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Order Manager
Build 5.146 - released 8/15/05
Size: 22.5mb download
Requires: Win98/ME/XP/2000
Please read - Release Notes

The Zoovy Order Manager allows you to easily manage your orders and customers without needing to be online! The order manager can download any orders placed through your Zoovy store, automatically send customers email, manage tracking numbers, advanced printing support and so much more!

Supports multiple Zoovy accounts but only one concurrent installation per account.

HINT:You can avoid long upgrade times in the future by upgrading as new releases are made available.
Windows XP Users:
Order Manager is only supported on configurations which are fully patched and up to date via Windows Update. Please visit for more information.

Windows 2000 Users:
Order Manager must be installed as the administrative user in order to insure proper operation.
Microsoft recommends you should should re-apply the latest service pack after installing any software, this includes Order Manager.

For the latest versions visit the Early Access Download Area