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Zoovy Product Exhibitor

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Creates an auto-rotating deal of the Minute/Hour/Day/Week/Month (your choice). This technology is a flash based (plug-in required) that periodically pulls from an RSS feed generated by a Zoovy store. These easily deployed yet highly versatile little objects can be used to supercharge holiday sales and spruce up any on/off site advertising campaign.

Suggested Uses

  • On your website: These handy flash objects can be embedded into your wrapper, OR placed on your blog, forum, or myspace page.
  • On others websites: Zoovy can show you how to embed optional affiliate tracking codes to track which sites referrer your sales - and Zoovy support can assist in generating sales reports based on this data for paying commissions.

Features and Functionality
  • Thumbnails and product descriptions are automatically loaded from your website
  • Items can be added/removed from the rotation by simply updating a navigation category/list.
  • Items which go out of stock are automatically removed just like they were on your website.
  • Cheat Proof: All buyers are synchronized to the same 'countdown' clock
  • Offer exclusive discounts (without the use of coupon codes) via the Wholesale bundle
  • Robust configuration settings with regard to time intervals, and number of products displayed at the same time allow for easy adaptation to offer optimum incentives to your buyers.

Details and Discounts

  • This is introductory pricing, and will likely be increased in the future.
  • Do more than one exhibitor at the same time to receive a 10% discount on the entire order, even if the exhibitors are for different specialty sites.
  • BPP Customers receive a 25% discount on the prices listed above.
  • Zoovy Design services will provide free installation into your custom theme or homepage.
  • Zoovy Implementation will provide free support for configuring the RSS Feed.
  • Satisfaction assured: express services can be upgraded to premium - just pay the difference.

Express vs. Premium
Zoovy express services are intended for businesses which are constrained by either time or budget and intend to let our talented and experienced design team to 'just do it'.
Premium services are for clients who wish to collaborate with our designers throughout the project life-cycle.
Contact Zoovy Sales for more information on difference between these two offerings.

Bradley Rosen of www.cubworld.com
Record Breaking Day
My sales yesterday were a new CubWorld record thanks to Zoovy.com. We were lucky to do 1/4 that amount with our old e-commerce provider. The flash banner has been a great way to get people to stay on the store. We love it!!
Cubworld WebCam Deal
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