Zoovy Early Access Software Area

FilenameProgramFile SizePosted
QBFC4_0Installer.exeUnknown 8257459 bytesTue 8-Feb-2005 18:29 PST
QBXMLRP2Installer.exeUnknown 5360563 bytesTue 8-Feb-2005 18:31 PST
zwm_v105.msiWarehouse Manager version 1.054983296 bytesFri 19-Aug-2005 11:11 PDT
zom_v5149.exeOrder Manager version 5.14922555960 bytesWed 12-Oct-2005 14:18 PDT

WARNING: the software here has not been fully tested. You should not run this software in a production environment unless specifically instructed to do so by Zoovy Technical Support.

BUGS: If you find a bug please report it immediately by creating a support ticket at http://support.zoovy.com. Please remember that support on beta releases is limited to email only and that fixes may not be immediately available.

OPERATION: Please note beta software software may not upgrade to future versions gracefully, it may corrupt data, and/or do other nasty things to your business and/or data - use at your own risk. If you were specifically instructed to upgrade to a beta version, or a release candidate by technical support to work around a specific issue - please do not attempt to use other features in this version without first consulting technical support about the new features particular fitness.

VERSIONS: Clients which end in an odd version number should always be regarded as experimental, stable clients are always released under a even version number. Beta releases often contain large amounts of experimental or broken code - and consequently should never be run in a production environment. Release candidates are versions which have undergone some degree of testing and provided no bugs are found will be re-released as a production version.

BECOME AN AUTHORIZED BETA TESTER: If you would like to become an authorized beta tester, and have early access to marketplaces, and other hidden not-quite-ready-for-prime-time features throughout the Zoovy site please email brian@zoovy.com. Please note that the Zoovy management fully retains its right to include/exclude any customers eligibility at any time.

Currently Available Product Manager Packages:
  • Packager Debugger v1.0 & FUBAR HTML WIZARD - http://support.zoovy.com/beta/instdemo.zip
  • Hello World Sample File - http://support.zoovy.com/beta/helloworld.zip