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Zoovy, Inc.

Live Chat Inc Software subscription

Subscription Type:
3 Month $28.33/mo. +$85.00
12 Month $22.92/mo. +$275.00

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Zoovy, Inc. has arranged a special pricing arrangement with the LiveChatInc service exclusively for active Zoovy stores.

Seat Licensing
This price is per individual operator/seat. If you have multiple operators you will need to purchase additional seats. Please select the quantity of seats you will need during checkout.

Additional discounts are available for sites who need 10+ operators, if you need this please contact LiveChatInc directly.

Accounts will be provisioned by LiveChatInc within 1 business day of being, and should take 3-5 days to be integrated into your site.

BPP Members - Zoovy will perform integration of the chat button into your site for free as part of our commitment to you.

Non BPP Members - there will be a $80 design fee charge for integrating the live chat button into your site.

Subscription Information
At this time to qualify for the special pricing you must purchase through the site and have a Zoovy store. At the end of your subscription period you will be personally contacted by LiveChatInc staff prior to the expiration of your license.

In the future our companies will be co-developing a management panel where you can manage, extend and cancel your subscriptions to this service online.

Future Integration

LiveChatInc and Zoovy will be integrating our two applications more extensively in the coming months based on feedback from our mutual customers

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