout (page flow as we call them here) is selected. At any time, you can change this to better accomodate this particular products needs. Wide, Long, and multiple picture formats are available. Can't find a flow that meets your needs? Talk to your salesperson about having a custom flow designed. Currently, there is no way to specify your default product page layout. Login to your account at Click on the Products tab. Click on the product you would like to modify. Scroll down and click on the 'Design Web Page' button. From this list, choose the appropriate flow by clicking on the thumbnail. Your change will automatically be saved.

[50727] : Welcome to Zoovy! Last Modified: Thu 19-Jul-2007 15:38 PDT

Congratulations and welcome to Zoovy! This brief introduction should help you build your Zoovy account, but it is by no means intended to replace the usual training process. Please be certain to schedule a training session as soon as you've decided to go with Zoovy. To schedule training, click on the Support link in the upper right corner of your Zoovy account. On the next screen, click on the Schedule Appointment link, next to the picture of the mouse. The times that appear are available appointments. Click on the slot that is convenient to you. Your personal business consultant / trainer / implementation assistant / project manager is waiting for you. Even if

[50873] : Supply Chain Overview Last Modified: Thu 19-Jul-2007 7:50 PDT

Zoovy's Supply Chain functionality allows you to send an order to a supplier automatically, update your inventory automatically from a remote source and calculate shipping based on a supplier's location as opposed to your location. Order Delivery is a basic part of Supply Chain. There are several ways of delivering an order, depending on your business model and specific needs. If you have setup Supply Chain with another Zoovy store, you may use what we call "JEDI" (or Just Easy Data Integration). This means that your order is automatically sent over to the other Zoovy store for fulfillment. It is the easiest form of Supply Chain. JEDI integration is only for sending an order from one Zoovy store to another Zoovy store.

[50874] : Shipping Bundle Overview Last Modified: Thu 19-Jul-2007 7:31 PDT

The Shipping Bundle allows you to accomplish a variety of special scenarios with the way you calculate your shipping. If you calculate all of your domestic shipping one way and all of your international shipping another way, odds are you will not need the Shipping Bundle. It is when exceptions or special handling or insurance options come into play that the Shipping Bundle becomes necessary. You can calculate shipping through Zoovy and even print airbills without the Shipping Bundle. The Shipping Bundle is only necessary for special shipping scenarios. The Shipping Bundle allows you to use Zoovy's system of shipping rules. Shipping rules are exceptions to the way shipping is normally calculated. It provides a very flexi

[50878] : Auction Bundle Overview Last Modified: Thu 19-Jul-2007 7:31 PDT

The Auction Bundle gives sellers advanced tools for creating, maintaining and improving their listings on EBay and OverStock Auctions. Powerlister is a tool for automatically re-listing your auctions not by time intervals but by situation. You can designate a combination of conditions that will reflect the manner in which you list your auctions. This is a popular feature for merchants who want to ensure that they always have a certain set of products up on eBay regardless of when the listing ends. The Batch Channel Launcher allows you to select a group of products and launch them all at once. It is the tool of choice for merchants who want several hundreds, even thousands, of simultaneous listings on eBay.

[50593] : MySimon Syndication Last Modified: Tue 3-Jul-2007 19:36 PDT

MySimon is the shopping arm of, and offers paid placement Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising services to merchants. To utilize syndication to this marketplace you will need to have the cross selling bundle on your account. First login to and go to the syndication tab. Click the "MySimon" logo Click the "Categories" tab along the top. You will need to map your Zoovy store categories the MySimon category taxonomy. Once you have done this then create an account at During the account creation you will need to provide the HTTP location of your feed file: The URL is: (replace USERNAME wit

[50594] : NexTag Syndication Last Modified: Tue 3-Jul-2007 19:31 PDT

NexTag is a Cost Per Click (CPC) marketplace located at To generate a NexTag compatible feed with Zoovy you will need to have the Cross Selling Bundle on your account. Always thoroughly read documentation and instructions provided by the marketplace when configuring any syndication. You need to register for an account at, after which you will be given a username and password. Put the username and password in Zoovy. On one of the screens while signing up you will be asked how you would like to deliver your products to NexTag, choose the 3rd option (Have NexTag come and pick up feed file) and provide the feed file location to NexTag. The feed file location will be[username].[profile].txt. Don't forget to substitute

[50862] : Supply Chain API Integration Documentation Last Modified: Wed 27-Jun-2007 18:59 PDT

The zoovy supply chain bundle allows a merchant to establish one or more supplier profiles. There are multiple types of prof A supplier profile is referenced by an 8 digit alphanumeric code, which is then put product attribute zoovy:virtual with the type separated by a colon e.g EXAMPLE:API -- where EXAMPLE is the supplier id and API is the type. Zoovy sends order notifications via a REST based API. Two parameters are sent: Method=Order& Contents=[xml order payload] The response is un-important, but it must be of content-type text/xml. Anything other than text/xml will result in the order being retransmitted. For more information on the XML payload please read: Zoovy sends shipping notifications via a REST based API. Two parameters ar

[50805] : Syllabus: FedEx Labels Thru Zoovy (Optional) Last Modified: Thu 21-Jun-2007 15:54 PDT

You can print FedEx airbills through Zoovy Order Manager. In order to print FedEx airbills you will need an FedEx account. You can obtain this account at Establishing connection to FedEx. Tracking. Void FedEx package. Automatic emails. For international shipping, Commercial Invoice Print and Upload Flag submits electronically to FedEx. Additional labels or paperwork is not printed or necessary. When you have successfully printed out a FedEx airbill for an order through Zoovy Order Manager, you have completed this training topic. Schedule Train

[50458] : SMTP Error Codes Last Modified: Wed 20-Jun-2007 11:27 PDT

The first step in troubleshooting an SMTP mail problem is to determine the type of error you are receiving when synching. This will be a number between 10000 and 15000. The exact code is very important because each code has a different meaning useful in troubleshooting the problem. Comcast Users: Comcast is currently limiting outbound SMTP traffic to a small number of messages per connection. When you reach that connection limit, Order Manager will generate a 1005x error and terminate your smtp connection. If you are using Comcast, you will need to purchase a seperate SMTP transport service. Zoovy does provide this service; please check out Zoovymail or contact your Account Executive for more information. A comprehensive matrix of SMTP debug errors is provided at the end of this

[50538] : Syndication Last Modified: Fri 15-Jun-2007 6:21 PDT

Registered Merchants can submit products to, the largest online shopping search engine. If you have not enrolled in the Merchant Program to go to reaches more than 10 million likely buyers every month through and through alliances with major portals and search engines including AltaVista, EarthLink and Lycos. With our cost-per-click model and our online CPC management tool we can be your most effective and efficient sales driver. Before you can use you must first register with dealtime. In order to register you must fill out a form online, and then be called back to verify your authenticity as a merchant and the types of items you will sell. To start the registration process you should click on the "Register" link next to dealtime in the channel creation. Always tho

[50890] : Advanced Order Import Guide Last Modified: Tue 12-Jun-2007 15:44 PDT

Please note: This is an advanced feature and requires that you first schedule training before you submit a technical support ticket. If you are a new Zoovy merchant and wish to use this feature, please schedule training. Place one attribute in the following format in each column of the header to denote which field you will be saving, the import process is case sensitive. Also remember that spaces are not allowed between each header column. Example CSV File: #ALLOW_CRLF #GROUP_BY=%EMAIL #STATUS=COMPLETED #DECREMENT_INV=Y %EMAIL,%FULLNAME,bill_address1,bill_city,bill_state,bill_zip, bill_phone,%SKU,%QTY,%DESCRIPTION,%PRICE,payment_method, order_notes,%SHIPPING_COST,"Joseph Chou","123 Some Street",Springfield,MG,12345, 555-555-5680,TEST,20, "This is the test description",9.84,"IMPORT", "Ord

[50852] : Zoovy Fundamentals Last Modified: Mon 11-Jun-2007 15:12 PDT

If you do nothing else, these are the topics that every Zoovy merchant should have comprehension of in order to be successful. There are many functions and features beyond this list in Zoovy. This list is intended only as a convenience for what is the basic required knowledge for using the product. If you do not know the fundamentals, you will probably not be successful with Zoovy. Take advantage of our Web Docs and Implementation Specialists to get up to speed ASAP.

[50645] : Zoovy System Architecture Last Modified: Mon 11-Jun-2007 7:23 PDT

This secure information policy was prepared by the Zoovy systems engineering staff and is intended to provide adequate disclosure to facilitate an evaluation of Zoovy infrastructure. Because this is a publicly disclosed document dealing with security policies it is intentionally vague. Our equipment is located at the ComplexDrive Data Center in San Diego ( Zoovy utilizes two Cisco VXR7200 series switches to handle inbound traffic in an HSRP fault tolerant configuration. We currently have two connections to the Complex Drive network which plug into opposite ends of the ComplexDrive network. (The Complex Drive network connects to multiple upstream providers and has no single point of failure).

[50837] : Syllabus: Webstore FAQ (Optional) Last Modified: Thu 31-May-2007 16:11 PDT

Zoovy allows you to add a robust FAQ to your webstore. Create an FAQ topic under Utilities > Frequently Asked Questions Add in any relevant questions to that topic Under Setup > Site Builder assign a page layout to the Returns page that calls in an FAQ Schedule Training Appointment

[50794] : Syllabus: Supply Chain (Optional) Last Modified: Thu 31-May-2007 16:05 PDT

In this training, you will learn how to use Zoovy's Supply Chain Management feature. Supply chain encompasses a series of features which can be enabled individually or in combination: Supply chain can email or fax an order to a supplier automatically. Supply chain can place an order to a supplier on your behalf when your inventory reaches a certain threshold. Supply chain can calculate shipping for specific products based on the location of that item. Supply chain can use your supplier's inventory numbers to automatically update your products. You will first need to configure your suppliers under Utilities > Supply Chain Management. Go to Utilities > Supply C

[50806] : Syllabus: UPS Labels Thru Zoovy (Optional) Last Modified: Thu 31-May-2007 16:03 PDT

You can print UPS airbills through Zoovy Order Manager. In order to print UPS airbills you will need an UPS account. You can obtain this account at Establishing connection to UPS Online Tools. Tracking. Void UPS package. Automatic emails. When you have successfully printed out an UPS airbill for an order through Zoovy Order Manager, you have completed this training topic. Schedule Training Appointment

[50783] : Syllabus: Site Builder Last Modified: Thu 31-May-2007 16:00 PDT

Site Builder is where you go to modify much of the content of your online store. All the pages of your online store can be modified under Setup > Site Builder. Click on Setup in the primary navigation. Click on Site Builder. Parallel to the page you would like to modify, click on the Edit link. Find the section of the page that you would like to change and click on the Edit link next to that section. The Site Theme determines the overall look and feel for your online store. The font, colors, and buttons are all determined by the theme. A page layout tells Zoovy how you would like the content of that page to be displ

[50840] : Syllabus: OverStock (Optional) Last Modified: Thu 31-May-2007 15:59 PDT

OverStock Auctions provides an alternative to EBay. Authorization token Auction template Zoovy integrates with OverStock Auctions. This is a specific part of Syndication Launch Channel You must configure your Auction Template before you can successfully submit products to OverStock. Your Auction Template is configured under Setup > Company Profiles. Schedule Training Appointment

[50802] : Syllabus: Options (Optional) Last Modified: Thu 31-May-2007 15:54 PDT

This is advanced training for product creation that requires the use of options. It is not required for all Zoovy customers. In Zoovy terminology, "options" refers to any choice the customer makes upon purchasing an item. For example: different sizes, colors, engraving, gift wrap, etc. If you do not need options on your products you may safely skip this training topic. There are several different kinds of Options in Zoovy. The way that you set up your options can affect the marketplaces that you syndicate in. For example, in order to get on Amazon you want to use inventorial Store Options. Product Options are created in the product, under the Config Options button. Use product options when you've got a u

[50809] : TODO List Last Modified: Thu 31-May-2007 15:51 PDT

The Zoovy To Do "TODO" list tracks outstanding tasks that you need to complete such as correcting errors, or responding to support tickets. Upon login if there are any tasks in your todo list then the "TODO" button in the upper right hand corner will flash. By clicking on the "MORE" link to the far right, you can add your own Tasks to your To Do list. When you have accomplished a task, set it as completed. If you find that a task is no longer necessary you may remove it from your To Do list without completing it. Be sure to schedule an Implementation Appointment so that one of our Zoovy technicians can assist you with getting through the To-Do List. To sched

[50317] : Product Edit Last Modified: Wed 30-May-2007 10:48 PDT

This document will provide an overview on how to edit products in the Product Editor interface on the web, and includes a detail of each section of this functionality. When editing a product through the web interface, you'll notice that the page is divided into sections. The 'General Information' section is at the top and always open. Below that are several others which can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the triangle to the right of the section header. Note: depending on your account level, some of the options listed here may not be available. There are several ways to add a new product to your Zoovy store. You could create a new product, clone an existing, use a csv import, or use Warehouse Manager

[50863] : New Nameserver Configuration Last Modified: Tue 29-May-2007 7:41 PDT

Zoovy will be updating our network to utilize a new set of IP addresses at midnight on March 31st, 2007. This includes the IP addresses for our primary nameservers NS.ZOOVY.COM and NS2.ZOOVY.COM. Before reading this document it may be helpful to know whom is the current registrar of your domain. Please follow the steps below to identify your registrar. Step 1. Go to Step 2. Scroll down to where it says "WHOIS Lookup" Step 3. In the "WHOIS Lookup" field enter your domain name Step 4. Click the "WHOIS" button Step 5. The next page that is generated will be the WHOIS info for your domain Step 6. Towards the top locate "Registrar:" Step 7. This will tell you who your registrar is If

[50709] : Troubleshooting Tips Last Modified: Tue 22-May-2007 6:37 PDT

Here are some friendly tools to help you, help support troubleshoot your problems As an added bonus please review Step 1. Log into you web manager Step 2. Go to support Step 3. Open up a new support ticket by clicking on Ask Question Step 4. For an existing ticket scroll down to all open ticket and click on REVIEW/UPDATE TICKET Step 5. Scroll to the bottom of the ticket and click the Paper Clip Icon Step 6. Browse for your file on your local computer Step 7. Once you have found the file click add attachment Step 8. Once file is attached click done Step 1. Hold the [Alt] button down and then click [Print Scrn] button Step 2. Go to the

[50884] : 6.080 Zoovy Order Manager Error - Could not load type 'Zoovy.Common.ZUser' Last Modified: Mon 21-May-2007 15:43 PDT

If you have upgraded to ZOM version 6.080 and are seeing this error message: ************** Exception Text ************** System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'Zoovy.Common.ZUser' from assembly 'Zoovy.Common, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. Here is what you need to do to correct this error: Step 1 - Uninstall version 6.080 (and any other ZOM versions) from the Add/Remove Programs Panel Step 2 - Reboot your machine Step 3 - Reinstall 6.080 If this does not resolve the error please open a ticket with Zoovy Technical Support. Thank you.

[50883] : INTERNAL TEST Last Modified: Mon 21-May-2007 12:55 PDT

This is a hint This is a caution Step 1 Step 2 This starts a new paragraph. use this to create a section inside a section. description of link description of tag description of search query

[50886] : Web Page Window Title Bar (Meta Tag Title) Last Modified: Wed 16-May-2007 13:18 PDT

This document covers how Zoovy builds the window titlebar for a web page and how you can adjust this display. In Zoovy the window title bar (i.e. title meta tag) for a page is built from a combination of 2 components: 1. Website Title 2. Page meta title information This is configured in Setup > Checkout Setup > Website Title. This field cannot be blank and is global to your account currently. While it cannot be blank, you can fill the field with a single "space" character to make it appear blank. Alternately some people use a more generic, non-store specific message here, something like "Great Deals on" that is filled in with the second half of the title (below).

[50745] : Import/Export Tips Last Modified: Thu 10-May-2007 16:41 PDT

This page is dedicated to providing helpful tips when importing and exporting in Zoovy Step 1. Go to Reports Step 2. Go to Inventory Reports Step 3. Click on Export to CSV Step 1. Go to Utilities. Step 2. Go to Product Export. Step 3. Click on Export to CSV. If this is your first time or you have not received training on importing / exporting, please consult with support before doing any import. Any corruption to your database is billable by support to fix.

[50497] : Reports - Dashboards Last Modified: Thu 10-May-2007 16:30 PDT

Dashboard reports summarize data and display trends in an easy to understand format. Currently only one dashboard is available, however many more are planned in future releases. Even the single sales dashboard, combined with the filters can produce some incredibly powerful data to help you analyze your business and make better decisions. Select a "From Date" and a "To Date", and then select the "By" field and select either Day, Week, or Month. The By field designates how the data will be grouped together and summarized as. Filters allow you to select which data will appear on the reports. Using filters you can display the same dashboards but only include certain fields such as sales from new customers, or only sales that include ebay products, or multi-item sales. For more information on using filters refer to the f

[50494] : Reports - Filters Last Modified: Thu 10-May-2007 16:29 PDT

Filters allow you to control which data appears on a report. Using a combination of filters in a specific order you can craft a dashboard that displays virtually any metric you'd like about your business. Filters can be saved. To create a filter you simply select one or more filters from the list of Available Filters (each filter is described in detail below), in order for a particular order to be included on the report it must match every filter added. Simply select a filter from the list of Available Filters, provide the necessary addition criteria (e.g. if you select order total you will need to enter it if you want order totals greater than, or less than a certain amount). Once you have added a filter you can remove it from the list of filters by selecting it in the list of Current Filters and clicking the "Remo

[50808] : Reports Overview Last Modified: Thu 10-May-2007 16:27 PDT

Zoovy contains various reporting tools. Online at you have access to the web-based reports. In Zoovy Order Manager, you have the Dashboard Reports. You can also utilize three party reporting tools such as Google Analytics and Terapeak.

[50332] : Inventory Reports Last Modified: Thu 10-May-2007 16:23 PDT

An inventory report is simply a list of all items you currently have in inventory. To export your inventory please do the following Click on reports Click on export to CSV Under the manage tab on your web manager, there are some inventory reports you can run to see which items do not have inventory enabled, which are reserved through channels, the total value of your inventory, etc. Performing occasional spot checks of these inventory reports can assist in the smooth operation of your store.

[50706] : Profiles Last Modified: Thu 10-May-2007 7:27 PDT

Profiles provide a mechanism for tracking separate company info. Configuration profiles store information such as contact information, about us, returns policy, email messages, and much more. Each profile may have a unique wrapper, pricing schedule, and root category, company logo, etc. You may have an unlimited number of profiles, and you may associate an unlimited number of domains to each profile. Products also reference profiles to load their policy information for transmission to marketplaces. Profiles can be used to create separate policies for different domains. This means you have the ability to have a different look and feel for each domain. Profiles can also be used so that you can launch to eBay with different policies. Log in to your account at Click on the setup tab Click on the company profiles l

[50877] : USPS International Service Changes Last Modified: Wed 9-May-2007 15:54 PDT

The United States Postal Service is making major changes to its international mail retail products. First-Class Mail, Priority Mail and Express Mail will now be included in the international product portfolio for retail customers. USPS has more information about the details of these changes at this address. There will be an increase in the rates for First Class Mail. Merchants that have weight based shipping built out for first class mail will need to review the rate increase and make changes as appropriate. Feel free to schedule an appointment if you need assistance with this issue. USPS has a PDF of all the new rates at As of May 14th, USPS wil

[50720] : Sidebar Option Last Modified: Tue 8-May-2007 9:52 PDT

The sidebar function in themes allows you to automatically display pre-defined service provider logos on your web site. The sidebar feature is also used to add information to the HEAD section of your website. There is a predetermined set of logos available to you which can be enabled/disabled through the chooser. Currently, all your stores share the same sidebar, so you can not configure the logos per specialty store. Log in to your account at Click on the setup tab Click on the site builder link Click on the sidebar link next to the site theme prompt Use the left/right arrow buttons to move logos into the 'Selected Logos' area Use the 'Move Up' or 'Move Down' buttons to change the order Save your changes

[50158] : Unified Syntax - Element Attributes ( advanced ) Last Modified: Tue 8-May-2007 5:59 PDT

The elements and attributes described on this page are among the most complicated and advanced in the system. If you do not have a good understanding of the Zoovy syntax, you should read the beginner and advanced docs before trying to implement the items on this page. Furthermore, any ticket that you submit regarding these features requires a member of the design or development team and the general support team will not likely be able to assist you. You should specifically state in your ticket the issue you are having, the element and element ID in question, which feature from this page you are using, and what you are trying to accomplish. This will make it easier for the designer/developer to track down and address what is happening. By default, outputskip is turned off on every element. When you enable it, you are letting

[50880] : AOL ERROR: Mailing Zip is blank. Last Modified: Sun 6-May-2007 13:05 PDT

Receiving the following error: "Warning: AOL ERROR: Mailing Zip is blank" (or similar) Go to Setup > Site Builder > Company Info. Enter your Zip code and click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen. A lack of Company Information can cause numerous problems throughout your Zoovy account. Please always be sure to take a few moments to fill out these few brief fields found under Setup > Site Builder > Company Information: Edit.

[50358] : Site Builder - Gallery Page Last Modified: Wed 2-May-2007 15:29 PDT

The Zoovy Gallery provides a list of all auctions which are currently being tracked by Zoovy. You can edit the appearance of the Zoovy Gallery by going to Setup > Site Builder and clicking on the Edit link parallel to Gallery. If you would like to include a link to your gallery in your auctions you should link to (be sure to replace username with your username!) Items will automatically appear in your Zoovy gallery page. The gallery will display all channels which are appropriate for a gallery view. You can limit the results to a specific marketplace by linking to where NAME is the name of a marketplace, such as ebay, ebaystore, bidfields, etc.

[50647] : UPS WorldShip Last Modified: Tue 1-May-2007 14:10 PDT

Effective 1/1/06 -- this feature is deprecated. No support will be provided on new installations - in addition no feature requests will be implemented. Customers who ship via UPS should visit: for more information on the Native UPS integration inside Zoovy Order Manager. DEPRECATED FEATURE: These export functions require setup of your WorldShip Software. Please consult your WorldShip/Libra Software Documentation for specific instructions on setting up your import settings. The Zoovy Order Manager makes it easy to import tracking information and export customer shipping data to the UPS "WorldShip" software.

[50828] : Amazon Uploads Report Last Modified: Fri 27-Apr-2007 14:52 PDT

The Amazon Uploads Report is found under Syndication > Amazon > Uploads. This report will only automatically update if you have configured your Amazon Merchant ID. Your Amazon storefront will only show the products that syndicate to the channel you signed up on Amazon for. Any products syndicated to Amazon outside of this category will result in not showing up in your storefront. Also any products with parent/child relationships only the Parent will show up in Amazon not the child or options of that parent product. You cannot enter your Merchant ID until after you have successfully syndicated at least one product to Amazon from Zoovy. O

[50449] : Sending Email Last Modified: Mon 23-Apr-2007 8:23 PDT

The Zoovy Email Manager displays a list of all emails that are pending and that have been sent. Pending Emails can be deleted, sent items have already been sent and therefore cannot be deleted because they serve as a permanent record of all customer communications and act as a basis for future communications. To email through order manager, you must have your SMTP settings correct. For more information, please check the setup page. To email a customer individually, highlight the customer and right click your mouse. Select email customer, then select a default message from the list. Edit the message to suit you, then hit the send button. To send multiple emails, follow the same procedure: highlight multiple orders and select "email customer". Important: You must enable "email notification" in order for this feature to work. From the

[50872] : Ebay Store Syndication Log Last Modified: Mon 23-Apr-2007 7:17 PDT

This document will introduce the Ebay Store Syndication Log and a general overview on how to interpret it. Basically for every attempted launch of a product you will usually see three lines of log that should be grouped together: ~~~~~~~~~~ WARN Z60-2140-5 RESULT[5] Sorry, insufficient inventory QTY: 0 - RESERVE: 0 <= 0 Sun 22-Apr-2007 22:20 PDT WARN Z60-2140-5 Inventory mode [1] qty=0, res=0, loc= for merchant/Z60-2140-5 Sun 22-Apr-2007 22:20 PDT WARN Z60-2140-5 VER=2f / PRODTS=1177003654 / STORECAT=2713589 / EBAYCAT=15687 Sun 22-Apr-2007 22:20 PDT ~~~~~~~~~~ The first column will tell you the type of message. The "WARN" flag are the ones that you should be concerned with, as these are entries that could be errors causing launch failure. A status of "WARN" wi

[50780] : Product attribute "ebay:duration" Last Modified: Fri 13-Apr-2007 8:56 PDT

Product attribute "ebay:duration" is used to set the auction duration for any launch. Auction duration when sending a product to ebay is pulled from two places: product and profile. There is a "heirarchy" of precedence for these two areas. If the duration is set at the product level, in the product attribute "ebay:duration", then this setting will override any launch duration set at the profile level. If the product does not have a duration set, then the profile setting will be used and the product attribute will be set with this duration and next time will use the ebay:duration product level attribute. If you want to determine which products have a current ebay:duration set, you can do an export of that field for all products in: Utilities > Product Export. For just a single product or few

[50748] : Training Syllabus: Payment Options Last Modified: Thu 12-Apr-2007 17:14 PDT

You can enable/disable select payment options for your store. These settings are global and cannot, through the standard interface, be edited per profile. The information in this field is used during checkout to let your customer know who their checks should be made out to. There are several different types of payment options available that you can enable for domestic, safe international countries and all international countries. Some of these payment types allow you to add a special handling fee which will be applied to the order and appear on the invoice. Wire transfer also allows you to display special instructions to your customer once that method has been selected during checkout. Check on Delivery and Cash on Delivery

[50215] : Understanding Channel State Last Modified: Tue 10-Apr-2007 10:54 PDT

Each channel is assigned a unique number, and each one contains a unique state. With each dispatch request the channel id, the data, along with a channel state is passed. (Actually to conserve bandwidth, the data is only passed in certain states when appropriate). In certain cases you will need to update the channel state, for example when a new listing is receive it must be set from "Pending (P)" to either Active (A), Existing (X), or Error (E). This document is targeted at both internal zoovy, and 3rd party client developers who are launching channels, as well as marketplaces who are processing channels. Pending] [P] Pending simply means a channel is waiting for dispatch, or more importantly confirmation of a dispatch so it can be moved to Active or Existing. When you receive a channel state of P you will find that it also contains the data from the channel.

[50781] : Product Corrupt - exceeds 1mb Last Modified: Tue 10-Apr-2007 8:44 PDT

Do not copy and paste text into Zoovy from Microsoft Applications. This may cause encoding errors. MS Applications are notorious for having hidden characters. These hidden characters will cause your product record to exceed 1MB. If this happen your product will be deleted. If you desire to copy text into Zoovy, paste the copied text into an application called TextPad. By using TextPad, the hidden text will be removed. Paste the content you want in Zoovy into TextPad first, then copy the content from TextPad and paste into Zoovy. To download TextPad, please do the following. Step 1 Go to the following URL

[50592] : Overstock Auctions Last Modified: Mon 9-Apr-2007 15:45 PDT

Overstock Auctions is hosted by Zoovy customers will not be charged insertion fees through December 31, 2005. There is a 5% closing fee for all sold items and all reserve and upgrade fees apply. Overstock Auctions can be used as both a channel, and syndication. If the listing is launched as a channel it will NOT be syndicated. is one of the Internets leading e-commerce sites, and is in the top 25 of the Internets most visited sites. Coupled with their amazingly successful "it's all about the O" advertising campaign Overstock is receiving unprecendeted levels of buyer interest. They need your products! Overstock has publically stated they believe eBay's fees are too high, and that they believe that eBay's fees will continue to be high until another player can

[50312] : Inventory Updates Last Modified: Wed 4-Apr-2007 13:36 PDT

Using the CSV import utility in Setup/Inventory makes it possible to update your inventory with a simple spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. The format for this file is simple. In the first row of the first column place %SKU, in the second column first row, place %INVENTORY. On each subsequent row of the spreadsheet you will put the actual SKU or product ID and the actual inventory count. To import your updated inventory, go to Setup -> Data Import Tools and scroll down to select inventory. If you are simply performing an update, do not select the options. Next locate the CSV file you created by using the browse button. Hit the load from CSV file button. There are two options available for the CSV Inventory import: Enable inventory for each SKU imported This should only be done on a first time

[50866] : Browser Type Support Last Modified: Mon 26-Mar-2007 8:45 PDT

Currently Zoovy is focused on supporting IE, Firefox/Mozilla, and Safari. We will add AOL support as a possible future enhancement request. This document refers to the management user interface, NOT the websites produced by it. The compatibility of a website is determined by it's own HTML code and specific functionality (e.g. AJAX) - and can vary from site to site. Support for AOL becomes very difficult in many cases because they set their own rules and conventions. Many times these rules are different than those set by the largest market share browsers (IE and Firefox). In order to provide you with the best features for your web presence, we try to adapt the newest stable trends internet/browser functionality. Unfortu

[50865] : Alexa Toolbar Webpage Information Last Modified: Thu 22-Mar-2007 13:42 PDT

Alexa ( has a toolbar that some merchants find useful. This toolbar is not direct supported by Zoovy, not is Alexa a current partner. As such, any issues with their functionality falls under 3rd party integration and BPP policy. One of the main features of the Alexa toolbar is their "Info" button. This will display information such as contact name, address, phone number, email address, and site statistics for the web page currently being displayed. This information is pulled from InterNIC by Alexa. The problem is that usually your information will display with Zoovy's contact information, rather than your own. You can read more about it here: To address the information that Alexa displays in that information area (as instructed in the url abo

[50867] : Western Union Bidpay Last Modified: Tue 20-Mar-2007 12:18 PDT

BidPay is available under payment methods (Setup > Payment Methods > Special) as a payment type, however, we are unable to reconcile when you receive money. BidPay does not offer any sort of integration for companies like Zoovy (they only work with auction sites, not with e-commerce storefonts). Bidpay requires a large amount effort to reconcile payments manually, and will almost certainly hurt your sales.

[50668] : Guide to Zoovy Jargon Last Modified: Mon 19-Mar-2007 14:24 PDT

We apologize, this is still a perpetual work in progress. If you have a question about a term please ask your account manager. A & nbsp; B & nbsp; C & nbsp; D & nbsp; E & nbsp; F & nbsp; G & nbsp; H & nbsp; I & nbsp; J & nbsp; K & nbsp; L & nbsp; M & nbsp; N & nbsp; O & nbsp; P & nbsp; Q & nbsp; R & nbsp; S & nbsp; T & nbsp; U & nbsp; V & nbsp; W & nbsp; X & nbsp; Y & nbsp; Z & nbsp; Active

[50273] : Batch Channel Wizard Last Modified: Mon 12-Mar-2007 9:48 PDT

The Batch Channel Launcher is used to create multiple EBay or OverStock listings at once. The Batch Channel Launcher is found under the Products tab, in the left column. It is a good idea to be comfortable with launching channels individually before you attempt to use the Batch Channel Launcher. Batch channel launcher is intended to launch large batches of auctions at one time. To make the most of this tool, you should consider using the product power tool to set your HTML auction templates. Select your destination marketplace

[50860] : Duplicate Page Last Modified: Mon 12-Mar-2007 8:25 PDT

[50608] : Auction Etiquette Last Modified: Thu 8-Mar-2007 14:22 PST

If a bidder has any questions that have not answered in your product's description, they can e-mail you for more information. To be as professional as possible, answer these questions in a prompt and formal manner. Not doing so will turn away interested bidders. Check your e-mail frequently during an auction to ensure that an individual has sufficient time to bid. You can add information to an item's description at anytime during an auction. So, if bidders seem to be asking the same questions about an item, you can add the answer to your description. If you are not getting the desired response or have changed your mind about selling an item, you can end an auction before the specified closing date. However, you must remove each person who has bid on the item, one at a time. Depending on the number of bids re

[50118] : Attributes - ZOOVY Last Modified: Thu 8-Mar-2007 7:51 PST

Active: this list is still under development TAG NAMESPACE DESCRIPTION zoovy:prod_name product the product name, used as the header on the website, and the default title when launching auctions. zoovy:prod_desc product the products short description (or ONLY description in some cases) zoovy:prod_detail product the products detailed description - this may contain HTML formatting zoovy:taxable product either a Y/N or 1/0 to represent if the item is taxable zoovy:prod_image1 product a URL or image library collection name which represents the primary image for the product

[50859] : Link Domain Survival Guide Last Modified: Wed 21-Feb-2007 13:48 PST

This guide is intended to help you with the steps in linking a domain from another host to your Zoovy webstore. Use this guide if you already own a domain and wish to host it elsewhere but still have it point to your web store. 1. Setup Zoovymail. 2. Change your nameservers. 3. Link domain. 4. Configure domain. It is very important that you complete each step and complete them in the proper order. Did you fill out your Company Information completely? You should have done this back when you were doing the basic setup of your account but double-check just in case. Go to Setup > Site Builder and Edit your Company Information. If this is not filled out, you are not going to be able to complete the following steps.

[50845] : Amazon Settlement Reports Last Modified: Fri 16-Feb-2007 10:55 PST

The Amazon Settlement Report gives you a breakdown of each of your orders, items and the fees associated with each order. By reviewing this report, you can get a detailed picture of your sales for the reporting period from Amazon as related to the deposit in your account. The report opens differently in Internet Explorer vs Firefox. See each section for steps to download in your choice of browser. Step 1 - Go to Syndication > Amazon > Settlements. Step 2 - Click on the Report you wish to view/download. Step 3 - The file will open within your browser window. Step 4 - Go to File > Save As. This will save as a TXT file. Step 5 - Open the file in Excel. Step 6 - Proceed to the section below on Formatting Your Report. [[CBC]Downloading Settlement Report - Internet Ex

[50766] : Recent News Last Modified: Mon 12-Feb-2007 8:36 PST

This document will explain the Recent News and how to find updates on Zoovy's status and latest releases. The Recent News is the first thing you see when you log into your Zoovy account. It is always a good idea to look at the Recent News in case anything has changed. Some users bookmark specific pages within Zoovy rather than logging in with every new session. This may cause you to miss important updates and may cache old information in your web browser. Always log out when you are done working in Zoovy and log in when starting a new session. The first thing you see when you log into your Zoovy account is the Recent News. The Recent News consists of updates, status messages and new features. It is always a good idea to take a moment and read the Recent News. Read Re

[50643] : Zoovy System Security Policy Last Modified: Mon 12-Feb-2007 8:18 PST

This secure information policy was prepared by the Zoovy systems engineering staff and is intended to provide adequate disclosure to facilitate an evaluation of Zoovy infrastructure. Because this is a publicly disclosed document dealing with security policies it is intentionally vague. We will provide additional detail only after an approved confidentiality agreement has been received. All transmissions of sensitive information is done over SSL using a 128bit certificate. Secure data is stored on servers based on internal addresses which do not have outside routes. Multiple levels of hardended systems and ip filters are designed to strictly regulate where traffic can go on the network and which applications can access which data. Onsite backups are stored in a locked cabinet in a secured data center with limited employee access.

[50110] : Buy Me Button Documentation Last Modified: Mon 12-Feb-2007 6:33 PST

Buy me buttons are used as an easy way to add items to a Zoovy shopping cart from a remote site or an HTML email. The easiest way to obtain a copy of the html that can be used to generate a 'buy me' button is to use the wizard. Log in to your account at Click on the 'products' tab at the top In the left menu, select the product in question Scroll down to the 'tools' panel and open Push the 'show html' button under the 'Buy Me Button' heading Copy the form html and paste into your html Using the HTML code in the examples below, you can allow users browsing a site on any server on the internet to add items to a shopping cart in your Zoovy store.

[50149] : Flash Tools Last Modified: Wed 7-Feb-2007 11:30 PST

Most of the flash based elements use variables for things like username and the product id. Place the following four read only elements at the top of any wizard you create to make sure the necessary variables are set. Paste the following object tag into the HTML of your Wizard for the flash based shipping calculator. This piece of flash is 500x160, so keep in mind your Wizard must support a fairly wide object. There are several parameters that can be passed into the flash to change the color scheme. Be sure to change t

[50597] : Affiliate Tracking and Compatibility Last Modified: Thu 1-Feb-2007 17:07 PST

There are two ways to configure an affiliate tracking software in Zoovy. The first is to a use a third party software like Commission Junction, Yahoo / Overture, or virtually any third party provider. The second is to use the built in referrer tracking in Zoovy, and keep track of your own commissions. Any provider which allows you to electronically submit an order number, and amount should do the trick all these programs perform soft tracking, which typically involve placing some hidden code on the last page of checkout, in order to do this you'll need the WEB bundle on your account. Soft checking, although very common is also very susceptible to fraud. If you plan to use a soft affiliate program, you should plan on auditing your program on a weekly basis to ensure your affiliates are not ripping you off. Fraud usually occurs in

[50251] : Guide to Custom HTML Wizards Last Modified: Thu 25-Jan-2007 13:35 PST

An HTML wizard can include information from the merchants profile, from the product being used, and from the channel it is being created in.& nbsp; HTML Wizards typically combine data like the product name, description, along with merchant shipping policy, and payment details.& nbsp; The Zoovy Product Manager comes pre-packaged with many HTML Wizards which are classified as either SIMPLE or ADVANCED. For the merchants that have special requirements, or just want their very own look, Zoovy provides a method for creating custom HTML Wizards. NOTE: If you remove the email address from any of the pre-formatted HTML Wizards, the system will remove your customer service email address from your company information. Please select an HTML Wizard that does not contain a field for your email address if you do not wish to include your

[50843] : Add Credit Card Logo to Store Last Modified: Wed 24-Jan-2007 17:14 PST

This web doc will provide the steps necessary to add credit card logos and other logos to your website [TAG]discover=1000] If you have a custom theme please ask your designer for assistance with adding credit card logos to your webstore. Step 1 Click on setup Step 2 Click on site builder Step 3 Under site theme click on the sidebar link Step 4 Select the logo from the available logo list Step 5 Use the right arrow to move the selected logo to the list of selected logos You can only select one logo at a time. Meaning you can't select multiple logos at once and move them from the available to selected logos list in one move. You will

[50846] : Disable eBay Syndication Last Modified: Mon 22-Jan-2007 12:07 PST

If you are not familiar with the product powertool; follow up with either support or an implementation engineer. If you decided to independently use the product powertool to make changes to your website and those changes negatively impairs your website you may be billed by support or developers to resolve. 1. click on utilities > product powertool 2. select the products 3. select custom attribute from the drop down menu 4. type in the blank text box ebaystores:ts 5. choose the option set value 6. set the value to -1 7. choose option products and channels 8. uncheck preview before making changes 9. click on save

[50582] : Troubleshooting - Generating a System Info file Last Modified: Thu 18-Jan-2007 19:53 PST

The system info file provides technical support with a summary of software and operating system patches that have been installed and/or are currently running on your computer. Click the 'Start' icon on your desktop Scroll to 'All Programs' Go into 'Accessories' and then 'System Tools' Select the "System Information" program Go to the 'File' menu Select the 'Export' option Give the file a descriptive name and save it to your desktop Open a browser and go to Open the existing ticket for the issue that tech support requested this file on Attatch the file and upload

[50767] : Setting Up / e-OnlineData Last Modified: Thu 18-Jan-2007 17:07 PST

This document focuses specifically on configuring your gateway. You do not need to fill out your username, password, and transaction key. You need username and either your password or transaction key. For new accounts, the username that is requested is not the username that you use to log into your account. It is the Merchant ID, found under Settings in your account. You can not issue a partial credit within the first 24 hours. If you try to issue a partial credit it will be considered a full credit until the transaction settles. It takes 24 hours for a transaction to settle with When issuing a credit within the first 24 hours; we will send the request to as a credit but they will

[50535] : Intuit Quickbooks Compatibility Last Modified: Wed 17-Jan-2007 16:22 PST

Quickbooks is the #1 small business accounting application. Zoovy is the only eBay Certified Developer who is also a Quickbooks premier partner. Zoovy was featured as a key application in the Intuit 2003 Developer conference. Zoovy offers full synchronization support for invoices, sales receipts, customers, inventory and products with Intuit Quickbooks. Simply load the Zoovy Order Manager and click "Synchronize". Zoovy will do the rest, including creating products and customers in your Quickbooks database. Zoovy uses the Quickbooks COM interface for versions 2002, 2003, and 2004, so there is no risk of data corruption (unlike a variety of other programs which use the non-supported and risky IIF method).

[50575] : Shopping Cart Details Last Modified: Wed 17-Jan-2007 10:29 PST

Products will remain in the shopping cart up to 30 days. Zoovy uses a combination of cookies, and server side rewrites and therefore does not require cookies, provided the wrapper is designed correctly. If you designed your own wrapper, or use any absolute links in your website design then your site will require cookies. Cookies are used to track customers carts as they move throughout a merchants site. When operating in a cookieless mode, Customers can purchase one item (or multiple incomplete [auction] items), without cookies and proceed through checkout without issue. They can also add any item which is on the shopping cart page, however if the customer does not have cookies they will not be able to purchase other items available throughout the website, unless it is all done from the cart page. [[SECTION]How many products can be placed in a shop

[50640] : eBay Checkout Redirect Last Modified: Mon 15-Jan-2007 14:39 PST

eBay Checkout Redirect is a new way for eBay Buyers to pay Zoovy sellers for their eBay items. With Checkout Redirect, after an eBay Auction, Fixed Price, Store Listing, or Second Chance listing is finalized and the buyer clicks the "Pay Now" button they are automatically transported to an eBay-ified version of the Zoovy checkout. This feature is automatically enabled for all 2.0 customers. We encourage you to watch the video presentation to see an example of how this feature appears to the consumer. When a buyer is paying via Checkout Redirect there is no need for them to provide their email address, the "Pay Now" functionality goes directly into the Zoovy checkout. If multiple products are won, then all non-checked out items will be merged into a single cart together. If one or more products has non-inventoriab

[50842] : Export Customer Information Last Modified: Mon 15-Jan-2007 13:40 PST

This section will illustrate the different ways you can export your customer information "List all Customers" Is a report you may generate from your Zoovy web interface that gives you a list of all your customers. This report does not include the customers physical address or purchase history. The information provided in this report is Email, Full name, if the customer has Opt In into your Newsletter & last Modified date. This report should not be used to create a customer list for bulk or electronic newsletter mailing Step 1 Log into the web interface Step 2 Go to Utilities Tab Step 3 Click on Customer Manager Step 4 On the blue horizontal line for reports click "List all Customers" Step 5 This will gen

[50367] : Search and Search Results Page Last Modified: Mon 15-Jan-2007 13:33 PST

Each Zoovy site comes with a search, and search results page. Both pages can be edited using the website builder and can be customized per profile. Products which do not appear in any navigation categories will not appear in search results. This includes products that only appear in hidden categories. If you need to include a link to a promotional coupon on your website, then consider creating a hidden category, and using a buy me button to link to the product (since a buy me button doesn't actually put a product into a category) The products that appear on the Search Results page cannot currently be sorted. A search within a specialty store will only return results for product that are in that store. If the top level category of the specialty store

[50841] : Sorting Products on Website Last Modified: Thu 11-Jan-2007 14:18 PST

This web doc will walk you through the steps of how to sort products on your website. Step 1 Click on setup > site builder Step 2 Go to website navigational categories Step 3 Click edit next to the desired category with products Step 4 Go to product listing Step 5 Click edit for product listing Scroll to the top of the page Step 6 Change the sort products by option All options will be automated by the system except for Default / Manual Sort option.

[50701] : Zoovy Order Manager Help Last Modified: Tue 9-Jan-2007 18:05 PST

If you are attempting to do something specific in Zoovy Order Manager please use the Zoovydocs as your guide. You may also wish to schedule a training session with one of our Zoovy technicians. If you are experiencing a problem with the normal operation of Zoovy Order Manager, please open a support ticket. Did you take Zoovy Order Manager training? Zoovy Order Manager can be tricky to use. If you have not had training on Order Manager, you may want to schedule a training appointment before going forward.

[50347] : Site Automation Last Modified: Mon 8-Jan-2007 9:11 PST

Automated Behaviors can be configured in the Setup Area. Automated Behaviors lets you configure things like payment reminders which can be automatically sent to customers who have outstanding (unpaid) orders. Whenever you receive payment for an item, you should make sure you convert that customers order or incomplete sale to a paid status. Payment reminders are sent when either an incomplete item has not been purchased (which is technically a checkout reminder), or when a customer has gone through checkout and selected a payment method which requires that you manually set the order to paid when the payment is received (e.g. Checks or Money Orders). So there are really two types of payment reminders, one for orders and one for incomplete sales. To stop an automatic payment reminder for an incomplete sale you should login to the website, proceed t

[50289] : Company Information and Policies Last Modified: Wed 3-Jan-2007 13:40 PST

In order for a store to operate properly it must have valid contact information. Zoovy automatically correlates your contact information and places it through out the store, auctions and emails so that your customers can easily reach you in the event they need to get a hold of you. As a reputable business, it is your responsibility to provide contact information when requested so that information can be shared with customers. It is important to remember that if you edit your company information in one place in the Zoovy interface, it will effect other areas of your store. Log into your account at Click on the 'setup' tab. Click on the Site Builder link. For the profile you wish to modify, click on the edit link next to company information.

[50277] : Batch Channel Editor Last Modified: Tue 2-Jan-2007 12:16 PST

The batch channel editor allows you to revoke, or delete multiple channels at the same time. Keep in mind that Deleting a Revoked channel will end the item on Ebay and award the item to the highest bidder. Click on utilities Click on Batch Channel Editor Enable Batch Channel Revoke Check the box to all channels you wish to revoke Click on save Enable Batch Channel Remove Check the box of all the channels you just revoked Click on save Revoking a channel will prevent the channel from relisting. Removing / Deleting the channel will delete will end the item on eBay. Always revoke a channel before deleting the channel.

[50751] : Products Last Modified: Thu 28-Dec-2006 13:22 PST

Getting your product into the Zoovy system is important. In this session, we'll cover the basics of using the web interface to create, edit, clone and delete a product. This will include associating images, setting inventory and costs, as well as some marketing efforts you can employ in your store to sell more product. Create a product Associate an image Edit an existing product Store option groups vs. product options Create a SOG and a POG Associate SOG with a product Edit a SOG and a POG Pricing Sell for price / base price MSRP Base cost Sales Tax Inventory

[50827] : Creating Credit Card Order Manually in 6.x ZOM Last Modified: Tue 26-Dec-2006 16:43 PST

This webdoc covers the steps required to create a credit card order in Zoovy Order Manager (ZOM) versions 6.x. It also briefly covers how to adjust the payment of credit card orders. Step 1 - (In Order Manager) click the "Create Invoice" button Step 2 - Add customer information, or lookup customer withthe "Search" button Step 3 - Add product by clicking the "Add Item" button Step 4 - Click on the "Payment" tab Step 5 - Choose payment type from dropdown (CREDIT) Step 6 - Enter credit card information (exp. date, CCV/CID, card number) Step 7 - Click on the "Payment" button, top of window Step 8 - Set radio button

[50335] : Website / Setup / Shipping Overview Last Modified: Thu 21-Dec-2006 9:12 PST

Zoovy offers a variety of shipping solutions so that we can meet the needs of all our merchants. Our integration with FedEx, UPS, and USPS provides realtime quotes to your customers. We also have several Zoovy shipping methods, such as weight based and price based. Most of our shipping options include the ability for you to add custom rules based on Country, State, or whether or not the customer was an auction winner. Note of these solutions meet your needs? We also offer custom shipping API's for those customers with specialized needs. When you choose "domestic shipping", be aware that includes all 50 st

[50824] : Did my email account get hacked? Last Modified: Wed 20-Dec-2006 13:58 PST

Zoovy will protected the integrity of your email account from 98% of all possible hackers tricks. However there are a small percentage of issues that might occur. However, if an issue arise we have matrix in place that will prevent spamming of your customers via your domain. An example of a what a hacker might try, would be something we call "probing the system". What this does is they will create a customer account and try to hide a message inside of a message. In addition they will modify the headers in the hidden message to deliver the message to a different address. Once they have created an account and get a confirmation that the message has been sent they will assume that they can use this domain to send spam of virus to a particular destination or email address. The hacker will usually wait unti

[50287] : Product Power Tool Last Modified: Mon 18-Dec-2006 9:33 PST

Examples are provided here as an introduction to see how this tool can be used. It is not possible to update ACTIVE channels (ACTIVE means already live/running on a marketplace) however if you use channel scheduler or eBay powerlister then your channels will be EXISTING, SCHEDULED, or HOLD - those can be updated until they are dispatched, at which time the channels will be ACTIVE. The procedure below is only for updating listings that are not yet live. Some channels (especially older powerlisters) may be left in the wrong state when they finish. Running the powertool can "reanimate" these dead channels, and often results in channels you may not want. Be sure to use the preview to verify that there are no channels which are going to be updated that shouldn't be. (Hint: look for old numbers out of sequence)

[50677] : Project: Basic Zoovy Orientation Last Modified: Fri 15-Dec-2006 13:24 PST

The goal of this project is to familiarize yourself with the in's and outs of the Zoovy user interface, creating sub-users, changing your password, and how to interact with Zoovy support, and review/update project status and make future decisions about the next implementation steps. This orientation should help you learn how to navigate the site and find where to go for information on various topics. 1. How will products be brought into the system and maintained? 2. Which, if any suppliers will be integrated? 3. How will shipping be calculated? 4. Are there any promotions which are required? 4. Will the customer need a new merchant account? 5. Which marketplaces will be used? (eBay, Amazon, other syndication)? 6. Setup related appointments (don't forget any custom work!) You can delete a product by log

[50672] : Order Dispatch Last Modified: Fri 15-Dec-2006 13:20 PST

You can do a realtime, or batch HTTP POST of order contents to a secure URL using order dispatch. You can export sales using the WebAPI, or by accessing the Access database used with Zoovy Order Manager. ODBC queries can be performed against the access database in Order Manager. You can access orders in an access database (which can then be exported to CSV format) by using the Zoovy Order Manager. You can also use the WebAPI to synchronize Zoovy to another remote database. Zoovy supports many database formats and data interchange methods. To configure order dispatch from one Zoovy store to another perform the following actions in the store you want to receive the orders: Setup your synchronization password from setup -> Yahoo Store Manage

[50821] : Credit Transaction Messages Last Modified: Fri 15-Dec-2006 8:36 PST

When Zoovy processes a credit transaction, we receive a message from the gateway provider that will have various transaction codes and messages attached. Based on these messages, zoovy will then set the order to a certain status code (internal to zoovy), displaying a status message that coorespondes to this code. These can often be somewhat difficult to decipher. This document will try and address some of the more common codes. Every gateway has it's own set of messages and codes. As such, we'll place some of the more common ones here, separated by gateway type. This will be a "living list" and will be updated when possible. CODE: - Reason 123 - Response 3 Sample Display Message:

[50820] : Product attribute "zoovy:html" Last Modified: Fri 15-Dec-2006 7:33 PST

Product attribute "zoovy:html" is a legacy attribute that can cause unwanted display behaviors when launching eBay listings. This will only effect customers who were using the attribute prior to implementation of HTML Wizards and profiles for eBay listings. When a listing is sent to ebay, zoovy currently uses the HTML Wizard that is configured to the profile the product is using to determine what the layout will be for the listing. Prior to having HTML Wizards and profiles, we used an attribute called "zoovy:html" that would set the layout display behavior. As we have customers who have not yet switched over to the new HTML Wizard/profile configuration, we have not yet eliminated the use of the attribute fully. Issue comes into play on those customers who used to use zoovy:html to configure t

[50819] : Order Manager: Track Shipping Last Modified: Thu 14-Dec-2006 16:14 PST

This feature in order manager lets you add and remove tracking numbers.

[50818] : UPS Legacy Last Modified: Thu 14-Dec-2006 15:00 PST

The UPS Legacy settings are for customers to had enabled UPS prior to Zoovy signing the UPS API agreement. The UPS API agreement stipulates that customers cannot display FedEx or UPS rates in checkout at the same time. UPS API also enables address validation and airbill printing.

[50293] : Simple Multi-Item (Fixed) Shipping Last Modified: Thu 14-Dec-2006 14:56 PST

This shipping method accepts two shipping prices per product. A first item shipping price, and a second item shipping price. On multi-item orders the first price is used for the item with the most expensive shipping price, and the second item price for all other items.

[50817] : Shipping: Fixed Shipping (LEGACY) Last Modified: Thu 14-Dec-2006 14:52 PST

Legacy Fixed Shipping is no longer supported. If you have it enabled you may continue to use it. We recommend customers using this functionality contact Zoovy Support for assistance in migrating to another calculation method.

[50816] : Shipping: Weight Based Shipping Last Modified: Thu 14-Dec-2006 14:38 PST

Weight based shipping can be used to specify your own custom rates for different shipping weights. Weight based shipping is often used in conjunction with shipping rules to handle either very light (e.g. First Class Postage) or very heavy (LTL -- Less than Load) type orders.

[50815] : Shipping: USPS Shipping Last Modified: Thu 14-Dec-2006 14:36 PST

The Zoovy system supports all zone based USPS Postage rates. For more assistance in configuring this feature please contact Zoovy support.

[50814] : Shipping: Simple Shipping Method Last Modified: Thu 14-Dec-2006 14:31 PST

Simple Shipping allows you to calculate the shipping amount based on the number of items in the order.

[50813] : Shipping: Price Based Shipping Last Modified: Thu 14-Dec-2006 14:29 PST

Price Based Shipping allows you to determine the shipping amount based on the price of the order. Using price based shipping provides an easy way for customers to determine what their shipping costs will be based on the total of their order.

[50812] : Shipping: Local Delivery | Local Pickup Last Modified: Thu 14-Dec-2006 14:26 PST

Local Delivery and Customer Pickup shipping features allow you to specify ranges of zip codes and rates for local delivery, or customer pickup.

[50620] : Guide to Shipping Last Modified: Thu 14-Dec-2006 14:23 PST

This tutorial covers "Advanced Shipping" in it we will discuss some techniques for designing and maintaining a customized shipping schedule. In reality shipping is probably one of the biggest pain in the necks you'll have to deal with, so if you can get through this the rest will be cake ;-). I should point out that you are not alone and you do not need to do this by yourself, in fact Zoovy provides e-commerce consulting through its fast track and technical support dept's with specialists who do this stuff all the time. Believe me having a Pro sit down for an hour and work through the specific issues for your products and simply give you a concise summary can in many cases save you tens if not hundreds of hours of frustration. So with all that having been said - enjoy! When configuring shipping we must always remind ourselves that while is important

[50811] : Global Tuning Last Modified: Thu 14-Dec-2006 14:17 PST

Global tuning is a deprecated feature. Please use handling instead. Global tuning adds additional handling fees based on the weight of a product. Specifically Global Tuning is used to make final additions or subtractions to price that are applied to all available shipping methods. Global tuning is normally used to calculate additional handling fees, or other preferences which should be applied to all shipping methods. Global preferences are applied after the rules based shipping calculation. Global tuning allows two tables to be configured one for domestic, and one for international. Global tuning adds handling fees based on weight range within the specified value. For example, for orders up to 16 ounces we add $5.00. Keep in mind that anything over this value of 16 ounces will not add a handling fee.

[50121] : Shipping API Last Modified: Thu 14-Dec-2006 14:09 PST

A shipping API is a CGI (e.g. Perl/PHP) program which computes custom shipping. Shipping APIs are passed an XML representation of the current cart which then compute shipping based on a companies internal business logic, and output headers and data in a XML format. A shipping API may return one or more shipping methods, along with a price for each method. You can configure External Shipping by going to the Shipping link under the setup tab. There are two methods you can call our system, either in an XML-like mode which will post a single XML string to your CGI, or the much easier flat mode which will send each of the parameters as a separate entry as a CGI variable. Keep in mind that these will be presented as options for shipping in addition to any other shipping methods you have created in the Zoovy system. Shipping API

[50301] : DHL/Airborne Shipping services Last Modified: Thu 14-Dec-2006 14:07 PST

Zoovy is proud to announce to our members that we are now offer DHL Domestic Rating. Full support for all DHL domestic services including: Express - Next AM Next Afternoon Second Day Service Ground Zoovy also offers rule processing abilities for all supported DHL methods. This feature was initially released on Jan 4th, 2005. We added this to help us evaluate demand for DHL products among our userbase - your feedback/comments are requested. At this time only rating of domestic packages is supported. DHL has informed us that they will have an international rating programming interface available for us in Q2 of 2005. When it is released we will gauge popularity of this feature before deciding to implement it (so if this something you want please post in the features forum). At this time no airbill generation s

[50810] : Shipping Debugger Last Modified: Thu 14-Dec-2006 14:06 PST

The shipping debugger can be used to determine how the system arrived at a particular shipping rate. For assistance with this tool please contact a senior Zoovy technician.

[50659] : Enterprise CSV Tool Last Modified: Thu 14-Dec-2006 13:09 PST

This tool allows you to load products and inventory directly onto an Enterprise server. For the most part it should be 100% compatible with the online version (except for the notes below) Advanced Product Import Guide Options appear at the top of a file, before header. Options always start with a pound sign. The following is a list of options: #RAWCATEGORIES implies that management categories are being uploaded by safe name, rather than by pretty name #PRODNAVCAT Products should be automatically added to a management category of the same name as their primary navigation category #NONDESTRUCTIVE Do not overwrite existing data in products, simply add/modify it

[50804] : SkipJack Last Modified: Mon 11-Dec-2006 15:38 PST

If you are getting the following error message: (#253) Bad - Badly formatted data was input, invalid amount, or field format error. Developer serial number not found Developer serialnumber doesn't match account. (Skipjack Response -6) [253]. Please contact SkipJack and notify them of this error message and they will be able to assist you with a resolution.

[50801] : Secure Shopping Emblem/Seal Last Modified: Mon 11-Dec-2006 11:10 PST

This document covers the current policy regarding the Secure Shopping Emblem/Seal At this time, there is no support for adding custom code to the sidebar, including the Authorizenet seal. You can accomplish buyer security and promote a safe buying experience for potential customers (the reason for adding the seal) by utilizing one of our current partners, BuySAFE. Since most online shoppers don't know who/what Authorizenet is, having their seal is less likely to accomplish that task. BuySAFE has established themselves in the auction community and has recently branched into the online store market. Shoppers are more likely to be familiar with BuySAFE, which will promote a safe buying experience, especially with the degree of integration that we offer for bonding transactions. You can find

[50309] : Inventory / Product Configuration Last Modified: Thu 7-Dec-2006 18:01 PST

Inventory Options for a Product: Website Display: To configure how Inventory products will be displayed on your website, go to Setup | My Store Properties | Inventory Settings. Inventory Setting: Track inventory is enabled by default. All products in the Zoovy system will have inventory enabled and will require an inventory quantity. That quantity can be unlimited. If the product has unlimited inventory available, check the "Unlimited Quantities" checkbox. This will tell the Zoovy system to automatically enter an inventory quantity of 9,999. Every time inventory finalization runs, it will be set back to that number whether you've sold 0 or 5000. On Handy Quantity: Enter the quantity you currently have in stock for that product. Reserve Quantity: This is the quantity of product you currently have commited to listings or

[50450] : Zoovy Mail Last Modified: Fri 1-Dec-2006 16:21 PST

Zoovy mail is a service provided to Zoovy merchants who do not have SMTP support through their ISP. AOL does not provide SMTP for their email accounts. This option should be considered as a last resort for merchants who just do not have the ability to send mail through their ISP's mail servers due to authentication or policy issues. Just contact your Account Executive for details on pricing and getting setup. Customers who receive spam complaints will be warned. Excessive spam complaints will result in cancellation of your Zoovy Mail account. Zoovy mail does not store POP mail on the server. All mail you wish to save must be saved or archived on your local hard drive. You can use a mail client such as Outlook or Eudora to download your mail. If you are experiencing "Send and Receiv

[50760] : Training Syllabus: Inventory Last Modified: Thu 30-Nov-2006 15:10 PST

The system will track inventory for you automatically but what happens as a result of inventory tracking is up to you. Use this status if you will not be tracking inventory in Zoovy. This choice will track inventory but will only show the customer that an item is in stock, out of stock or reserved. This choice will show actual numbers on your website (for example, "Quantity Available: 13") Use one of the Inventory Matters settings if your store is tracking inventory on anything. It is possible to set individual products to Unlimited Quantities for items that the customer does not wish to track inventory on.

[50763] : Option Power Tool Last Modified: Mon 27-Nov-2006 7:48 PST

The Option Power Tool helps you to assign or deselect Manual Store Option groups to products in your Zoovy account. This tool can only be used with Manual Store Options. Only options that include a set number of choices can be modified using the Option Power Tool. For example, you cannot assign a text box option using the Option Power Tool. Go to Utilities > Option Power Tool. In Step 1, select the products that you will change. In Step 2, select your option. Click Edit when you are satisfied with your choices. On the following screen, you will be given a grid showing the products cross-indexed with the option choices. Click on the checkboxes for the choices that you would like to have appear on that product. Save.

[50771] : EBay Worksheet Last Modified: Mon 20-Nov-2006 8:36 PST

Always provide more than one example. Provide exact steps to recreate the issue. Follow the steps to ensure that you are seeing the issue on your screen; when applicable. Clearly state the problem. Define the problem and then state what the expected result should be. Provide the Product ID example. Find out if the example was launched or syndicated to eBay. If it was launched provide the channel number. Find out what profile the example used. Find out what HTML wizard was used. Provide the eBay item number. If steps are necessary to see the issue; provide the exact steps necessary and include URLs when applicable. If applicable; provide the image folder and static URL for the image. This is the information needed f

[50557] : Hacking Navigation Categories Last Modified: Mon 20-Nov-2006 5:52 PST

Navigation categories (navcats for short) are what make up the site "pages". Since all sites are really hierarchies which originate off a single homepage, we felt the category analogy makes more sense. Each navcat has a code which is associated with it, the code is a unique name assigned by the system using letters A-Z and 0-9. The navcat name is used in the URL for example the navigation category "Gourmet Soda" might have the navcat name "gourmetsoda". Navcat names are selected by the page building tool you are using, there is no naming standard. Navcats are always linked to at the url The navcat pretty name is the name displayed to the user for example if the category was named "HOT DEALS!!!!!" the navcat name would probably be "hotdeals" whereas the pretty name is "HOT DEALS!!!!!"

[50644] : Symbol 1846 Maintenance Guide Last Modified: Thu 16-Nov-2006 17:52 PST Navigation: From the homepage, select the SPT 1800 from Products A-Z selection dropdown and press go. Click operating systems palm from the menu on the left. Click the Palm Software center link At the bottom of that list, you will find: Symbol: Palm OS� Desktop Software v. 4.0.1 Files: SPTDSKEN-00-4.0.1.exe

[50274] : Website / Image Library / Upload from Disk Last Modified: Tue 14-Nov-2006 13:11 PST

Updated content can be found here:

[50365] : Utilities / Product Export Last Modified: Mon 13-Nov-2006 18:01 PST

The Product Export Tool allows you to export products to excel by going to Utilities | Product Export. In order to use this utility, the CSV Bundle is required and must be active on the Zoovy Account. This can be added by going to Setup | Account Settings | Add/Remove Features. Zoovy can export to Excel or CSV. Please note, due to a bug in Microsoft Excel 95, 2000, and Office XP versions, you should not attempt to do a CSV import of product data, if your products contain any HTML. When you are first starting to create new products, it is recommended that you completely create one product and populate as many fields necessary. This will include fields such as: Your Cost, Suggested Retail, Product Description and On Shelf Qty. When exporting the single product to an Excel or CSV formatted file, the Zoovy Heading

[50283] : Site Builder / Claim Page Last Modified: Thu 9-Nov-2006 15:06 PST

The claim page is where people are sent to pay for an auction. By default the claim page will use the page layout of the product that is associated with the incomplete item but unlike the product page the claim page will display the claim message at the top of the page before the page content begins. Configuration of the Claim Page can be found under Setup > Checkout Setup. The claim page is only displayed (by default) when it is necessary for the customer to choose options on an incomplete item in order to checkout. You can add custom instructions to the claim page by editing the claim page message in Setup / Site Automation. The claim page message is sort of a special greeting for visitors from auctions. You can set a custom page flow to be used for the product page through developer setting

[50361] : Site Builder - Page Editor Last Modified: Thu 9-Nov-2006 14:27 PST

You can get to the page editor by going to Setup / Website Builder - from there you will be able to edit your about us, shopping cart, gallery, return policy, privacy policy, and any other page you want to (including your category pages). The only pages on your site that you cannot edit directly from the website builder is the product pages, which are edited directly from the product itself in the online product editor. Detailed descriptions are descriptions that are NOT the same as your product description. Some of the standard page layouts include a detailed description, which can be different than your product description. This is especially useful if you want to have one thing which appears in your auctions, and another which appears on your site. Or if you want one thing to appear in your product list (e.g. a non-HTML version o

[50758] : Training Syllabus: Checkout Setup Last Modified: Thu 9-Nov-2006 13:24 PST

This document will give you some tips on training for the Checkout Setup screen. There are many choices to be made by the customer. Most of these choices will be self-evident by reading the screen but some of the more esoteric concepts are explained below. Customers with the WEB flag have significantly more options on the Checkout Setup screen than those without the WEB flag. If the customer does not have the WEB flag, the only option available here will be Website Name. Currently it is not possible only have certain pages on your site protected by the Adult warning. It is either fully protected or not protected at all. ICQ is a type of instant messenger. If the customer has an ICQ number, he or she may enter it. If not, it is not something that wil

[50759] : Training Syllabus: Shipping Last Modified: Thu 9-Nov-2006 10:52 PST

Shipping is one of the most versatile parts of Zoovy and therefore often the most difficult to teach. Always talk to the customer and ensure that you understand what they want to do before you try to enable it in Zoovy. If a customer is currently selling online, ask them how they currently charge for shipping and try to reproduce this in Zoovy. If Fulfillment Latency is left blank it will default to "2 Days" on Amazon. Step 1 Step 2 This starts a new paragraph. Fixed Rate is one of the most common choices. It carries over to eBay easily but requires that the customer has some awareness of what he or she wants to charge for shipping. description of link desc

[50675] : Wrapper: Basic Reference Last Modified: Thu 9-Nov-2006 7:50 PST

The information on this page has been moved.

[50306] : Inventory Last Modified: Wed 8-Nov-2006 16:42 PST

Zoovy supports a wide range of businesses and business models. Before you start setting up inventory, you must decide which type of inventory system is right for you. Businesses are classified by the type of inventory numbers they need to track: Actual, Reserved, Safety and Unlimited. Each are discussed below: Actual Inventory This is the simplest form of inventory. Actual inventory tracks the count on the shelf. If you have an effectively unlimited supply of product and you simply want to keep an accurate count of what you have, then you are using actual inventory. This is mostly used so you will know when to re-order and this method of inventory tracking is all you will need. Reserved Inventory The difference with actual inventory and reserved inventory is that actual inventory does not track items that are for sale on marketplaces like eBay. Reserved inventory takes the actual inventor

[50753] : Product Power Tool Tips Last Modified: Wed 8-Nov-2006 13:09 PST

USERS BEWARE: This tool can make mass changes to all your product in an instant. If you do not use this tool properly it could corrupt your product database or make undesireable changes to yoru products. Please seek training prior to using this tool. Fixing any problems caused by this tool may be billable by support This doc is dedicated to giving you helpful tips when using the product power tool. 1. Go to Utilities > Product Power Tool. 2. Select the products that you wish to change. 3. From the "Select Attribute" dropdown menu, choose the attribute you would like to change. If you want to change an attribute that is not in the drop down list then select "Custom Attrib." 4. If you chose "Custom Attribute" then type in that attribute in t

[50372] : Manage / Image Associations Last Modified: Wed 8-Nov-2006 11:22 PST

The Image associations report is found under the Utilities tab in the primary naviagation. It displays a list of all images which are currently associated with a product.

[50479] : Quickbooks Legacy Last Modified: Wed 8-Nov-2006 9:11 PST

THIS FEATURE IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED: Quickbooks 1999 - 2001 is no longer supported by Zoovy. Meaning that if you currently utilize versions Quickbooks 1999 - 2001 then you are welcome to use this feature AS IS. We have made our best effort to make it as a robust and userfriendly as possible. However if you experience errors no troubleshooting, consultative and/or bugfix support will be provided. All users are strongly encouraged to move away from the legacy IIF file format which numerous limitations beyond the control of the Zoovy Developers. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Quickbooks Import is a special feature reserved for accounts which have purchased a monthly maintenance contract for the Quickbooks c

[50411] : Beginner Mode Overview Last Modified: Tue 7-Nov-2006 19:42 PST

You will see several options from the setup menu. Here you can configure your website theme, setup your pages through website builder and load your image library. You will also setup your checkout properties and configure your company information. Where you start will depend on what type of seller you are. The very first few things to do for every seller is to change your password from the default you used during your trial. Login to your account at If you cannot remember your password, please use the "Lost Password" button beneath the Sign In. Click on the Setup tab in the primary navigation. Click on Change Password under Account Settings to the far right. Click on Setup in the primary navigation. Click on Site Bui

[50756] : How to Add a Page to Your Website Last Modified: Tue 7-Nov-2006 17:46 PST

In Zoovy, the word "category" and "page" are interchangeable terms. Pages are ordered alpha-numerically by the first name you gave it. Click on Setup in the primary navigation. Click on Categories and Lists. On the following screen that appears, you will see your existing pages. Decide where you would like for your new page will appear. Underneath the category you want your new page to appear, you should see a "Add New" button. Click this and enter the name of the new page. Leave "Root Level Category" selected and click "Save." A Product List is similar to a category but does not appear on your website. It is used to group together products for some special purpose (like Syndication, for example

[50714] : Website Diagnostics Last Modified: Fri 3-Nov-2006 15:09 PST

This guide is primarily intended as reference material for Zoovy Technical support, but may also be useful to customers. Zoovy has hundreds of servers, each server is configured and assigned to handle one or more service. Zoovy breaks services into the following categories: Image "Static" servers: this group of servers is used to load site graphics, stock template graphics, navigation buttons, and other static files. Vstore servers: this group of servers is used to render a customers website. (These also used to host some site graphics, but now perform http 302 redirects for images to the static servers). SSL servers: this group of servers are what render a customers checkout and secure pages. WWW servers: this group of servers provide and the user interface Webapi: this is a modified version of the www ser

[50743] : API Bundle Last Modified: Thu 2-Nov-2006 7:27 PST

The API Bundle provides access to a REST XML API that gives access to the following things: Realtime Inventory: Order Dispatching: Shipping Quotes: Promotions: This functionality is very advanced, and is generally unavailable in all other products. Diagnosing any technical issues related to a store that has these tools enabled will always require escalation to a senior support team member, developer, or system administrator. For these reasons we have limited the availability of this featureset to only approved customers. This feature is available to new customers within the first 60 days of coming onto the system and to existing customers who meet the following criteria: Minimum Zoovy invoice of $250/mo. (If you do not meet this criteria, we can raise your monthly bill). This requirement is waived when Zoovy

[50459] : Splitting Orders Last Modified: Mon 30-Oct-2006 23:07 PST

Order splitting lets you take a single order, and split it in to two separate orders, which is a feature most commonly used for breaking apart invoices if certain items are not in stock so you can easily fulfill partial orders. To access Order Split: 1. right click on an order and select Split Order from the Context menu which appears 2. select and order and then click on Tools | Split Order NOTE: You must have more than one sku or product ID in the order to split it. Check the boxes next to the items you wish to move to the new order, then choose the appropriate method of handling shipping, and order date. When you are done click the "Split Order" button on the upper toolbar and the Order Manager will go to the website and allocate a new order id, as well as recompute shipping for one or both orde

[50646] : Enterprise Feature Overview Last Modified: Mon 30-Oct-2006 18:56 PST

Zoovy Enterprise allows Zoovy Merchant customers to scale to the next level of business by offering multi-user launching, and multi-user order management and CRM functionality. Zoovy Enterprise uses a local server to coordinate the business activities and offers centralized access control, and seamless synchronization with the Zoovy system. Enterprise also offers optional bar coding and an integrated wireless inventory system, that can assign/print barcodes, or use manufacturer UPC or ISBN's for storing and locating items in the warehouse. Zoovy began work on Enterprise in March of 2002, and released its first version in May of 2002. Based on customer feedback we went back to the drawing board and re-engineered the product and expect to re-release it in early 2007. Zoovy knows that in any business the single largest expense is employee time, Enterprise dramatically reduces

[50554] : eBay Recycling Bin Last Modified: Mon 30-Oct-2006 13:51 PST

eBay provides insertion fee credits to sellers for items which did not sell. The policy is that eBay will refund the insertion credit on the first listing if the item sells when it is listed the second time. This only works when an item is relisted using the RelistItem form, rather than the AddItem form on the website. In the past Zoovy has offered a feature called "Relist One Time" which caused a 7 day auction that did not sell to automatically relist for another 7 days. However this has caused significant trouble with the Channel Scheduler feature, which launches new listings at a time interval and cannot track if a listing sold or was relisted. The effect was that a merchant would always have too many of a poor selling item, or too few of a hot selling item. In addition if a seller forgot to revoke and/or remove a

[50163] : Worldpac Guide - DEPRECATED Last Modified: Mon 30-Oct-2006 12:00 PST

The Worldpac functionality is no longer offered by Zoovy, all sites which integrated this technology have long since gone out of business and created virtually zero sales during their tenure. Despite the best of intentions we have found that Worldpac customers have experienced a much lower than anticipated level of success with the Worldpac platform. We will consider future Worldpac integrations on a case by case basis, although it is very likely we will not integrate this into future sites. Although there are many reason for this, we believe these outline the primary reasons for this decision: Too much competition, Worldpac pricing not competitive. Zoovy site wrapper and layouts must be "crippled" to be Worldpac compatible, this inevitably hurts sales of non-Worldpac products. Worldpac is not compatible with the built-in cross selling, search, or product option features of Zoovy, and fu

[50738] : Choosing Specialty Site Wrappers Last Modified: Thu 26-Oct-2006 12:02 PDT

Setup > Site Builder and click to expand the section named for your specialty site. Click on Company Information and you can select the wrapper there. If you dont see the one you desire in the dropdown, go back to Setup > Choose Theme and "remember" the theme you would like to see there. Only "remembered/favorite" themes show up in this dropdown.

[50684] : Enterprise Suite Database Structure Last Modified: Tue 24-Oct-2006 15:01 PDT

Zoovy will support limited access to the Enteprise Suite shared database. The normal install of Enteprise Suite uses a MySql database engine, which can be accessed via ODBC, or Visual Studio.NET in addition to a variety of open source languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, or Ruby. The database table structure between SOHO and Enterprise in versions are the same. So this is also a guide to the SOHO database, but in future versions of Order Manager the SOHO database will be encrypted and will not be accessible to third party developers. In addition customers/developers will need to verify their applications meet specific data accuracy requirements. The exact details of this program have not been finalized at this time, however we expect to have two application tiers: Read-Only, and Read-Write. Applications will be issued keys which will limit the access to the ta

[50734] : 3rd party email/dns provider policy Last Modified: Tue 24-Oct-2006 14:41 PDT

This document discusses the integration of non-ZoovyMail email services and custom DNS configurations with the Zoovy platform. Zoovy heavily discourages and DOES NOT SUPPORT configurations that are not wholey owned and operated by us. Furthermore even if a non-supported configuration is working, we will make no assurances or warranties that it will continue to work in the future. This is due to the number of issues surrounding the sending/receiving of emails such as getting them through firewalls, spam filters, relays, and the associated tasks of configuring custom A, CNAME, MX, and SPF records. Logic: The Zoovy system is "massive" in terms of functionality. Zoovy cannot provide our support staff with adequte training/skills to troubleshoot the myraid of issues that can arise in complex DNS and Email configuration issues, in addition to the functionality/features of the Zoovy sy

[50733] : QuickBooks Point of Sale (QBPOS) Last Modified: Thu 19-Oct-2006 17:16 PDT

Zoovy does not provide an interface to the Quickbooks Point of Sale platform. At this time no such integration is planned. There are a variety of reasons for this which are outlined below. The QBPOS system was acquired by Intuit as an acquisition, it was not developed in-house. While efforts have been taken to make it look and feel similar, there are still numerous incompatibilities between the two applications (even though both are made by Intuit). These incompatibilities such as pricing schedules, product options, Gift card, coupons, CRM data, cost tracking, employee monitoring, etc. become even more complicated when a 3rd application (Zoovy) is thrown into the mix. The data integration specifically surrounding pricing schedules and product options would have to

[50124] : Promotion API Last Modified: Tue 17-Oct-2006 14:45 PDT

A promotion API is a CGI (e.g. Perl/PHP) program which computes custom shipping. Shipping APIs are passed an XML representation of the current cart which then based on a companies internal business logic perform operations on the cart. The promotion API then output headers and data in a XML format. A promotion API may return one or more shipping methods, along with a price for each method. Promotion API's may be passed a list of attributes for each product in the cart, this may include custom attributes specified by the site owner. This is to increase performance by avoiding having to do additional lookups of product data. What Zoovy sends to your URL: & lt;?xml version="1.0"& gt; & lt;PROMOTIONAPI_REQUEST& gt; & lt;cart& gt; & lt;product id="xx" qty="##" price="#.##" wt="###" tax="Y|N"& gt;description& lt;/product

[50603] : Guide to Merchant Accounts Last Modified: Wed 11-Oct-2006 14:32 PDT

Authors note: you don't need a merchant account to use Zoovy. Credit cards are processed using a merchant account. Although you do not need to have a merchant account to do business, when you need one Zoovy includes support for virtually every type of merchant account you might have. If you don't have a merchant account yet, then Zoovy can get you running with great rates in no time. For more information about the current credit card processing features you should contact Zoovy customer care. Zoovy supports virtually every type of merchant account available, so when you're ready we'll be there. You can either use a linkpoint gateway or you can use an offline terminal to process credit card transactions. The great part is you can add credit card processing to your account anytime. Zoovy has excellent partnerships with some of the largest merchant banks in the country! We c

[50499] : Order Manager Release Notes Last Modified: Wed 11-Oct-2006 14:28 PDT

This document outlines the version to version changes in the order manager windows client. This version includes several bug fixes for Endicia and Quickbooks. The most significant feature enhancement in this version is the ability to print dropship packingslips for wholesale customers. A drop ship packing slip includes the wholesale customers address and logo on the packing slip (so when it is received by the recipient they think it was shipped by your customer, instead of you.) Dropship packing slips do not include price information either, and include the reference number given by your customer on the invoice. A dropship packing slip is automatically printed anytime an order is received from a customer who has drop shipping information in their customer record. (The ability to add drop shipping information to a customer recor

[50224] : Navigation Categories Last Modified: Wed 11-Oct-2006 14:21 PDT

Navigation Categories, sometimes called navcats are how you separate and organize your products logically on your Zoovy store. Done properly, this helps your customers view items quickly and intuitively. This is the most common way of looking at products online. You must remember a few things when seperating your products into website navigation categories. People generally do not want to click more then three categories deep. Keep your products separated, but do not segregate the product so much that you have only one product in a category. Think of your navigation as groups of common items. Usability studies have determined that more than 7 choices on any given page will cause the user to go into information overload and become confused. In addition, too many categories will make the user perceive the site as busy or the site will take too long to load.

[50464] : Shipping with UPS World Ship Last Modified: Wed 11-Oct-2006 14:10 PDT

Worldship is no longer supported. Please use the built in UPS airbill functionality within the Order Manager desktop client. These export functions require setup of your WorldShip Software, or UPS Online Tools. Please consult your WorldShip Software Documentation for specific instructions on setting up your import settings. The Zoovy Order Manager makes it easy to import tracking information and export customer shipping data to the UPS "WorldShip" software. While the synchronization process is a snap, there is some setup that requires the preparation of your shipping software to accept the exported files. To setup UPS Worldship integration, visit the 3rd party providers. 1. Run Z

[50427] : Zoovy Order Manager Setup Last Modified: Wed 11-Oct-2006 13:50 PDT

Zoovy Order Manager allows you to setup preferences, special payment types, add users and much more. For now we will concentrate on setting up the basics to get started. Under the drop down tools menu you will find general information, email manager, and label setup. There are other options here, but lets focus on general information and label setup. The general information tab allows you to modify and save company information which was downloaded from web manager during synchronization. You can edit company address, phone numbers and contact information under the admin menu. Just select edit company information and make your updates there. When you synchronize with your Zoovy website and changes are uploaded to web manager. You can delete either custom or authorized Zoovy payment

[50259] : Webmail Server Configuration Info Last Modified: Wed 11-Oct-2006 13:47 PDT

Please ensure the nameservers for your domain to point to: Primary: Secondary: If your Domain was registered through Zoovy then your nameservers are already configured properly. Once you have done this then you can configure your mail client to access: Your email client should be configured as follows: Username: POP Server: IMAP Server: SMTP Server: Zoovy will configure SPF (Sender Permitted Framework) records for both the Zoovy mail servers, and the ZoovyMail service (hosted by FuseMail). This will inform the rest of the Internet that only servers authorized by Zoovy are allowed to send mail from your domain. This protects you and your customers from both rogue viruses and spammers w

[50717] : eBay Express Cookbook Last Modified: Wed 11-Oct-2006 13:40 PDT

The Ebay listings don't show that items are New and therefore won't list in Ebay Express. Configure products to NEW without tags, for the listings to become active in eBay Express This field cannot be set using the Product Powertool or the Import / Export feature. This has to entered manually.

[50712] : Product List Import Last Modified: Tue 5-Sep-2006 12:30 PDT

This page is regarding importing products to a specific product list that you have created within Zoovy. If this is your first time importing products to the product list, please schedule a training session to prevent data corruption. Step 1. Products should already appear in the database. Step 2. The product list should already be created prior to importing products. Step 3. Click on Setup > Data Import Utility Step 4. Categories+Products: EXPORT Make a mental note that Column "A" is used for the safe name. Your products lists safe names will appear on the rows above *CART. The product list safe names should appear with a $ in front of the safe name. "Example ($zoovytest)" Step 5. Remove all rows below the last product list safe name you are modifying. Your file should not include *CAR

[50489] : Order Manager: Printing Last Modified: Sat 2-Sep-2006 12:14 PDT

Select all the invoices you would like to print Right click and select Print->Invoices OR click on the Print icon on the tool bar and select "Invoices" You also have the ability to print all invoices under a particular tab if you would like. Go to the status you would like to print -i.e. Approved- and click the Print icon on the tool bar and select "Print All Invoices". Select all the invoices you would like to print Right click and select Print->Invoices OR click on the Print icon on the tool bar and select "Invoices" You also have the ability to print all invoices under a particular tab if you would like. Go to the status you would like to print -i.e. Approved- and click the Print icon on the tool bar and select "Print All Invoices".

[50485] : Understanding Order Status Last Modified: Sat 2-Sep-2006 11:39 PDT

When orders are created they are saved in the RECENT folder. While orders are in recent they can be cancelled by customers on the web. The statuses Pending, and Approved do not mean anything to Zoovy - they are strictly for your internal use. Some people place orders which are waiting for payment to Pending, and orders which have been paid for to Approved so they can be shipped. Once orders are shipped they should be placed in COMPLETED status. Orders in completed status will appear on sales reports, etc. Once orders are placed into cancel then the inventory which was removed for those orders is added back to the available inventory. Aftering finishing your yearly or quarterly taxes you can archive orders to reduce the number of orders displayed

[50432] : Order Manager: Configuration/Preferences Last Modified: Thu 31-Aug-2006 9:04 PDT

In the preferences areas you can permit employees to edit recent orders. You can also configure the Invoice Footer Message which is displayed at the bottom of each invoice and packing slip. If you select automatically notify the customer, Order Manager will send your customer an email when the order status changes. NOTE: The SMTP mail server MUST be correct in order for your Order Manager client to send mail.

[50705] : Specialty Site Hosting Last Modified: Wed 30-Aug-2006 23:21 PDT

Specialty Site Hosting gives you many opportunities to maximize your exposure and profit margins. With specialty site hosting you can host multiple ecommerce websites with the convenience of only managing one back end. This can help you on the SEO and Google Ad words front. Specialty Site Hosting can allow you to sell the same products on multiple websites at different price points and the list of possibilities goes on. Please contact an implementation specialist if you need help strategizing for your specialty sites. Domain names through Zoovy are cheap ($7 per year) at the time of writing. Grabbing up specialized Domain Names such as is a great way to grab customer interest. Having a regular domain name rather than a subdomain name is key especially when you are putting together a direct mail campaign.

[50708] : Zoovy Design Services Last Modified: Wed 30-Aug-2006 23:06 PDT

Zoovy Design Services provides our customers with access to a team of top notch graphic designers who are also intimately familiar with the Zoovy Product. More information can be found about Zoovy Design Services by visiting: Let us help you establish your online identity. With over 20+ years of experience in the advertising industry, and thousands of clients serviced we can help you establish a professional image online. Our team of graphic designers has extensive experience in print. We also have relationships with both printing and mailing companies. Let us work with you to design a print campaign, along with coupons, and then do targeted marketing to your customer base. To be announced.

[50611] : Payment Gateways Last Modified: Sun 27-Aug-2006 14:30 PDT

This document covers the basic operation of a gateway, along with which gateways are supported and their various subtle differences. Payment gateways authorize credit card transactions over the internet in real time. The card number is input through the checkout system and goes immediately to the gateway for authorization. Your customer is then immediately charged, or the card is denied. The funds are processed each night and deposited to your account. The time it takes to have the funds in your account depends on your payment gateway and merchant account. Authorize.Net is the #1 used gateway on the Zoovy system. For more information about configuring Authorize.Net please visit: More information about the Quickbooks Merchant Serv

[50434] : Order Manager: Payment Types Last Modified: Sun 27-Aug-2006 14:26 PDT

OrderManager can support a number of payment types, by default it will support only payment types defined by your Zoovy checkout. The client administrator can add custom payment types to keep more accurate track of the different types of payment. Use the Add Payment Type function to have new payment types appear in Order Edit. payment types may either be a valid payment code as recognized by the Zoovy system, or may be a custom payment type used internally by your company. It is important to remember that new payment types will only appear in the Order Manager client and will NOT appear on the website. You can delete either custom or authorized Zoovy payment types. When you delete a payment type it will NOT appear in the list of accepted payment types when a user is editing an order. BE CAREFUL, when y

[50454] : Order Manager: Payment Status Guide Last Modified: Sat 26-Aug-2006 19:17 PDT

Zoovy Order Manager includes full payment support. Using the software you can flag orders as PAID, DENIED, CANCELED, or PENDING based on your payment status. If your store is configured to use a Payment Gateway you will see a Realtime Credit Card tab when editing Payment information. In the Payment area you can edit customer payment information such as credit card numbers, and expiration dates. You can also perform common actions such as settling any order which has been AUTHORIZED but not SETTLED. If a card is settled successfully the order PAYMENT STATUS should change to PAID rather than PENDING, in addition the TRANSACTION STATUS will denote it is paid. If you create a new order in order manager and attempt to process the card it will do an immediate settlement (order manager will never attempt to authorize a card - regardless of your gateway settings on Z

[50482] : Order Manager: Search Invoices Last Modified: Sat 26-Aug-2006 19:13 PDT

You can search for invoices by order #, or any piece of information about the customer. As you start typing the order manager will automatically search searching once you enter at least 4 characters.

[50696] : Understanding Sessions in Cart / Variables Last Modified: Tue 22-Aug-2006 11:40 PDT

Session id's are used by Zoovy to track buyers as they move from page to page. Sessions are stored in both cookies, and sometimes on the URL. Sessions on the URL take appear like: where xxxxxxxxx is a 20 digit alphanumeric, case sensitive token that is unique to your store. Inserting sessions into the URL is necessary in the following cases: * anytime shoppers do not have cookies * when it is necessary to detect that buyers do not have cookies * when transferring sessions across domains (cookies cannot move across domains for security reasons) -- read more about "domain funny business" below * anytime we are on a secure/SSL url A lot of merchants get worried about the use of sessions and that they will adversely affect page ranking. The zoovy

[50275] : Website / Image Library / Upload from Disk Last Modified: Sat 19-Aug-2006 14:03 PDT

Getting Started: Uploading pictures from an existing website is very easy. First record the URL for the image you wish to upload, typically you can do this by right click on any image in your browser and selecting "Properties" this will give you either the HTTP or HTTPS for a specific image. Click the "Upload new Image" link in the upper left hand corner of any of the Zoovy Image Library pages, this will change the page to the upload picture page. Type the URL into URL box at the bottom of the screen. Press the "Upload From URL" button, this will transfer the file to Zoovy. If the transfer is successful the image will be stored in a folder that begins with the first letter of the filename, so Pretty.gif would be stored in the "P" directory, and so on. You will be given the option to review the file after it has been uploaded.

[50433] : Order Manager Database Management Last Modified: Sat 19-Aug-2006 13:56 PDT

Zoovy Order Manager creates a desktop database that will store your order and customer information. Databases should be backed up and maintained routinely by the primary administrator. Using this tool will create a backup copy of your database. The backup is stored on your hard drive under the directory C:\Program Files\Zoovy\OrderMgr\backups You may want to make sure you have a backup copy stored on removable media such as a CD or zip. Order Manager can restore your data from backup. Doing this will overwrite your current data. This tool comes in very handy if your database becomes corrupted so the more current your backups are, the better off you will be. Run Compact/Repair on your database at least once a week. Before running compact repair MA

[50689] : Project: Configuring Intermediate Shipping Last Modified: Tue 11-Jul-2006 10:00 PDT

This should always be done after Basic Zoovy Orientation and after the customer has added at least a handful of products and configured their website. Intended for people who have more complicated shipping which will be handled by the system, and/or which may require a custom shipping API. Multiple shipping methods (which can be selected based on rules), special handling fees, or shipping insurance. This starts a new paragraph. Calculated rates mean determining the package shipping cost based on the weight and destination (zone) that the item is being shipped to. Due to API restrictions neither UPS and/or FedEx rates may NOT be displayed alongside any other rates. However it is possible (although not easy) using rules to determine which method will be displayed based on destination, for example: UPS Ground to the contiguous 48 st

[50688] : Project: Configuring Advanced Shipping Last Modified: Tue 11-Jul-2006 9:47 PDT

Intended for people who have very complicated shipping which will be handled by the system, and/or which may require a custom shipping API. However this should always be done after Basic Zoovy Orientation and after the customer has added at least a handful of products and configured their website. This project should ideally be completed early in the process so a shipping API can be added if necessary. If a custom shipping API is required then additional fees will apply. This is a hint This is a caution Step 1 Step 2 This starts a new paragraph. use this to create a section inside a section. ]

[50687] : Project: Configuring Basic Shipping Last Modified: Tue 11-Jul-2006 9:46 PDT

Intended for people using fixed shipping, or either retail/account specific rating from UPS and/or FedEx, or the USPS. No special rules, or handling for any items, no special insurance charges. This should only be selected for accounts which will have very simple shipping configurations. This is a hint This is a caution Step 1 Step 2 This starts a new paragraph. use this to create a section inside a section. ]

[50484] : Order Manager: Search Incomplete Items Last Modified: Mon 10-Jul-2006 20:11 PDT

Incomplete items are created after an auction has been completed and a winner has been selected. Since incomplete items lack details about a customer, you can only search by claim # or customer email address.

[50481] : Order Manager: Search for Customers Last Modified: Mon 10-Jul-2006 20:10 PDT

Using order manager and the customer tool you can lookup customers, along with their purchase history and account information. If you have the CRM Bundle you can also view and add customer notes. Customers notes are shared across all orders for a specific customer. Use this to denote special handling, or virtually any piece of information which should be remembered for a customer (versus just remembering for a specific order)

[50474] : Order Manager: Products by Invoice Report Last Modified: Mon 10-Jul-2006 20:07 PDT

The Products by Invoice shows a summary of which products go in which orders. This is extremely useful for suppliers who receive large batches of inventory on a daily or weekly basis from several suppliers.

[50468] : Paid Pending Report Last Modified: Mon 10-Jul-2006 20:07 PDT

The paid pending report shows all items in a PAID status, in the PENDING disposition. This report is intended for sellers who do not stock any items, or have suppliers which dropship and so they need to know which items should be ordered from dealers.

[50467] : Affiliate Report Last Modified: Thu 6-Jul-2006 15:01 PDT

The affiliate report will show gross sales for a range, or an entire status based on the !META property of an order. The !META can be set by passing an additional parameter ?META=CODE to any page on your zoovy site. For example: In this case CODE would appear as a column in the report. You can make up new codes using characters A-Z and 0-9.

[50683] : Project: Intermediate Branding Emails Last Modified: Thu 6-Jul-2006 14:56 PDT

Covers how to customize email messages, organizing categories, planning for speciality sites and syndication, setting up search. This is a hint This is a caution Step 1 Step 2 This starts a new paragraph. use this to create a section inside a section. ]

[50267] : Configuring Outlook Express Last Modified: Fri 16-Jun-2006 9:28 PDT

& nbsp; & nbsp; Setting up your email Client for FuseMail. - Outlook Express using IMAP This tutorial explains how to set up Outlook Express for use with FuseMail. Before you start You will require some details from when you set up your FuseMail account. You require: The IMAP Server Name - The SMTP Server Name - Your FuseMail Username - (for the purposes of this tutorial we will use demo) Your FuseMail Password - (for the purposes of this tutorial we will use demo) Open Ou

[50402] : Orders Last Modified: Tue 23-May-2006 18:39 PDT

[50400] : Shipping Last Modified: Tue 23-May-2006 18:38 PDT

[50401] : Inventory Last Modified: Tue 23-May-2006 18:38 PDT

[50399] : Products Last Modified: Tue 23-May-2006 18:37 PDT

[50569] : Changename Procedure Last Modified: Fri 24-Mar-2006 16:22 PST

We no longer allow cusotmers to change ther user name after the Trial account goes live. Doing a name changes after you have your store created causes many things to brake.

[50256] : Fused Accounts Last Modified: Mon 6-Mar-2006 16:58 PST

The ZoovyMail platform is built on top of FuseMail. The folks at Fusemail have put together an excellent tutorial detailing how to fuse accounts from other providers together. Please visit:

[50257] : Configuring RSS Feeds Last Modified: Mon 6-Mar-2006 16:18 PST

The ZoovyMail platform is built on top of FuseMail. The folks at Fusemail have put together an excellent tutorial detailing how to integrate RSS feeds into your email. A personalized version of the Zoovy System News is located at Be sure to replace YOURNAME with your username to get news that relates to your account.

[50266] : Setting up Eudora Last Modified: Mon 6-Mar-2006 16:04 PST

Setting up FuseMail with Eudora This tutorial explains how to set up a FuseMail account using Eudora for Windows. Before you start Make sure that you have your username, password, and email address information ready. For the example below, we are using as our Incoming (IMAP) Server and as our Outgoing (SMTP) Server. Also, the email account that is being used in this example is the & quot;johnsmith& quot; account, which you can also test via the Webmail interface from the main page of our website. To set up Eudora to access your Fusemail account Open Eudora. On the Tools menu, click Personalities

[50260] : Mail Rules Last Modified: Mon 6-Mar-2006 12:58 PST

The ZoovyMail platform is built on top of FuseMail. The folks at Fusemail have put together an excellent tutorial detailing how to use their rule engine. Please visit: Always setup rules/shared folders and important aliases (such as under your admin account and have the mail automatically put into a folder which is shared with that employee that way as employees come and go, or even simply leave on vacation it's easy to give other people access.

[50397] : Launch Groups Last Modified: Wed 15-Feb-2006 10:50 PST

Launch Groups allow you to syndicate products from categories, lists, or hardcoded csv lists of products into marketplaces at predictable days/times. The Launch Groups manager has inline help - just click the "Info" link adajcent to any field to learn how to properly configure the values. Launch Groups support a variety of "Queueing Strategies" - a detailed explanation of each one is provided below: If you set the Max Products per launch to either -1 (unlimited) or a value greater than the number of products in the group then the queuing strategy is irrelevant since all products will be launched every time. This selects products in a sequential order. Each Launch Group keeps an internal count of how many listings it has performed, which is then divided by the number of products in

[50631] : Converting from Channel Advisor to Zoovy Last Modified: Tue 31-Jan-2006 18:04 PST

This document is designed to assist customers who are planning to transition from Channel Advisor to We hope to outline the differences between the two services, and provide customers with a clean transition plan. The information in this document was last updated March 20th, 2004. Zoovy takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information. If you find any errors or omissions then please use the "User Comments" area at the bottom of the form. To migrate from Channel Advisor you should simply request an import of your running eBay auctions. Please read the details on importing listings from Click Here This probably won't get all your data, but at least it will provide a starting

[50610] : Learning HTML Last Modified: Tue 13-Dec-2005 15:49 PST

This tutorial covers "Using HTML with a Zoovy Website" in it we will discuss some simple formatting techniques that will enhance your site, or Auction Listings. HTML stands for hypertext markup language, it is a scripting language which is used by web browsers to build webpages. This document is written in HTML, as are all the other webpages on the Internet you surf. Basic HTML is very easy to learn, in fact anybody can do it. Knowing HTML will allow you to do neat things like bold text, center text, or even include other images on your page. HTML works on the idea that there is meta information inside each document. Meta information contains special codes that tell the browser how to format the text, every browser uses the same codes because the codes are standardized by an international committee known as the

[50627] : Gift Certificates Last Modified: Tue 13-Dec-2005 9:25 PST

You can create non-taxable incomplete items with a negative price and use them as gift certificates. This support is currently experimental, and the messaging may be a little strange since the claim page is oriented towards auction sellers, not gift certificate recipients. The "G" (Gift) status in incomplete items is reserved as a gift certificate. You must also have Developer enabled on your account, and you must go into Developer and allow negative priced items in the cart. It's also worth mentioning that negative priced items are extremely dangerous and should NEVER be enabled at the same time the soft cart feature is engaged. To create the gift certificate you go to orders then incomplete items and select create new. Create the item with a negative amount. Look up the item in your incomplete list and open it to get the link you can send to

[50492] : Order Manager Tools - Scale Setup Last Modified: Wed 9-Nov-2005 16:10 PST

You must be using a scale which is compatible with order manager. If you already own a scale that you would like us to be compatible with then please follow the instructions later in this document to send us the output from your specific scale. Scales-R-Us SE 20i (Weigh-Tronix/NCI 7010 compatible) -- also compatible with Endicia DaZzle. Mettler - Toledo Scale PS60 (This scale requires special programming please refer to the bottom of this doc for details) *Note: this scale is only compliant with Order Manager v5.127 and higher Fairbanks Model SCB - 2453-1 Endicia ES 2200 (Weigh-Tronix/NCI 7010 compatible) To setup your scale it must be connected to a work serial port on your computer. You must designate which serial port the scale is on, and the type of scale and then press the setup button, w

[50094] : Wrapper Reference - Categories Last Modified: Mon 3-Oct-2005 13:38 PDT

In the codes below, there are several instances of ATTRIBUTE=0 or 1. In these cases, 0 is false and 1 is true. So in the instance of NOHOME=1, the home button/text would not appear in your navigation categories. Pay close attention to the image categories, which sometimes duplicate a true or false statement up to three times. Make sure all three are the same, or funky things will happen with your categories. In image categories, feel free to adjust the width of the buttons, but again, do it in all three places. BUTTONTYPE=sleekgrey4_off can be changed to any button type in the zoovy system. It would need to be changed once in the body code and twice in the head code. All three references can point to different navbuttons. Your code does not need to contain the nohome and onlyhome lines of code if you are not using them. By default, both are set to zero. In some cases (text navcats), th

[50151] : Flows - CART Element Last Modified: Mon 3-Oct-2005 13:37 PDT

This guide discusses the "CART" element - specifically the ability to embed server side javascript into the cart element to create your a customized cart presentation. This document is written for Zoovy employees who are building customized carts for customers, and contains references to specific Zoovy internal policies and procedures. Customers do not necessarily need to follow these "guidelines" - with the exception of the performance guidelines. Failure to adhere to the performance guidelines could result in the cart being deactivated and replaced with a default Zoovy cart. Effective 9/18/04: Consultants/Independent Contractors who are building projects for customers *MUST* adhere to all guidelines to ensure forward compatibility. Keep reading to learn why: Failure to provide full compatibility for all Zoovy features will most likely result in a

[50099] : Reference - Page Layout Categories Last Modified: Mon 3-Oct-2005 13:37 PDT

The elements below can only be used in conjunction with category page layouts. If you want a block of text to appear on your category page, use the element below. For multiple texts on various parts of the page, change the element line NAME="DESCRIPTION" to NAME="DESCRIPTION2" and the SAVETO line to match the name. It is important to remember that category pages must ALWAYS save data to either page: or merchant: namespace. & lt;ELEMENT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="DESCRIPTION"& gt; PRETTY=Category Description ABOUT=Please describe this category and why it is unique SAVETO=page:description HELPER=Remember to keep this text short and to the point. If this is too long the products will be hard to find. & lt;br& gt; & lt;/ELEMENT& gt; Sometimes it is more convenient to have a page title in the flow, instead of the wrapper. To do this,

[50148] : Gallery Page Layout Last Modified: Mon 3-Oct-2005 13:37 PDT

Galleries are used to display a list of channels which are currently running, or will soon be running on a marketplace. The gallery page by default is located at however any of the elements below may be used on any page (including the homepage or any category). Make sure you check out the What can I do with this? section below. & lt;ELEMENT TYPE="GALLERY" NAME="GALLERY1"& gt; SAVETO=page:gallery LIMIT=# & lt;/ELEMENT& gt; LIMIT is the maximum number of listings which will appear in the gallery. The maximum number is 500 & lt;ELEMENT TYPE="GALLERYSELECT" NAME="GALLERYSELECT1"& gt; SAVETO=page:gallery & lt;/ELEMENT& gt; The GALLERYSELECT element displays a tabbed list of marketplaces which have one or more listings, along with t

[50357] : Order / Incomplete Items Last Modified: Tue 26-Jul-2005 17:39 PDT

By creating incomplete items you can let people check out and pay for items which were not listed through Zoovy. For example if a losing bidder contacts you after an auction ends and says they would like to be able to purchase items at the winning price and you agree, then you could simply create an incomplete item and the item would be processed just like any other item purchased through an auction. From go to Orders Select Incomplete Use the Create New link at the bottom of the page. Please note, this is not to create an order, but a link so your customer can checkout. Fill in the information and the customer email address, select save then exit. To determine the checkout link for the customer, open the incomplete item by the claim number link. When you create an incomplete item, your customer is

[50584] : eBay Unpaid Item Manager Last Modified: Tue 26-Jul-2005 17:28 PDT

The eBay site is designed so that a seller lists an item and buyers bid on or purchase the item. The buyer or winning bidder then pays for the item, and the seller ships it to the buyer. When the transaction is complete, eBay charges the seller a percentage of the transaction price, known as a Final Value Fee or FVF. eBay's Unpaid Item policy and User Agreement both make clear that buyers must pay for the items they commit to purchase. However, in some cases, the buyer does not pay or the buyer and seller have a disagreement. The Unpaid Item Process is designed to handle this. The process usually occurs after eBay has charged the seller the Final Value Fee (FVF - a percentage of the sale amount), but before the seller ships the item. Typically, a seller would use the Unpaid Item Process when: The buyer does not pay during the first seven day

[50288] : Channel Scheduler Last Modified: Tue 31-May-2005 11:30 PDT

Channels can be scheduled to launch one time, or many times. Channels which are scheduled to launch once will appear as status HOLD, whereas channels which are scheduled to repeat over again will appear as SCHEDULED in your channel manager. Please note scheduled channels never actually launch themselves, instead they create copies of themselves with new channel numbers that can be managed separately. The Channel scheduler can be accessed by going to Setup / Products, selecting a product then clicking on Create Channel, and finally in the channel selection screen clicking the "Schedule" button. Remove from Website will delete the product from all navigation categories before launching the channel, this is an ideal solution for one of a kind sellers who would like to place one-of-a-kind items on their storefro

[50616] : Converting from Andale to Zoovy Last Modified: Fri 27-May-2005 14:52 PDT

Data import can be accomplished by exporting your listings using the Andale Lister Pro. Andale Lister Pro does not properly handle CR/LFs when exporting to a CSV format. Instead export to Excel first and then use Excel to export to a CSV. (bug confirmed: version 2.6 build 153) Andale Column Zoovy Column SKU %SKU Item Name zoovy:prod_name Title ebay:title Description zoovy:prod_desc Qty In Stock %INVENTORY Cost Price zoovy:cost Quantity ebay:quantity Minimum Bid ebay:startprice Reserve Price

[50316] : HTML Wizards Last Modified: Fri 25-Feb-2005 9:26 PST

HTML wizards are used for creating auctions within the marketplaces. You can now create and upload your own though the HTML Wizards link. New version of the HTML Editor We have introduced a new version of our online HTML Editor that includes a number of enhancements including the ability to strip Microsoft word markup tags. When using the HTML Editor and you see bogus character like this for example " � " showing up on your web pages. The Html Editor Toolbar has a little icon of a Microsoft Word "W" character, which will strip all bogus characters.

[50415] : HTML Editor Guide Last Modified: Fri 25-Feb-2005 9:25 PST

CTRL-A -- select all CTRL-B -- bold CTRL-I -- italic CTRL-U -- underline CTRL-S -- strikethrough CTRL-L -- justify left CTRL-E -- justify center CTRL-R -- justify right CTRL-J -- justify full CTRL-1 .. CTRL-6 -- headings (& gt;h1& lt; .. & gt;h6& lt;) CTRL-0 (zero) -- clean content pasted from Word New version of the HTML Editor We have introduced a new version of our online HTML Editor that includes a number of enhancements including the ability to strip Microsoft word markup tags. When using the HTML Editor and you see bogus character like this for example " � " showing up on your web pages. The Html Editor Toolbar has a little icon of a Microsoft Word "W" character, which will strip all bogus characters.

[50632] : Converting from Turbo Lister Last Modified: Thu 17-Feb-2005 15:51 PST

Turbo Lister is an auction launching (not closing) tool provided by - it competes directly with Sellers Assistant Pro. It is possible to export Turbo Lister listings into a CSV file for import directly into Zoovy - for more information: A Turbo Lister import is done by simply importing the running eBay auctions. Please read the details on importing listings from Click Here At this time there is no Getting Acclimated hints.

[50407] : Guide to Zoovy clients Last Modified: Mon 14-Feb-2005 15:41 PST

Windows clients let you do more, in less time. Windows clients are only available to customers who have purchased licenses for them. In many cases licenses are included as part of an account. You can download new client versions at Our Download Center

[50555] : Advanced Guide - Navigation Categories and Lists Last Modified: Mon 31-Jan-2005 13:14 PST

You can create nested categories up to four levels deep, you can also group products by common properties such as manufacturer, size, color or the juiciness score. Pretty much whatever you want to do, you're going to be able to do it. You can even control the exact order that products are displayed in each category. Most people will not purchase from your website if it takes more than three or four clicks to actually add the product to the shopping cart. If you have many nested sub-categories, you should enable a page layout for the category that allows the customer to add the product to the shopping cart from the category page. Product categories let you organize your products into a hierarchy on your website. You can also create "hidden categories" by putting a exclaimation mark (!) as the first letter of the category

[50553] : Order Status Last Modified: Mon 31-Jan-2005 10:41 PST

When orders are created they are saved in the RECENT folder. While orders are in recent they can be cancelled by customers on the web. The statuses Pending, and Approved do not mean anything to Zoovy - they are strictly for your internal use. Some people place orders which are waiting for payment to Pending, and orders which have been paid for to Approved so they can be shipped. Once orders are shipped they should be placed in COMPLETED status. Orders in completed status will appear on sales reports, etc. Invoices will only appear in any status for 180 days. After 180 days, the only way to find the order is to look in a report, or using the search functionality. Searching for invoices is much faster if you specify the full order number e.g. 2004-10-1234 instead of just 1234. When an order is cancelled it's inve

[50239] : Option Group Overview Last Modified: Mon 31-Jan-2005 10:15 PST

Option groups allow you to configure sizes, colors, etc. for a product. You can assign a product to an Option Group by selecting the the product and dragging it onto the Option Group that you would like it to be a part of. Once you have added the product to the option group it becomes a product option group or for short a POG. Once you have added a product to an option group, you will need to fine tune the option group for that product.

[50344] : Import Overview Last Modified: Fri 24-Dec-2004 18:11 PST

Zoovy can perform CSV Imports of Products, Categories, and more. Review the help file for the type of import you want to do. The "Carriage Return" and "Line Feed" (CR and LF) are the characters which get put in when you hit "Enter" on your keyboard. If you are generating your own CSV file, use whatever editor you're using to make the CSV file to remove CR and LF characters from the columns. Unfortunately, Excel and Access are completely capable of adding the CR and LF characters into files, but lacks the ability to easily search and replace those specific character codes. The message that pops up and says "There are features of excel that are incompatible with the format you are saving in" comes up for a reason, and that reason is it is excel (and access) support CR/LF in files, and CSV does not. CSV is a standard format that we can import from, and Excel i

[50349] : Channel Manager Last Modified: Fri 8-Oct-2004 9:36 PDT

Channel Manager is used to review live channels/auctions. You can get to Channel Manager by going to Manage / Channel Manager. Channels should only refresh when they are updated by a marketplace. You should read the Channel details to see how often a channel will be updated by a marketplace - For example some are updated every four hours, others may never be updated. You can revoke or remove a channel by going onto the zoovy website and selecting the Manage tab then going to Channel Manager. Find the channel number (or search by auction number), and then click "Edit" under the channel ID. From there you can modify the properties and check the status. Keep in mind that revoking a channel will cause Zoovy stop any relisting of that channel. Removing a channel will do the same but also attempt to end the item on Ebay a

[50598] : Technical Guide to the Image Library Last Modified: Wed 18-Aug-2004 10:18 PDT

The Zoovy Image Library allows you to easily upload new images, and manage existing ones. Once uploaded an image is automatically saved in a "collection", an image collection contains information about the image itself including which instance (a single copy of an image) is the original image. All future changes to the image are made from the original that you upload. Zoovy uses image collections to provide an easy way for you to have pictures automatically sized and formatted to the environment the image is being displayed in. No, if you upload a file with the same name it will automatically overwrite the previous collection. This trick is a handy way to replace the original copy of an image in a collection. When you replace the original image in a collection all instances will be aut

[50539] : eBay Auction Last Modified: Wed 18-Aug-2004 10:11 PDT

Marketplace: eBay (but supported by Zoovy) Definition: eBay Auction (New Format) Fees: eBay Fees Apply (click here to learn more) To Register: The eBay Auction (New Format) channel is designed to list a single listing on eBay, and at your discretion re-list it one time if it does not sell. In order to participate you will need to have an eBay ID

[50152] : Webapi / Consignee Last Modified: Sun 8-Aug-2004 15:19 PDT

Consigner sync allows the order manager or other clients to upload a list of consignees which may then be associated with products. The upload and download formats are identical, a brief summary is given below: & lt;email& gt; lt;/email& gt; & lt;likespam& gt;1& lt;/likespam& gt; & lt;fullname& gt;Homer Simpson& lt;/fullname& gt; & lt;modified& gt;976395907& lt;/modified& gt; & lt;created& gt;0& lt;/created& gt; ... ... ... Best practices state that Logos be uploaded to Zoovy, or stored in a briefcase. But the actual implementation may vary between clients.

[50320] : Creating Orders Last Modified: Wed 28-Jul-2004 12:53 PDT

To create an order from web manager, log in to your account and follow these steps: 1. Select the Order tab 2. Switch to Incomplete status 3. Select Create New from the menu at the bottom of the screen 4. Fill in the requested information about the purchase and hit save. If this is related to an auction item you can use the auction number for the reference product ID. 5. You may now manage this as any other incomplete order. 6. You may also send your customer directly the claim URL so they can add the item to the cart and checkout: Example: This comes in handy for the person who has paid you directly through paypal, or money order, but did not go through your checkout process. 1. Place a checkmark next to the incomplete item. 2. Select the Create Order radio

[50660] : Order Import Tool Last Modified: Thu 22-Jul-2004 8:24 PDT

This tool allows you to import orders to your Enterprise database for processing. The order import feature works along the same lines as the CSV product import tool. This tool is designed to allow importing of orders in sycnrhonization with the JIT Interface for Order Manager. Once orders have been successfully imported, they will appear in the & quot;Recent& quot; tab in Order Manager. The Order Import Tool is accessed from the 'Tools' menu on your Enterprise server as "Import Orders from CSV file." Follow this link for additional information on the JIT Order Processing System which can be found in the Guides section of this manual. These are the variables that constitute the column headings in the CSV file you are importing. %MKTORDERID - specifies the marketplace order id for the order. This is typically the ord

[50635] : Guide to Experimental Features Last Modified: Sun 4-Jul-2004 16:26 PDT

An experimental feature is one which is designated as "ready for testing with live data." Experimental features made available to customers to solicit feedback and perform testing with real world data. It will say experimental on the configuration page, or in the documentation. If in doubt, ask Zoovy support. These are new features, basically uncharted waters. In many cases we have not trained our internal technical or sales staff. The feature might not work correctly all the time, it might corrupt data in your store, it could even cause lost sales by confusing customers, or not closing listings correctly and to top it off it may go through periods where it's "Dead". Dead periods are ones where we determine the application needs a s

[50519] : DVD Catalog Last Modified: Sun 4-Jul-2004 13:19 PDT

The book catalog contains information indexed by UPC. When uploading to the DVD catalog you must use the manufacturer assigned UPC. Contributor & nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; Recipient Upload all required fields: +20 Upload Optional field: +3 each Per Download: +5 each & nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; Per Download: -5 points Field Name Required Description UPC Y This field must contain a valid UPC or UPC/A barcode value. Attribute: zoovy:prod_upc

[50634] : Concept: Lists Last Modified: Wed 2-Jun-2004 10:04 PDT

Lists provide an alternate way to group products outside of the navigation category structure. Lists do not appear in default site navigation, they must be referenced by a product list. Lists should be used when you need to group products by properties that are not necessarily helpful for navigation. NOTE: Lists can be created by any customer. BUT only customers who have the "Cross Selling" bundle associated with their account can use them. (Legacy 1.0 accounts can use them to submit to marketplaces, but not in website designs) Lists are ideal for the following applications: Best Sellers Related Upsell Items Publishing Specific Items to a CPC Marketplace To configure a list simply go to the website and create a navigation category. At the bottom of the categories you will see the option to create a l

[50431] : SMTP and Order Manager Last Modified: Tue 4-May-2004 11:05 PDT

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transmission Protocol, it is the primary means of transporting mail over the Internet. While installing order manager you will be asked for the following pieces of information: SMTP Server Address - this is the address of the server that your computer will be sending mail through. For example, Checkbox - turn on POP before SMTP Username, Password, Pop Server To reconfigure these settings later go to Admin / Edit SMTP Settings If your ISP does not support either of these authentication methods, you may want to consider using Zoovy Mail. AOL Users - you do not have an SMTP server and should leave the SMTP address field blank. You will not be able to use the SMTP Mail feature unless you purchase an SMTP transport service from another ISP. Zoovy does provide this service; ple

[50622] : Converting from AuctionWorks to Zoovy Last Modified: Sat 17-Apr-2004 11:00 PDT

If you're feeling exceptionally lazy you can might consider simply requesting an import of your running eBay auctions. Please read the details on importing listings from Click Here This probably won't get all your data, but at least it will provide a starting point. Once you have exported your Customers and/or Products using the Export feature in AuctionWorks you will need to remove AuctionWorks header and replace it with a Zoovy header. AuctionWorks regularly changes it's export format, and so it's very difficult (if not impossible) to keep this file up to date. In general it is safe to assume that you can ignore new fields by simply leaving the header field blank. If you need assistance please contact your assigned implementation technician.

[50624] : Converting from Sellers Assistant Pro Last Modified: Sat 17-Apr-2004 10:59 PDT

Sellers Assistant Pro is a windows client provided by to manage listings. To migrate the Sellers Assistant Pro Database you simply add the Zoovy headers by exporting the data from MS-Access to Microsoft Excel, then converting to a CSV file and adding the appropriate columns in the SA Pro database. This can typically be done by Zoovy staff. One of the biggest issues importing the SA Pro database is images - there are a variety of ways to deal with this but the easiest is to use Product Manager to do a mass import of all the images and then just treat the images as if they already exist on Zoovy. You can also simply request an import of your running eBay auctions. Please read the details on importing listings from Click Here This pr

[50150] : Product Lists Last Modified: Wed 14-Apr-2004 15:06 PDT

Overview: Product lists can be used on product, category, cart, search results or homepage flows. How the products are displayed in a product list is known as the 'listing style'. Some of the default Zoovy listing styles include: thumb, plain and detail. & lt;ELEMENT TYPE="PRODLIST" NAME="PRODLIST1"& gt; PRETTY=Product Listing ABOUT=You can add products to your homepage, when you do they will appear below. MULTIPAGE=1 DEFAULT=THUMB,1,2,NONE & lt;/ELEMENT& gt; Multipage: Can be set to '1' or '0' where 1 is on and 0 is off. This gives the page developer the ability to give the user the option to have a mutliple page product list. This is very handy on category pages. Home and Cart pages should almost always have multipage set to 0. Search results pages should ALWAYS have this set t

[50501] : MDAC Troubleshooting Guide Last Modified: Thu 1-Apr-2004 19:10 PST

Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 contains core Data Access components such as the Microsoft SQL Server OLE DB provider and ODBC driver. Zoovy Order Manager uses Microsoft Access Runtime Edition as it's core database in non-enterprise installations. Unfortunately because MDAC is also relied on by numerous other applications (including Microsofts own applications) Zoovy can provide only limited support. We have verified that MDAC 2.8 installs correctly on machines with operating systems 98,ME,XP, and 2000 which are freshly installed. This document attempts to fix the commonly known MDAC 2.8 issues: Order Manager runtime error 5000 cp internal 103003 runtime error (kernel32 general protection fault) runtime error 6 - buffer overflow Unfortunately once you begin receiving these errors - there is no "simple" fix. Attention Windows 98/ME Users - we have reason

[50661] : Creating a custom catalog Last Modified: Wed 31-Mar-2004 18:58 PST

The Zoovy Product Manager can search a "Catalog" via HTTP. A catalog is nothing more than a search page which accepts fixed input parameters, and outputs a set XML format. A catalog can be quickly and easily implemented in any web language such as Java, PHP, Perl, ASP, Python, etc. Catalogs can implement both a "keyword" search and a "keyed" search. The keyed search typically uses the manufactuer UPC or ISBN, or Bookland/EAN. Two parameters are passed via a standard HTTP GET: TEXT The keyword string OR keyed field SEARCH The type of search being requested, the value will be one of the following: KEYWORD, SKU, or SKULIST KEYWORD is a request for a keyword search SKU is a request for a keyed search SKULIST is a batch request for a comma separated list of keyed fields (not typically use

[50521] : VHS Catalog Last Modified: Wed 24-Mar-2004 18:45 PST

The book catalog contains information indexed by UPC. When uploading to the VHS catalog you must use the manufacturer assigned UPC. Contributor & nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; Recipient Upload all required fields: +10 Upload Optional field: +3 each Per Download: +5 each & nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; Per Download: -5 points Field Name Required Description UPC Y This field must contain a valid UPC or UPC/A barcode value. Attribute: zoovy:prod_upc

[50522] : CD Catalog Last Modified: Wed 24-Mar-2004 18:13 PST

The book catalog contains information indexed by UPC. When uploading to the CD catalog you must use the manufacturer assigned UPC. Contributor & nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; Recipient Upload all required fields: +20 Upload Chapter List: +10 Upload Optional field: +3 each Per Download: +5 each & nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; Per Download: -5 points Field Name Required Description UPC Y This field must contain a valid UPC or UPC/A barcode value.

[50518] : Book Catalog Last Modified: Wed 24-Mar-2004 17:57 PST

The book catalog contains information indexed by ISBN. When uploading to the Book catalog you may use either the ISBN or the Bookland/EAN number. The bookland EAN number is the barcode on the back of the book - and if submitted it will automatically be detected and converted to an ISBN. Searching by EAN is also possible (the EAN will be converted to an ISBN before the search occurs). Contributor & nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; Recipient Upload all required fields: +20 Upload Chapter List: +10 Upload Optional field: +3 each Per Download: +5 each & nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; Per Download: -5 points Field Name

[50406] : HOWTO: Share Inventory across Multiple Zoovy Stores Last Modified: Sat 13-Mar-2004 9:16 PST

This document is written for people who have control over two or more Zoovy sites which share product id's. It is possible to designate inventory in one site as the "Master" and the remaining sites as the subordinate. Inventory will only be updated on the master site. Purchases made on the subordinate sites can optionally be copied to the master site via order dispatch. Throughout this document the term "Master Site" will be used to reference the site that contains the inventory records. The term "Subordinate" refers to any site that queries inventory from a master site. A site can only be a master or a subordinate; it is not possible to configure a site as both. Both master and subordinate sites must have the SITE INTEGRATOR feature enabled. Using the instructions included a subordinate site can only subordinate to a single

[50650] : Enterprise Hardware Requirements Last Modified: Fri 12-Mar-2004 10:58 PST

Last Updated: March 12th, 2004 The minimum specifications below are intended to comfortably accommodate up to 6 concurrent users running the current build of the Enterprise code base. Future builds of Enterprise may require more powerful hardware, so overbuying to plan for future growth is encouraged. However in all cases under buying will cause the software to simply run slower, it will not crash. Minimum server Specifications: 2ghz Pentium IV processor 512mb of RAM ATA/SCSI firmware-based RAID controller (Compaq Smart Array, American Megatrends (AMI)) (2x) Mirrored SCSI-2/IDE or better 9gb or better. 10/100mbps network card Basic video Tape Backup - DAT, DLT, AIT, or QIC Monitor optional (remotely managed) An always on high speed internet connection, along wit

[50655] : Zoovy Wireless Client Last Modified: Mon 26-Jan-2004 9:22 PST

Before installing the ZEWC client you must have Appforge Booster+ installed on your Symbol 1846. Booster is a runtime environment which allows the ZEWC client to interface with the Symbol scanner. You will need to purchase a copy of the Booster software $25.00, or download a 30 day evaluation copy. The version needed is the AppForge Booster Plus for the Symbol SPT 1800 (Version 3.5, Build 633 [or better]) Make sure you buy a license for the Symbol SPT1800 version, not just the PalmOS version. Once you have installed Booster on your PC, then HotSync your palm pilot and the Booster application should be loaded. The first time Booster is HotSynced, it can take up to 5 minute to transfer all the necessary libraries. Once Booster been been successfully installed on the Palm Pilot you should verify that it is registered properly with the appropriate r

[50649] : Editing Listings on Enterprise Last Modified: Tue 18-Nov-2003 9:21 PST

Editing Live Listings is not currently possible. To edit a live listing first you must first cancel the listing, then launch a new one. This document is prepared for Enterprise customers. Pending or unapproved channels can be edited. Pending channels in a state of either (P) Pending, (S) Scheduled, (H) Hold, or blank (not sent to Zoovy yet). Use the mighty mouse feature in product manager. Either type the SKU of the product in the SKU field to retrieve the product, or you can also type $MKT xxx where "xxx" is the eBay ID for the product you wish to cancel. (Please note, the $MKT may not work perfectly with powerlisters who have more than one active listing, OR listings which have recently launched and have not been synced back to the server). Be sure you have the "Grab Channels" check

[50651] : Cancelling Listings on Enterprise Last Modified: Tue 18-Nov-2003 9:11 PST

This document is prepared for Enterprise customers. Running listings are channels which have been approved, and transmitted to the marketplace, and are either in a state of (A) Active or (X) Existing. You may not be able to cancel listings depending on marketplace rules. For example on eBay if an auction has bids, or is within 24 hours of closing it is not possible to remove - in this case issuing a remove will result in the auction being immediately closed. Use the mighty mouse feature in product manager. Either type the SKU of the product in the SKU field to retrieve the product, or you can also type $MKT xxx where "xxx" is the eBay ID for the product you wish to cancel. (Please note, the $MKT may not work perfectly with powerlisters who have more than one active listing

[50429] : Order Manager Packager Last Modified: Tue 23-Sep-2003 19:12 PDT

The packager feature of Order Manager is designed to easily deploy custom files such as custom emails, custom reports, custom invoices, custom packing slips or any other file you can think of to an order manager desktop. Packager support is used by Zoovy support to distribute custom work that we have done for you, and a package maintainer is available to Enterprise clients - it is also heavily used by 3rd parties who integrate with Zoovy software. Simply put the URL to the package file into the space provided and press enter. A window will popup and execute and then close when it is complete. Browse to the file on your local hard disk and select the packager file you want to install.

[50103] : Merchant Webapi: skulist.cgi Last Modified: Sun 21-Sep-2003 16:03 PDT

Purpose: to allow download's of the stores SKU list. Parameters: on GET pass USERNAME, PASSWORD, METHOD=|LIST|DOWNLOAD Also pass TIMESTAMP= (if not passed, then TIMESTAMP is assumed to be zero). Returns a list of all products which have changed since TIMESTAMP. Response Format: & lt;PRODLIST& gt; & lt;P ID="ABC"/& gt; & lt;P ID="DEF"/& gt; & lt;/PRODLIST& gt; Also pass LIST=ABC,DEF (which & lt;ZOOVY& gt; & lt;product name="prod1"& gt; & nbsp;& lt;web& gt;[0|1]& lt;/web& gt; & nbsp;& lt;sku name="sku1"& lt; & nbsp;& lt;name& gt;the products name& lt;/name& gt; & nbsp;& lt;weight& gt;weight in ounces& lt;/weight& gt; & nbsp;& lt;price& gt;retail price& lt;/price& gt; & lt;/sku& gt; & nbsp;& lt;sku name="sku2"& lt; & nbsp;& lt;name& gt;the products name& lt;/name& gt; & nbsp;& lt;weight& gt;weight in ounces& lt;/weight& g

[50354] : Product Export Properties Last Modified: Wed 3-Sep-2003 9:26 PDT

This will create HTML that may be inserted into any Auction or Channel which will override the default settings that were inherited from the product. Normally this is used to override fields such as Product Name (by default the External Item title is the Auction description), Weight, Taxable status, and Options associated with the product. Blank fields will not be included (usually leaving product title and weight blank is safe - do not edit unless you have a reason.). You can use Export Properties to add options and notes to your post auction checkout process. Simply login to, go to products, select a product to manage, and go to Export Properties and follow the instructions.

[50125] : Inventory API Last Modified: Thu 28-Aug-2003 16:04 PDT

The Zoovy Inventory API allows you to query a remote database to perform inventory lookups. Performs an HTTP POST, the REQUEST variable contains the following XML content: & lt;INVENTORY& gt; & lt;SKU ID="1506"/& gt; & lt;/INVENTORY& gt; NOTE: 1506 is the SKU number of the product in the local database (this could also be a virtual product, or a product added via the soft cart feature!) Expects a HTTP Content-type of xml/success with the body of the document formatted as such: & lt;INVENTORY& gt; & lt;SKU ID="1506" QTY="10" RESERVE="0" LOC="SHELF_ABC"/& gt; & lt;/INVENTORY& gt; NOTE: 1506 is the SKU number of the product in the local database. QTY is the actual quantity on hand, the reserve amount (if any) will be subtracted from that based on the merchants settings. LOC is the location, and is used by applications wh

[50428] : Synchronization Help Last Modified: Tue 19-Aug-2003 19:10 PDT

Synchronization is the function that uploads any changes you have made to the Zoovy servers, and then downloads any new orders and customer information that may have changed on the Zoovy servers. In addition Synchronization sends any new email you have created to the customers. Communication with the Zoovy servers occurs over a SSL secured connection so all your information is transmitted over the highest level of Internet protocol security available. NOTE: If you have trouble syncing order manager, please check to see that you are not using negative quantities in any orders. Order Manager is designed to be run on only one machine. If you have syncing problems and you have two computers that you are using order manager on, uninstall the additional copy of order manager. Please note that when you make changes on the website, then in order manager, the last change is assumed to

[50473] : Resetting Your Database Last Modified: Sat 2-Aug-2003 22:14 PDT

Zoovy Order Manager creates a desktop database that will store your order and customer information. Databases should be backed up and maintained routinely by the primary administrator. The Reset Database tool is a maintenance tool that allows you to destroy all local information and completely clear your database. By doing this it will cause the Order Manager client to automatically download all of your information from the Zoovy servers. Using this tool will cause you to lose any changes you have made since the last synchronization. You should not use this tool unless instructed to by Zoovy technical support.

[50471] : Compacting Your Database Last Modified: Sat 2-Aug-2003 22:11 PDT

Zoovy Order Manager creates a desktop database that will store your order and customer information. Databases should be backed up and maintained routinely by the primary administrator. Run Compact/Repair on your database at least once a week. Before running compact repair MAKE sure that ONLY the administrator is logged into the database.

[50472] : Tech Support / Compare Database Last Modified: Sat 2-Aug-2003 22:10 PDT

During a normal synchronization the Order Manager client will record the timestamp, of the most recently modified invoice. The next time a synchornization is performed, only the invoices which have changed since the timestamp will be synchronized. Since time should never move backwards (and if it does we've got much bigger problems) this allows Order Manager to do what is called "incremental synchronization" e.g. only download changes rather than the full database. The compare database feature does a systematic invoice by invoice comparison of the local order manager database against the Zoovy servers. In this case the Zoovy servers will be treated as the master copy, in the event two invoices do not match, then a new copy will be downloaded from the Zoovy server and the local copy will be overwritten. This can be used to fill in gaps if for whatever reason order

[50469] : Restoring Your Database Last Modified: Sat 2-Aug-2003 22:08 PDT

There may be a time when you need to restore your data from backup. This is where having made those backups regularly comes in very handy. Select File then Restore Database. This will open your file system to the last good backup. Select the latest backup from the file system and select okay.

[50437] : Zoovy Order Manager Backup Last Modified: Sat 2-Aug-2003 22:06 PDT

You should backup your database before ANY upgrade or change. In addition it is a good idea to backup your database before you run a defrag or any sort of disk compression program. By backing up your data you ensure that any changes you have made locally which may or may not have been synchronized with the Zoovy servers are safe. Normally Zoovy will keep a backup of your data, however Zoovy does NOT keep a copy of your local preferences such as label setup, and admin preferences, and local users. In addition if you have a lots of customers and orders having a backup of your database can prevent a long and costly download. The following pieces of information are stored in your local database and are NOT transmitted to the Zoovy server which means if you want to keep them, you should backup as often as possible.

[50435] : Technical Support Debug Tools Last Modified: Sat 2-Aug-2003 19:37 PDT

This tool is used to determine problems with sending email through Order Manager. If you are asked to log sent email, you will select this option from the admin menu under technical support. This will create a file that you will then need to attach to your tech support ticket so the technicians can diagnose what is happening with any email sending problems you may be having. This is typically related to SMTP settings. For more on SMTP settings and errors, please select the troubleshooting area of the menu. Do not use this feature of Order Manager unless you are told to do so by a Zoovy technical representative. Running multiple copies of order manager is not supported unless you have an Enterprise account at this time. Doing so can cause problems with syncing and unintended changes to order status.

[50478] : Authentication Last Modified: Fri 1-Aug-2003 19:58 PDT

Users are required to login to Order Manager. Normally the username will be the same as the Zoovy account. Platinum and Enterprise users will use the username assigned by the administrator. In the event that Order Manager receives an "invalid password" response from the Zoovy server it will request that you update your password to be the same as the one in your Zoovy account. If you change your password, you will need to use the admin menu to update your Order Manager admin password.

[50465] : Editing Invoices Last Modified: Fri 1-Aug-2003 19:55 PDT

With the Zoovy Order Manager you can easily edit your invoices and more. The majority of the order edit functionality relies on the toolbar in the upper portion of the screen. The toolbar has the following functions on it: Save: saves the order back to the database, until you press save all changes will not occur to the actual order. Cancel: hitting this button will undo any changes you have made prior to the last save. Tax: Allows you to easily change the sales tax rate for an order. Shipping: Allows you to easily change the shipping prices and description for an order. Email: Allows you to easily send mail to the customer. Add Item: creates a blank item at the bottom of the list. Sub Item: deletes the currently selected item from the list. Tracking: allows you to easily add tracking numbers to an order. Payment: Easily set the paymen

[50556] : Inventory Integration Last Modified: Fri 1-Aug-2003 19:51 PDT

Order Manager automatically synchronizes inventory with your store - even while you are working offline. Order Manager records changes to your inventory levels and uploads the revised data the next time you synchronize and update data. If you take phone orders and sync later, your inventory totals are not updated until you have completed your syncs. The total of the inventory is adjusted locally, then changed on the web once you sync.

[50477] : Edit Shipping Last Modified: Fri 1-Aug-2003 19:43 PDT

You can easily edit the shipping for any order. When you click the shipping button or the picture of an airplane in order edit, a shipping edit window will appear. The edit shipping window has two portions, the bottom portion is a free entry area where you can change the shipping description and price. The upper portion requires that you are connected to the Internet and will contact Zoovy and transmit the information about the order currently being edited and will use the values entered to compute the price based on your companies shipping policies. The shipping edit tool will use the edited version of the cart, NOT the saved version. For example if you add a 100 lb. Gorilla to an order but do NOT hit save and then attempt to calculate shipping you will find that the 100 lb. Gorilla is included in the price. HOWEVER, unless you hit save in order edit then any new shipping price will not be

[50442] : Edit Customer Data Last Modified: Fri 1-Aug-2003 19:37 PDT

In customer edit you can edit the customers information including Fullname, and email address, billing address, default payment type, and shipping address. Select Customer Tool from the main Order Manager tool bar. Highlight the customer you wish to edit Select edit from the menu tool bar Edit any of the customer information Save your changes

[50451] : Deleting Customers Last Modified: Fri 1-Aug-2003 19:30 PDT

You may want to save the customer record to send future promotions via email. Or you may want to keep the customer in your records to track their history. This way you have the ability to recognize non-paying bidders, or troublesome customers before you ship the orders. To delete a customer record, select your customer tool from the main Order Manager menu. This will open a new customer manager window. Select the customer record you wish to delete. To select multiple records, just hold down the shift key. When the customer you want to delete is highlighted, click the delete button. Select okay. Your customer is now deleted.

[50443] : Customer History Last Modified: Fri 1-Aug-2003 19:26 PDT

In customer history you can view the order status for a particular customer including the recent, pending, completed and canceled invoice. Please note, if your customers uses two different email addresses, there is no way to match up their data. If you notice an order not listed in the history, please double check the customer has not used a different email for that particular order before notifying tech support. This is a more common occurence than you might think.

[50441] : Customer Management Last Modified: Fri 1-Aug-2003 19:23 PDT

The customer tool presents an easy way to list all your customers. You can view the following information about each customer in the list: Fullname Email Address Phone City State Zip Tricks: You can sort by any one of the values above, by simply clicking in the column. By double clicking on a customer in the list you will be able to bring up the customer order history. You can easily search for specific customers by putting in the known information into the search box. If you put information in more than one field then information from both fields is used to find the most specific match.

[50340] : Web Manager / Restoring Claims Last Modified: Tue 29-Jul-2003 15:40 PDT

Incomplete orders are orders that have been purchased through an auction bid. The winning bidder has been notified and the item is reserved, but the purchase is not yet complete. The order is in incomplete status. There are times when you may need to restore a claim in order to sync the order with Order Manager. To do this you will login into the web manager account at Click on orders. Then click the incomplete button. Click on view processed. Search for the claim and check on claim then change the status back to active.

[50470] : Products by SKU Last Modified: Tue 22-Jul-2003 16:50 PDT

The Products by Sku shows a count of products. Merchants can select a range of orders, then run the Products by SKU report to determine what needs to be ordered to either fill, or at least replenish inventory levels.

[50342] : Yahoo Order Synchronization Last Modified: Tue 22-Jul-2003 13:10 PDT

First of all it should be mentioned that this feature is designed to receive order information entered into a Yahoo Store. Data does not flow back into the Yahoo database. Zoovy customers must purchase a yahoo store from yahoo to use these features. Once the Yahoo store is setup, follow the instructions below. enable the "Real Time Link" link, under the "Order Settings" heading in your Yahoo Store Manager. This is not enabled on Yahoo stores by default. This is an advanced feature, and is not available to all Yahoo stores, If you do not have this option in your store, please contact yahoo support and ask them to enable the "Real Time Link" feature for your store. Once the feature is enabled, then login to Zoovy and go into the Setup->Checkout Properties area. Grab the Synchronization URL from the example at the bottom of the page.

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